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Author: Sherry Trautman

Sherry Trautman with a Cow she befriended during a Michigan experience at the Michigan Agriculture Down on the Farm event.Photo By: Michigan AG Council Taken at Ankley Family Farm, Imlay City, Michigan | Sherry Trautman with a sweet cow she befriended during a Michigan experience at the Michigan AG Council Down on the Farm event.

Article: Sherry Trautman Bio 

Sherry Trautman is a seasoned business owner, author and a multifaceted content creator, deeply entrenched in the world of travel in Michigan. With her extensive background in writing, editing, photography, marketing, website design, web mastering, social media, and publishing, she is the driving force behind the acclaimed Michigan Travel site "Travel-mi.com."

A lifelong Michigander, Sherry's journey began in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan which led her to St. Joseph during her formative years, and further to Kalamazoo for her higher education. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Fine Art from Western Michigan University.

Her career initially blossomed in Battle Creek, where she contributed significantly to aviation, marketing, photography, and the art industry. In 2018, Sherry, alongside her husband Chris, embarked on a passionate endeavor with the inception of Travel-MI.com.

This venture was not just a business but a full-time commitment to exploring and celebrating Michigan's diverse landscapes and communities. Together, they tirelessly traverse the state, curating unique experiences, capturing stunning visuals, and weaving engaging narratives that showcase Michigan's rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

From her early experiences in different Michigander locales to her extensive professional background, Sherry's life and work epitomize deep-rooted expertise in Michigan travel, making her an authoritative voice in this niche.

Picture of Sherry with her favorite baby goat at Maple Leaf Farms Falmouth Michigan.Picture of Sherry with her favorite baby goat at Maple Leaf Farms, Falmouth, Michigan.
Sherry Trautman on Gilmore Car Museum BusSherry Trautman on Gilmore Car Museum's Bus at Hickory Corners, Michigan

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