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Apr 22, 2018

9 Insane Restaurants in Michigan

Our readers loved our other list of Insane Restaurants, so by popular demand, here are 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan! For us, eating is an experience and some of these restaurants have some insane experiences waiting for you!

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Apr 02, 2018

Traveling Michigan

Traveling Michigan provides the most interesting places to visit and our unique exclusive self guided tours. Check out our hidden gems located in our picture galleries. Plan for your next trip with help from us!

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Mar 27, 2018

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Although it has been a couple years since our family has enjoyed the Silver Lake Sand Dunes near Mears Michigan, It is one of my all time favorite destinations.

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Mar 26, 2018

Drummond Island

Drummond Island Rugged ATV Adventure. Looking for serious adventure while enjoying wildlife and the great outdoors? Drummond Island is just for you!

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Mar 26, 2018

Navigate Detroit McNamara Airport

Learn to Navigate Detroit McNamara Airport like a pro! Be sure to give yourself plenty of time so you can eliminate stress.

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Mar 22, 2018

Michigan National Parks

Spectacular Michigan National Parks and Michigan National Wildlife Preserves. Discover in-depth secrets about our National Parks and what you need to know before visiting so you can make the most of your trip to Michigan!

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Mar 20, 2018

Mackinaw City Michigan Winters

Five reasons why you need to visit Mackinaw City Michigan Winters!

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Mar 18, 2018

Kayaking Michigan

Kayaking Michigan-discover outstanding, sometimes hidden, exciting kayaking locations throughout Michigan! Why kayak at the same 'ole location when you can explore new and exciting rivers and lakes?

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Mar 18, 2018

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge is outstanding for hiking, kayaking, biking, bird watching! We have awesome tips, maps and things-to-do ideas!

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Mar 10, 2018

5 Insane Michigan Restaurants

5 insane Michigan restaurants you never knew existed!

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Mar 08, 2018

Isle Royale National Park Forum

Share your tips, funny stories, photos or planning ideas on the Isle Royale National Park Forum

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Mar 07, 2018

How To Get To Isle Royale National Park

How to get to Isle Royale National Park!

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Mar 07, 2018

Things to do in Michigan

I'm just gonna say it...Michigan is absolutely on of the most diverse states in the country for exceptional outdoor activities! We have climbing, hiking, boating, skiing, parasailing, skydiving and more!

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Mar 05, 2018

Michigan Blue Ice

Michigan Blue Ice is such a breathtakingly beautiful rare sight! This phenomenon was last spotted in the Mackinaw City area seven years ago so don't miss it!

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Mar 04, 2018

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is one of Travel Michigan's favorite vacation destinations. Discover our favorite things to do, see and eat!

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