Munising Michigan: Your Upper Peninsula Guide to Spectacular Pictured Rocks, Waterfalls, Hotels, Camping, Lighthouses, Boat Rides, Great Eats and Ruins Galore! 

Munising Michigan: Your Upper Peninsula Guide to Spectacular Pictured Rocks, Waterfalls, Hotels, Camping, Lighthouses, Boat Rides, Great Eats and Ruins Galore! | By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

Beautiful Munising is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's THE hot spot for families, adventurers, nature lovers and photographers!  Discover the beauty of Pictured Rocks and be wowed by spectacular waterfalls, lighthouses, boat cruises, beaches, ruins, great eats and more!

Plus, see the best hotels, lodging and camping in Munising!

Let's get exploring Munising Michigan!

FYI: All of These Spots Are On Our Massive Map...

If you want to see these stops on a map, feel free to find them on the directory in our massive 45 Upper Peninsula Waterfalls and Jaw-Dropping Scenic Spots page. 

Wagner Falls is Jaw-Dropping!

Wagner Falls in the UP is a short flat walk along a lovely curving boardwalk and through a beautiful woods. This is one of our favorite falls in the Munising area as the walk is short, very scenic and jaw-dropping! 

The parking area is gravel and dirt which can be VERY muddy.   

Alger Falls

Alger Falls is a very pretty roadside waterfall.  You can see it from your car!  Located at the M-28 and M-94 intersection east of Munising, this Upper Peninsula waterfall is best viewed in the later afternoon for the best light.

Munising Falls

Munsing Falls is a very short, paved trail that is 800 feet one way. It is shaded most of the way with lots of trees and the sandstone canyon along Munising Creek.  The main paved trail leads to the viewing platform to view the breathtaking 50-foot waterfall.

We love heading up the stairs to the higher viewing platforms to see a different perspective of Munising Falls.  It's one heck of a view!!  Pets allowed on trail and stairs. I hear it's fantastic in the winter!

Miner's Falls

Beautiful 1.2 mile round trip walk to the falls.  Great views on the platform that is level with the top of the falls. If you are agile and wearing decent shoes, it's fun to climb down to the lower level. It's lots of boulders and using your hands, feet and full body to climb down.  

Bay Furnace Ruins

Bay Furnace Ruins is a great place to visit as not only can you see the furnace, but you can find pieces of hot sand that was melted to form glass.  Be sure to visit this area in evening as the water is smooth like glass and the light is fantastic on the ruins. 

There is a porta john toilet here and lots of parking. Free spot to visit.

As you can see from the photo on the left, you can find pieces of hot sand that melted to form glass. These pieces are very shiny and interesting!  

The beach is fantastic for walking as the sand is amazing as are the views!

Rip Tide Ride

See more Riptide Ride videos and photos on our Pictured Rocks page!

We really REALLY enjoyed our exciting Rip Tide Ride around Grand Island. This is another great family owned business to support as they are so friendly and care about your well being. 

You will scream with delight during the zig zags and high speed turns.  We got to see waterfalls so close up that we could touch them!  We dipped into caves, saw lighthouses and enjoyed great views of Grand Island.

  • Book this at least 3 days before your visit as times fill up.
  • No food or drink is allowed on the boat.
  • Leave your purse in the car. You don't need to have it sliding around.
  • Don't wear floppy sun hats as it will blow off.  A tight visor or baseball hat is better if you need to wear a hat.  
  • Wear sunscreen!
  • It will be very windy.  Girls, put your hair in a braid or bun or you will have a rats nest!
  • It's best to arrive 30 minutes prior.  
  • If the parking lot is full near the gift shop, there is another one across the street.
  • The gift shop has restrooms. 
  • Take note, the lake is much cooler.  Even if it's 75 outside, wear pants and bring a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt.
  • Oh, and you might get a little wet from the spray during the high speed turns but we didn't.  
  • No bathrooms on the boat. You will remain seat belted the entire time.

Want more activities on the water? Check out the Glassbottom Shipwreck Tours, Pictured Rocks Kayaking and Pictured Rocks Cruises for more fun on the water! We recommend later afternoon/evening cruises as the light is on the rocks at this time. 

You can also rent pontoons at Superior Pontoon Rentals to view Pictured Rocks, caves and waterfalls on your own. Or you can dock close to shore and spend time on Grand Island exploring historic landmarks, lighthouses, waterfalls, and scenic overlooks. You can rent them for the evening, half or full day. Great for families!

Where to Stay in Munising (Recommended Hotels and Lodging)

There are several hotels in Munising, here are a few we recommend!

AmericInn by Wyndham Wetmore Munising 

We have stayed at the AmericInn a couple times as it is in a good location for the falls, restaurants and beaches.  I liked that the bedrooms were separate with a closing door that blocked hall noises while sleeping. We utilized the nice pool and hot tub too.

Holiday Inn Express Munising - Lakeview

This pretty Munising Hotel has a fantastic breakfast, wonderful views of the Grand Island Harbor Bay and very nicely furnished rooms. You will definitely enjoy your stay in this Holiday Inn Express in Munising.

Munising Michigan Camping

Munising Michigan Campground MapMunising Michigan Campground Map

There are several campgrounds in Munising.  Check the map above for the location you are interested in and then check their website for booking and more info.

Munising Tourist Park Campground - E8518 M-28, Munising. Rustic lakefront camping pitches

Bay Furnace Campground - E7900 W, M-28 has simple campsites with fire rings. We love this area, it's right on the water with spectacular views!

Munising Michigan Restaurants

We really enjoyed our meal and time spent at the family owned Rollin' Smoke BBQ.  The owners were outside mingling and they were very kind.  Walk up to the window, order your meal and it will be ready very quickly.  Enjoy your meal on the picnic tables outside or wander a few feet to the bar. We really enjoyed the brisket and fries! Be sure to go out and support these guys!  

Pictured Rocks Pizza is also a great stop for very fresh ingredients.  It's a Subway style pizza place where you see the ingredients and pick what you want on your pizza.  We enjoyed one half of our pizza with pepperoni, sausage and garlic.  The other half had feta cheese, spinach and tomato bruschetta.  You can call ahead and order but it's fun to watch your pizza being made in person. 

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

I really think you aren't on vacation unless you have ice cream!  Not only is the name super witty and the building is pink (why we stopped there, honestly), but the shop is cute and the ice cream is very creamy and delicious. 

Grab some local jams, salsa and cute shirts to remember your trip to Munising!

Want to See Some Pretty Lighthouses While Visiting Munising?

The Munising Front and Rear Range Lighthouses are fun to find as they are very close to each other. I love how the Rear one is nestled in these trees-so pretty!

If you want more photos, ideas and things to do at Pictured Rocks, check out our dedicated Pictured Rocks page!

We have a map that will guide you to the best places and ways to see Pictured Rocks!  

It's a great resource for your next vacation!

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