Visit Saugatuck Michigan: 2 Jam Packed Itineraries of FUN Things To Do! | Put This Incredible Michigan Beach Town On Your Summer Bucket List! 

Visit Saugatuck Michigan | By Sherry Trautman |

Saugatuck Michigan is a stunning Michigan destination town located near Lake Michigan.  Upon arriving in Saugatuck, I get this feeling of relaxation and community.  The downtown area has a safe feel....a pull up a lawn chair and relax feeling.  It makes you want to grab an ice cream cone (or a hot coffee if it's a bit chilly), grab the hand of your loved one and start exploring.  

The city is very involved in the arts, wine, beach and food scene so there's fun for everyone.

We'll Show You Why This Beautiful City MUST Be On Your Summer Bucket List!!

Did you know that Conde' Nast named Saugatuck within their list of "Top 25 Beaches in the World?

Conde' Nast also listed it within their 20 Best Places to Go in 2020 article!

The amazing town was also recognized by USA Today's "Best Small Coastal Town."  Seriously, How Cool Is That?

 So you know what that means, right?  You just gotta see this place for yourself!  

Grab Our 2 Saugatuck Itineraries With Maps!

Click on the links below for our Saugatuck Itineraries!  

Here's Another Photo Just In Case You Are Waffling...(Did someone just say waffles?)

Seriously.  All that's missing in this photo is you...And a cool drink...Maybe some sunscreen....So grab your flip flops and go!

Visit Nearby South Haven!

South Haven

If you love Michigan beach towns, be sure to check out the incredible beaches, shopping, boat rides and restaurants in South Haven!

Getting Around Saugatuck Michigan

So let's talk traffic and parking.  Yeah, it's not fun a conversation but necessary for you to have a great time while visiting in Saugatuck.  No bad surprises, right?  I'm all about being prepared.

Once you arrive in Saugatuck, especially on a busy summer weekend, you will notice that parking is a nightmare.  At least it was for us when we visited over the July 4th weekend.  We trolled the streets waiting for someone to move their vehicle for over 30 minutes.  SOOO Frustrating!! 

But now we know the secret.....

If you are staying the night in Saugatuck, immediately find your hotel and park.  If you are in for the day, park in a safe location before you reach the center of Saugatuck. 

Unpack your vehicle and as you get settled into your room, call Interurban Transit Authority.  Cheap, fast and safe, this transportation system is an easy way to navigate around the town.  

Plus, Interurban costs only $1 per person per ride for adults and children over 12!!  Seniors and children under 12 are only 50 cents!!!  You can buy a punch card so you don't always have to have one dollar bills.  

Interurban provides transportation for Saugatuck, Douglas and Saugatuck Township.Call 269-857-1418 for your ride anytime during business hours.  Summer hours during the week is until 7pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm.  

The ride can be scheduled as early as in 15 minutes or you can make a reservation for a specific time.  How convenient!! Here is their website for more info. 

Visiting Southwest Michigan?

See what else there is to do in the Southwest Region! St. Joseph, South HavenGrand Haven and Holland are all fantastic places to visit.  Check out our guides!

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