Fat Tire Electric Bike 750 Watt | Expectations & Information | Michigan e-bike Laws Limitations and Buying Recommendations

A fat tire electric bike with a 750-watt motor can provide a powerful and comfortable riding experience. The motor provides ample power to help you conquer hills and rough terrain. In contrast, the fat tires deliver excellent grip and stability, allowing you to ride safely on various surfaces.


The overall riding experience will also depend on factors such as the bike's quality, the terrain's condition, and your riding skill level.

Limitations and Range: One of the limitations of a fat tire electric bike with a 750-watt motor is the range. The range can vary depending on factors such as the battery capacity, terrain, and the level of pedal assist you use.

Typically, you can expect a range of around 20-50 miles on a single charge, depending on the above factors.

It's essential to keep in mind that the battery life will decrease over time, so you may need to replace the battery or upgrade it in the future.

Additionally, electric bikes are subject to certain limitations, such as speed limits and restrictions on where to ride them. In some areas, like Michigan, there may be regulations on the maximum speed of electric bikes, which can vary from 20 mph to 28 mph.

Therefore, checking your local laws and regulations before purchasing an electric bike is essential.

We talk about this and more below...

Why 750 Watts of Power and Not More or Less?

750 watts is a very common e-bike feature and power rating for electric bike motors because it offers a good balance between power and efficiency.  Also, 750 watts equals one horsepower and this threshold determines a lot of the regulations around e-bikes. Here are some other reasons why 750 watts is important:

  1. Power: A 750-watt motor is powerful enough to handle most terrains, including hills and inclines. With a 750-watt motor, you can expect to reach speeds of up to 28 miles per hour (you may be restricted depending on local regulations) with pedal assistance, making it suitable for commuting, leisurely rides, and even off-road adventures.
  2. Efficiency: A 750-watt motor is also efficient enough to provide a decent range on a single charge. While the range can vary depending on factors such as battery capacity, terrain, and level of assistance, a 750-watt motor should provide a range of 20-50 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for most daily commutes and leisurely rides.
  3. Legal compliance: In some regions, electric bikes with motors exceeding 750 watts may be considered a motor vehicle, which requires registration, insurance, and a driver's license to operate. Therefore, choosing a 750-watt motor ensures that your electric bike is compliant with local laws and regulations.  Michigan is more limiting by class of e-bike.

Overall, a 750-watt motor provides a good balance of power and efficiency for most electric bike riders. However, the ideal motor power will depend on your specific needs and riding conditions, so it's essential to consider all factors before making a purchase.

You can get a lower 500 watt motor and save money and most likely be a class 1 e-bike.  This will allow you to ride more places.

Why Fat Tires on an Electric Bike?

Fat Tire on an E-bike is shown up close on the red front wheel.Common Fat Tire on e-bike

Fat tires on electric bikes offer several advantages over regular tires, including:

  1. Improved stability: Fat tires provide better stability and traction than regular tires. The larger surface area of the tire helps distribute the weight of the rider more evenly, providing better grip and control, especially on rough terrain.
  2. Enhanced comfort: The additional volume of air in a fat tire acts as a shock absorber, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride, even on bumpy and uneven terrain. The added cushioning also reduces the impact on your joints, making it easier to ride for longer periods.
  3. Versatility: Fat tires are ideal for Michigan and riding in a variety of conditions, including sand, snow, and mud. The large surface area of the tire helps prevent sinking, providing better traction and control in slippery conditions.
  4. Aesthetic appeal: Fat tire electric bikes have a unique and stylish look that sets them apart from traditional electric bikes. The wider tires give the bike a rugged and muscular appearance that many riders find appealing.

Overall, fat tires offer several advantages over regular tires, making them an excellent choice for riders looking for better stability, comfort, and versatility in their electric bikes. However, it's essential to note that fat tires may add additional weight to the bike, which could impact its range and handling.

What's the Best Fat Tire Bike to Buy?

There are many great fat tire electric bikes on the market, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some of the top-rated fat tire electric bikes based on customer reviews and expert opinions:

1. Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike:

This budget-friendly electric bike from Ecotric features a 500-watt motor, 36V battery, and a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge. It includes a 7-speed Shimano transmission system, a comfortable saddle, and a lightweight aluminum frame.  Class 1 e-bike.

2. Rambo Bikes Rooster 750W Electric Bike:

Ergonomic Fat Tire Electric bike 750 Watt Ebike with 20" Fat Tires: It’s time to get out of bed and get some incredible riding experience. Feel 750 watts of power with extreme torque and speed up to 20 miles per hour. Choose between 5 power or pedal assist levels according to your skill and terrain. Our electric bike for adults features a step-through design and adjustable handlebars for a more comfortable and relaxed position for riders of all heights. Class 1 e-bike.

3. YinZhiBoo Electric Bike E-Bike Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26" 4.0 Adults Ebike 1000W

Powerful 1000W*48V*13Ah:48V*1000W brushless motor, equipped with 48V, 13AH detachable lithium battery, so you can bring the battery to your home or office to recharge. Charging time: Approximately 5-8 hours, 2000 cycles of charging, 1000W high-speed brush-less and Shimano 21-speed gear motor can easily help you Easy to ride at 25MPH and distance up to 31-42Miles.

Easy to assemble and of high quality: electric bicycle has been pre-installed 75%, made of light and strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame, light and strong, longer service life, better shock absorption effect, and it will bring you the best Riding experience. It is equipped with headlights, aluminum aluminum suspension fork, F/R disc brake.  Class 3 e-bike.

These are just a few of the many great fat tire electric bikes available on the market. It's important to consider factors such as motor power, battery capacity, e-bike class, range, and other features when choosing the best one for you.

Can You Ride e-bikes on Mackinac Island?

No, you cannot ride e-bikes on Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is known for its beautiful scenery and is a popular tourist destination. However, it is also known for its strict regulations on transportation, and one of these regulations prohibits the use of e-bikes on the island.

The island is known for its horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and walking as the primary modes of transportation. The use of motorized vehicles, including e-bikes, is not allowed on the island, except for emergency and maintenance vehicles. The ban on e-bikes is part of the island's commitment to preserving its natural beauty and unique historic character.

Visitors to Mackinac Island can still enjoy the island's many attractions by renting bicycles, taking carriage rides, or walking. However, it is essential to respect the island's regulations to ensure that it remains a beautiful and unique destination for generations.

The reason e-bikes are restricted on Mackinac Island is that in 2022 a battery on an e-bike caught fire at a residence and injured Fire Fighters.

Any Exceptions to Riding e-bikes on Mackinac Island?

E-bikes are not allowed on Mackinac Island. However, there is an exception: Visitors with a qualifying “mobility disability” may operate Class 1 electric bicycles on Mackinac Island.

More About Class 1 e-bikes in Michigan

Class 1 e-bikes in Michigan parks are regulated by state and local laws and can vary depending on the specific park and trail. However, as of September 2019, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has adopted a policy allowing the use of Class 1 e-bikes on designated non-motorized trails, which includes hiking and biking trails, as long as the e-bikes are used in pedal-assist mode only and are not equipped with a throttle.

It's important to note that this policy applies to state-managed trails and parks. Individual county and municipal parks may have policies and regulations regarding e-bike use. Riders should always check with the park or trail management before using an e-bike to ensure they comply with local laws.

Find riding Trails and Parks in Michigan for all activities

What Classes and Types of e-bikes Are There?

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, can generally be classified into several categories based on design, power, and intended use. Here are some standard classes and different types of e-bikes:

  1. Class 1 e-bikes: These are pedal-assist bikes that provide assistance only when the rider is pedaling, and the motor stops assisting when the bike reaches speeds of 20 mph.
  2. Class 2 e-bikes: These are throttle-assist bikes that the throttle can power without pedaling. They also have a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  3. Class 3 e-bikes: These are also pedal-assist bikes that assist only when the rider is pedaling but with a maximum speed of 28 mph.
  4. Fat tire e-bikes: These are e-bikes with extra-wide tires designed for off-road terrain, such as sand or snow.
  5. Folding e-bikes: These are compact e-bikes that can be folded up for easy storage and transportation.
  6. Cargo e-bikes: These are designed for carrying cargo, such as groceries or packages. They often have a longer wheelbase and a sturdy frame.
  7. Mountain e-bikes: These are designed for off-road use and have suspension, knobby tires, and a powerful motor to help riders climb steep hills.
  8. Road e-bikes: These are designed for road use and are often lightweight, with thinner tires and a more aerodynamic frame.
  9. Hybrid e-bikes: These are versatile e-bikes that can be used on both roads and light off-road terrain, with a comfortable and upright riding position.

The classification of e-bikes can vary depending on the country and region, as different laws and regulations apply.

Where Can You Ride e-bikes in Michigan?

In Michigan, e-bikes are classified as bicycles with electric assist, and they are generally allowed to operate on roads and bike paths where traditional bicycles are permitted. However, there are some areas and trails where e-bikes are not allowed. Here are some examples:

  1. State and national parks: Many state and national parks in Michigan do not allow e-bikes on their trails. This is because these parks are managed for natural and cultural resource conservation, and e-bikes may harm these resources.
  2. Rail trails: Some rail trails in Michigan prohibit e-bikes on their paths, while others may have restrictions on e-bikes, such as speed limits.
  3. Wilderness areas: E-bikes are generally not allowed in designated wilderness areas in Michigan, as these areas are managed to preserve their natural state, and e-bikes may hurt the environment.
  4. Some city ordinances: Some cities in Michigan may have regulations regarding using e-bikes on their streets and bike paths. It is important to check local laws before riding an e-bike in a new area.

Check to see how Michigan Classifies e-bikes

It is always a good idea to check with local authorities and regulations before riding an e-bike in a new area to ensure that you comply with local laws and regulations. Also, it's important to note that some parks may have their own specific rules and regulations regarding e-bike use, so it is recommended to check with the specific park authority or check for posted signs before using an e-bike on any trails or paths within a park. Additionally, riders should always follow the speed limits and rules of the road, and be considerate of other trail users.

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