Visit Oval Beach Saugatuck Michigan: One of Best Beaches in the World! See Incredible Sunsets at this Popular Michigan Beach Town! FAQ's and Things to Do in Saugatuck

Visit Oval Beach Saugatuck Michigan: One of Best Beaches in the World! See Incredible Sunsets at this Popular Michigan Beach Town! FAQ's and Things to Do in Saugatuck

By: Sherry Trautman | | Last updated: October 11, 2023 

The Saugatuck Beach, also called Oval Beach, is a beautiful place in southwest Michigan where locals and tourists alike love to swim in Lake Michigan, build sand castles, grab a snack at the concessions, walk the sparkling Lake Michigan beach, relax in the sand, and watch one-heck of an amazing sunset. 

  • Did you know Oval Beach in Saugatuck Michigan is listed in Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 25 Beaches in the World
  • Oval Beach Saugatuck Michigan was also listed in National Geographic Traveler’s Top Freshwater Beaches in the USA!

Oval Beach is a perfect family-friendly destination when visiting Saugatuck Michigan with kids.  The beach is clean and well kept.

Oval Beach Saugatuck Michigan Map of Location Along Lake Michigan

Oval Beach is located in Saugatuck Michigan, in Southwest Michigan. Enjoy miles of Lake Michigan shorelines with views of lovely sand dunes.

It's only about 25 minutes north of South Haven and 50 minutes north of St. Joseph. Saugatuck is 25 minutes south of Holland too. 

At the top of the sand dunes near the parking lot are several grills, picnic tables and restrooms. Be sure to bring snacks and lunch so you can enjoy picnics with incredible views of Lake Michigan!

How Much Does it Cost to get into Oval Beach in Saugatuck/Douglas? 

How much does it cost to get into Oval Beach in Saugatuck/Douglas? Saugatuck Beach Parking: $10 per car (Money is taken from 8am-9pm, Memorial Day-Labor Day). Season passes are also available for $50. Day passes & season passes are purchased at the beach gate with both cash and credit cards. However, you can go to the beach for free from Labor Day to Memorial Day. So it's the perfect time to catch a sunset with less visitors! 

Tourists arrive early to the main beach during the busy summer season.  Easy parking is located right near the picnic area.  

Concessions are available during busy times of the year but not guaranteed


Does Saugatuck Michigan have a beach? Where is It Located?

Does Saugatuck Michigan have a beach? Oval Beach in Saugatuck is located at Perryman Street & Oval Beach Drive, Saugatuck, MI, 49453. It's a short drive from the Saugatuck-Douglas area.

Check Out our Oval Beach Video at Sunset! It's One of the Best Shorelines in the Country!

Saugatuck's Oval Beach is one of Michigan's Premiere beach towns. Visitors come from all across the state and country to go swimming and wading in Lake Michigan. But Chris and I love the sand so much!  We always have fun writing messages and building cities in the sand! 

Does Oval Beach get crowded? With This Incredible Shoreline, You Betcha!

Does Oval Beach get crowded? Absolutely! During beach season, which is June, July and August, Oval Beach is crazy busy.  It's packed with beach goers, swimmers, shoreline walkers and sand castle builders! Especially on holidays, such as the July 4th weekend, the parking lots are filled in the early morning. 

Lake Michigan Sunsets Are Spectacular at Saugatuck's Oval Beach!

How do I spend a day in Saugatuck? 

How do I spend a day in Saugatuck? Grab our Saugatuck Michigan visitors guide! We definitely recommend hiking to the beach at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park, riding the Saugatuck Chain Ferry, wandering along the riverwalk and checking out Butler Street that is jam-packed with shops, restaurants and fun things to do!

Are Dogs Allowed at Oval Beach? Is Oval Beach Dog Friendly?

 Oval Beach in Saugatuck has a no dogs policy.

Is Oval Beach still closed?

Is Oval Beach still closed? Oval Beach is open!

While You Are There, Check Out Saugatuck, One of Our Favorite Michigan Beach Towns!

Chris and I love visiting Saugatuck! Grab our Saugatuck Guide which covers fantastic Saugatuck B and B's (and we snuck in our favorite South Haven B and B, the Carriage House), best things to do like taking a cruise on the Star of Saugatuck, our favorite restaurants and of course, TONS of photos and video to get you inspired! 

More Michigan Beach Towns Worth Visiting

St Joseph: I grew up in St. Joe and I'm obsessed with Silver Beach, the carousel, Silver Beach Pizza and the bluff!

South Haven: Chris and I were married in South Haven so it has our heart! You will love the South Haven Beaches, Bed and Breakfasts, great South Haven Lighthouse and Pier and loads of family-friendly activities such as boat rides and South Haven Fireworks on the 4th of July!

Charlevoix: Ohh I love Charlevoix! Wandering the town just makes me happy and the views of the marina are incredible!

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