Tour Castle Farms in Charlevoix-Fight Fire Breathing Dragons, Ride the Tram, Enjoy the Botanical Gardens!

Castle Farms, Charlevoix Michigan | By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

Want to tour a REAL CASTLE?

Castle Farm, located in beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan offers marvelous adventures only for the brave!!  Embark on adventurous self-guided tours of the castle, gallantly ride the tram across vast lands, vanquish the fire breathing dragon and fearlessly explore your way across the castle's magnificent gardens. 

However, if love is your quest, Castle Farms is a great place to woo your lass and profess your undying love as Castle Farms is a fantastic wedding venue in Charlevoix. 

Are you up for the challenge?  First you'll need to pass the larger than life knight guarding the entrance to the castle.

Where is Castle Farms in Charlevoix?

Castle Farms is located just south of Carlevoix! 

Address: 5052 M-66, Charlevoix, MI 49720

Parking is free. No pets allowed.

History of Castle Farms

This beautiful castle was built in 1918 and was once a model dairy farm.  A few years later it became an art gallery for working artist studios.  The castle was sold once again and was a hot spot for huge concerts featuring Tina Turner, Aerosmith and many other rockers.  The castle is now a beautiful botanical garden, wedding venue and outstanding historical place to tour.

Upon arrival, you will find a treasure map with 33 hidden spots to find throughout the gardens and the castle.  Plan on spending at least 2 hours exploring this magnificent place!

Be sure to visit the Dragon's Lair after you circle the gazebo and pond.  BUT, be careful as he takes his job very seriously as the guardian of the castle!

Tram tours are offered about 3 times a day Monday-Friday and twice on Saturday so it's best to call ahead or check their website so you don't miss this awesome tour!  The tram slowly circles the property and offers lots of fantastic information about the famous history of Castle Farms.  

Tours are 20 minutes long and are included with the cost of your admission ticket.

Enjoy wine tasting fit for a King or Queen!  Castle Farms also has Michigan’s largest outdoor model railroad!  The tiny rail cars zip along the tracks and disappear into a hedge maze, so its super fun to wander the maze while watching the tracks for the next train! 

Take time to discover the memorabilia in each of the open rooms.  Many rooms have a video playing explaining the highlights of each room.

And now I must bid you farewell my fellow knights and ladies!  I leave you with this final photo and hope you fearlessly vanquish all your dragons in your dreams tonight! 

For My Castle Lovers!

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