Best Flights to Frankenmuth: Should You Choose Flint (FNT), Saginaw (MBS) or Detroit (DTW)? See Maps, Navigating Detroit Airport Tips

Flights to Frankenmuth | By Sherry Trautman |

Are you looking for cheap and easy Flights to Frankenmuth?  Check out our tips below!

The easiest and most convenient way to fly to Frankenmuth Michigan (in our opinion) is flying into:

  • Flint Bishop International Airport
  • MBS International Airport (Saginaw area)
  • Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 

The Flint and MBS airports are very easy to navigate and are my top choices especially when I am flying alone.  It is very easy to obtain or drop off a rental car and easy to find your gate.  These flights to Frankenmuth elicit minimal stress, which is key for me.

The airport code for Flint is FNT, Saginaw is MBS and Detroit is DTW.

  • Rental cars can be obtained from all airports.  We utilize Avis most of the time. 

Directions to Frankenmuth Michigan from Flint Airport (Bishop International Airport)

Bishop International Airport: 3425 W Bristol Rd, Flint, MI 48507

  1. Get on I-75 N/US-23 N (toward Saginaw) from W Bristol Rd (1.9 mi)
  2. Take exit 136 (right two lanes) for M-54/M-83 toward Frankenmuth/Birch Run (19.3 mi)
  3. Turn left onto M-83 N to Frankenmuth 
  • The drive takes about 32 minutes, which isn't bad at all!
  • Flint Airport Designator is FNT  

Map to Frankenmuth Michigan from Flint Airport (Bishop International Airport)

Directions to Frankenmuth from Saginaw Airport (MBS International Airport) for Flights to Frankenmuth

MBS International Airport: 9200 Garfield Road, Freeland, MI 48623

As you can see, this airport is really in Freeland, a small town north of Saginaw.  Traffic is minimal and it is easy to navigate to Frankenmuth Michigan. 

If you are hungry or thirsty, there is a Burger King, Taco Bell and Pat's groceries (deli, salads, rotisserie chicken, cheese, etc) in Freeland.  

  1. Head west toward Garfield Road.
  2. Turn right onto Buck Rd 
  3. Turn left on M-84 N in University Center (7.7 mi)
  4. Turn right on I-75 S/US-23 S
  5. Take exit 144 from I-75 S/US-23 S (16.1 mi)
  6. Turn left onto Dixie Hwy. 
  7. Turn left onto Junction Rd to Frankenmuth
  • The drive to Frankenmuth takes about 37 minutes which is pretty convenient.  
  • Saginaw Airport Designator is MBS

Map to Saginaw Saginaw Airport (MBS International Airport)

Directions to Frankenmuth from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Airport 

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Detroit, MI 48242

In my opinion this airport is harder to navigate due to its sheer size and heavier traffic but it's doable.  Rental cars can be obtained from this airport also.

Directions from the Detroit Airport to Frankenmuth

  1. Get on I-275 N from John D Dingell Dr and Eureka Rd toward Flint (4.5 mi)
  2. Continue onto I-96 W
  3. Take exit 147/148 to merge onto US-23 N toward Flint
  4. Merge onto 1-75 N/US-23 N
  5. Take exit 136 (right two lanes) for M-54/M-83 toward Frankenmuth/Birch Run 
  6. Turn left onto M-83 N to Frankenmuth 
  • Drive time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes but be sure to allow extra time for traffic, especially if it is during morning or evening rush hours.
  • Detroit Airport Designator is DTW

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Map to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Airport 

Visiting Frankenmuth? We've Got a Guide!

Frankenmuth Michigan

Be sure to visit our main Frankenmuth Michigan page for tons of things to do! 

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We hope to guide you every step of the way during your Frankenmuth, Michigan Adventure!

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I've compiled a travel packing checklist that may help you to not forget anything while packing for an upcoming trip.  I especially use this list if I have to pack quickly. 

But really, as long as you have your essentials-contacts, glasses and medications you can buy anything you forgot. Remembering that takes a lot of pressure off while packing!

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