Best Michigan Apple Orchards For Apple Picking This Fall + MAP | Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, South Lyon, Fennville, Northville, Detroit...

Best Apple Orchards in Michigan | By: Sherry Trautman | | Updated: September 16, 2023

Love picking your own apples and visiting fantastic apple orchards in Michigan? Below is the ultimate map of the best apple orchards in Michigan!  You will find apple orchards in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, South Lyon, Fennville, Northville, Detroit and Northern Michigan.

Every year, I just LOVE picking my own apples for apple sauce and pies. Isn't there something undeniably exciting about Michigan apple orchards, cider mills and freshly made warm sugary donuts?? 

Check Out Our Michigan Cider Mills Page!

What a great Michigan fall family activity!  So if you are wondering, "Where are the best Michigan Apple Orchards for apple picking near me," well, we've got 'em!

I mean it feels almost like Christmas wandering down the beautiful rows of red juicy apples, picking the very best ones.

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U-Pick Apples In Michigan

When Can You Pick Apples in Michigan Apple Orchards? When is Apple Season in Michigan?

When to Pick Apples in Michigan Apple Orchards?  Depends on the weather and location of the farm:

Golden Delicious apples will be ready for picking at U Pick Michigan Apple Orchards mid September to mid October

Red Delicious apples will be ready for picking mid September to mid October

Cortland apples will be ready for picking mid to late September

U-Pick Honeycrisp apple picking season: Honeycrisp apples will be ready for picking late September to mid to late October

When Do Michigan Apple Orchards Open?

Michigan apple orchards begin to open early September for the popular Michigan apple season. Be sure to check your intended apple farm's website or Facebook page to verify opening dates, apple availability and hours of operation.

So, the best time to pick apples in Michigan is throughout the months of September and October. And you are in luck as there are dozens of u pick apple orchards in Michigan listed below!

What is the Best Month to go Apple Picking?
Where are Michigan Apple Orchards in Southern Michigan?

Are you ready for apple picking in Michigan 2023? 

The best month for apple picking in Southern Michigan is mid September through mid October.   There are several Michigan apple orchards for picking apples in Southern Michigan such as Hubbard's Corey Lake Orchards in Three Rivers and Stover's Farm Market & U Pic in Berrien Spring.  

Be sure to utilize our list below and the interactive map for the best Michigan Apple Orchard. You will see why Michigan apple picking season is such a popular time in Michigan!

Apples Sales Room sign and apples for saleMichigan Apple Orchards Have Such Inspiring Apple Displays!

What is paradise, but, a garden, an orchard of trees and herbs, full of pleasure and nothing there but delights."

William Lawson

Interactive Michigan Apple Orchards Map for the Best Orchards in Michigan!

*Be sure to click this link to open Michigan Apple Orchards in Google Maps so you can see where they are as you drive! This list has the best apple picking in Michigan!

We created this map to help you find your specific stops and aid in planning your trip. 

Helpful Map Tips:

  • Click on the plus and minus in the left corner to zoom in or out of the map.
  • Click on the icons for more info, addresses and photos of the stops.
  • Click on the map to drag and move it to view surrounding areas.
  • In the Header, click on the rectangle in the upper left of the map to see a menu of all of our stops. Click on anything that looks interesting to see where it is on the map. To hide the menu, click the rectangle in the header. 
  • In the Header, click on the "square" icon in the upper right side to expand the map for better viewing. 

Varieties of Michigan Apples and Apple Season in Michigan

Below are several Michigan apple varieties to try this Michigan apple picking season from your favorite Michigan Apple Orchard.

Williams’ Pride: Dark red apple that is tart and rich. Great for baking or eating. Generally available Mid August

Zestar: An early ripening apple that is semi-sweet, crisp, juicy and makes a fantastic eating apple. What does a Zestar apple taste like? They are very juicy and crispy (not mealy!). Available mid August

Gala: Its thin skin and smaller size make it a perfect to pack in your lunches. It has a mild, sweet flavor with a creamy yellow flesh. I use it for baking apple pies and apple crisp. Available early September.

McIntosh: What are Macintosh apples best for? This versatile apple is great for eating, pies and sauces. It breaks down when you cook it (it's a softer apple), so it's fantastic for making sweet apple pies. We love them paired with Golden Delicious apples.  Available mid September.

Jonathan: What do they taste like? Jonathan apples are sweet with a tang. It has a crisp, juicy, flesh and is good for eating, but a perfect pie apple. What is the season for Jonathan apples? Mid September to Mid October.

Empire: A perfect apple for baking or eating as they are crisp with bright white flesh.

What are Empire Apples best for? Empire apples are a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious apples. They are great for making apple juice, applesauce, apple pies and of course, slicing into salads and eating just the way they are!

I have friends that dehydrate Empire apples also.  Their season begins mid September.

Cortland: What do Cortland apples taste like? Cortland apples are soft and juicy.  They have a sweet-tart taste.

What are Cortland apples good for? We love to use Cortland apples for apple cobbles and crisps as they are softer and bake well.

They are also delicious sliced into a salad or with cheese and crackers. Cortland apple season begins mid September.

Honeycrisp: Exceptionally crisp and juicy, with a sub-acid flavor, the extremely popular Honeycrisp is best to eat fresh. It was developed for taste, so let's enjoy it just the way it is! 

Per Wikipedia, Honeycrisp apples were developed  at the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station's Horticultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. It was  patented in 1988 and released in 1991 for everyone to enjoy.

What two apples make a Honeycrisp? The honeycrisp was created by cross-pollinating the delicious Honeygold and the Macoun apple varieties. 

The Honeycrisp season generally begins mid September. 

Golden Delicious: A honey sweet apple with a crisp, golden flesh. They are very sweet to the taste. Take note, the Golden Delicious is prone to bruising and shriveling, so handle them carefully, refrigerate and use shortly after picking.

What are Golden Delicious apples good for? Low in calories, Golden Delicious apples are a good source of soluble fiber. We love them in pies!

When are Golden Delicious apples in season? The Golden Delicious apple season are ready for picking mid September to mid October.

Red Delicious: A classic apple in America; mildly sweet with a crisp yellow flesh. Their skins are thicker so we like to slice them before eating. 

Do Red Delicious apples make good pie? For me, I like them baked into a pie as their skins are a bit thick for eating by hand.  They break down quickly when baked.

When are red delicious apples in season? Available for picking late September to early October.

Jonagold: This apple is a cross between the Jonathon and Golden Delicious apples. Did you know it was developed in 1953? Jonagold  combines tart sweetness and crispness in texture. 

What are Jonagold apples best used for? Jonagold apples work great for cooking and can be baked in pies, crisps and tarts. 

Their season begins mid September.

Ida Red: An apple with firm, white flesh, this is a mildly acidic apple. This apple excels as a baking apple. October 5.

What are Ida Red apples good for? They are awesome for baking and applesauce.

Oh, and if you love the old-fashioned baked apples (like our elderly neighbors used to make for us as kids), Ida red apples are excellent because they hold their shape very well.

Fuji: A great snacking apple, the Fuji is very juicy, sweet and crisp. 

What are Fuji apples good for? We love to eat them fresh-great for packing in your lunches!  They contain between 9–11% sugars by weight so Fuji applesauce needs little or no sugar.

U-Pick Apples in Michigan

When can you Pick Honeycrisp Apples in Michigan?

Mid September to late October.

There are several Michigan Apple Orchard near me offerings for  Honeycrisp apples, check the list below and I'm sure you will find some conveniently located near you!

Where Can You Pick Honeycrisp Apples from a Michigan Apple Orchard?

Fruit Ridge Hayrides, 11966 Fruit Ridge NW, Kent City, MI 49330 - Farm Market, and U-Pick. Honeycrisp apples will be ready: September 25th - October 31st, 2021

Schell Family Farms - 10055 Dexter-Pinckney Rd, Pinckney, MI

Stover's- 7837 M-139, Berrien Springs, MI 49103. September through October, you can pick apples, fall red raspberries, grapes and pumpkins!

Jacob's Farm - 7100 East Traverse Hwy, M-72 West, Traverse City, MI 49684. U Pick Apples!

King Orchards - 4620 N M-88, Central Lake, MI 49622. Available for u pick apples, including Honeycrisp, available early September.

Best Michigan Apple Orchards in Michigan for Apple Picking

Gull Meadow Farms

Gull Meadow Farms

Address: Gull Meadow Farms, 8544 Gull Rd., Richland, MI 49083

Gull Meadow Farms U-Pick is a great spot to go for picking your own apples or buying bags of delicious varieties in their shop. Apple picking in Michigan is such a joy!

You can also pick your fall pumpkins, enjoy fresh delicious donuts and grab some fresh apple cider by the glass, half gallon or whole gallon.  There's a very cute shop with items to decorate your home. 

We used to live about 5 miles from this farm so we would visit several times throughout the fall season to buy mums and explore the corn maze.  There is a train for kids and a tractor drawn hay wagon for the whole family.  Great place!!

It's a very fun September and October Michigan event! We love it!

  • Be sure to stop into Gull Meadow Farms in August for their Sunflower Festival!!!  

Their multi-colored sunflowers are planted in mid-May and bloom for about two full weeks in August. 

Tickets are around $10-20 (check before going) per person, though children under 36 inches tall are admitted free. Each ticket gets visitors a wagon ride out to the sunflower field and one sunflower to take home.

Uncle John's Cider Mill | Michigan Apple Orchards

Uncle John's Cider Mill

Address: 8614 US-127, St Johns, Michigan

Apple harvest starts in late August at Uncle John's Cider Mill. Their first varieties include Paula Red and Ginger Gold.  Unfortunately they do not offer pick your own apples.

Visit Uncle John's Cider Mill  for gifts, food items, snacks, wine and hard cider.  They make super yummy fresh donuts and fresh cider, so don't miss out!  Plus, the barn is gorgeous!

Bayne's Apple Valley

Bayne's Apple Valley

Location: 5395 Midland Road, Freeland, MI 

It's pretty cool that Bayne's Apple Valley has been awarded Mid-Michigan's Best Orchard 3 years in a row!

Bayne's Apple Valley has great homemade baked goods and my Dad, especially, can't resist picking up freshly made donuts and fresh pressed pure apple cider.

Pop into their cute shop, grab some fresh cider, a peck of apples and some Michigan made items! Bayne's apple farm is a great place to meet friends during sunny fall Michigan afternoons!

Plan to spend at least an hour at Baynes apple orchard as one of our favorite things to do is to grab a sandwich in their cute café and then lounge outside to enjoy the view of the woods.  It makes for a very relaxing afternoon.

Leaman's Green Applebarn - Great Apple Picking in Michigan!

Leaman's Green Applebarn

Address: 7475 N. River Road, Freeland, Michigan

We enjoy visiting Leaman's as it's an event!  You can search for cute items for your home in their shop, pick out a fantastic pumpkin, enjoy some donuts and sip some cool cider.  Plus, adorable goats are grazing near the parking area! Seriously!  

Apples: Isn't there something just amazing about beautiful red apples on a tree?  Almost swoon-worthy!!  I love watching the green apples being dipped in gooey caramel.  

We think they are one of the best apple orchards in Michigan!

Leaman's has over 20 different kinds of apples covering just over 10 acres of land. They do not have you pick but you can buy their apples and shop in their cute gift shop! We love this apple orchard!

So yummy!

U-Pick | Fantastic Apple Orchards and Apple Picking in Ann Arbor and South Lyon Regions

  • Be sure to check with each of businesses on this page to verify their farms are ready for picking and their schedule. Great apple picking in Ann Arbor! 

Wiard's Orchards Country Store - 5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 They offer U-Pick apple picking. (Apple picking near Ann Arbor this Michigan apple season.)

Alber Orchard & Cider Mill, LLC - Wasem 6580 Judd Rd, Milan, MI 48160. Apple picking near Ann Arbor.

Wasem Fruit Farm - 6580 Judd Rd, Milan, MI 48160  They offer u pick apple picking where you can pick your own apples.

Apple Charlie's Orchards - 38035 S Huron Rd, New Boston, MI 48164.   Lovely orchard near Ann Arbor for apple picking.

Blake Farms (Previously Erwin Orchards) - 61475 Silver Lake Rd, South Lyon, MI 48178 They offer u pick apple picking where you can pick your own apples

Erie Orchards & Cider Mill - 1235 Erie Rd, Erie, MI 48133. Apple picking south of Ann Arbor

Wing Farms - 5335 Dexter Ann Arbor Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 They offer u pick apple picking.  Great Ann Arbor apple orchard.

Franklin Cider Mill

Address: 7450 Franklin Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

If the sound of caramel dipped apples rolled in tiny bits of crunchy nuts makes you salivate (you are normal, by the way!), pack up the car and head to Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills where you can pick out fresh warm donuts, crunchy apples and a gallon of sweet fresh pressed cider.

Their hand-picked Michigan apples will be available by the 1/2 peck bags or bushel. Some of their varieties include: Michigan Honey Crisp, Crimson Crisp, Cortland, Empire and Macintosh!  

Yates Cider MillBest Michigan Cider Mills and Apple Orchards to Visit This Fall

Can't get enough of everything cidery? Check out our favorite Michigan Cider Mills!

Everyone needs to hand pick a Michigan pumpkin this fall!! Here are the best places!

Crane Orchards U-Pick and Corn Maze

Address: 6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408

Crane Orchards will have U-Pick apples around labor day weekend! What a great fall family activity! Come out this apple season in Michigan!

Schell Family Farms-Awesome Apple Orchards Michigan

Address: 10055 Dexter-Pinckney Rd, Pinckney, MI 

Stop by Schell Family Farms for apples!! They are known for their Honey Crisps!  You Pick will begin in 2021. We think they are one of the best apple orchards in Michigan!

They process syrup completely in-house and they have tons of flavors, including their new apple flavored syrup!!  

Pick your pumpkin out of thousands of pumpkins to choose from and depending on the season, Schell's has cherries and peaches! This Michigan farm is a great place to visit during our popular Michigan apple picking season. 

Fruit Acres Farm Market and U Pick Apples 

Address: 3452 Friday Rd, Coloma, MI, is a great place to pick Sunrise Apples and Early Gold Apples as they are grown on their farm.  They also have peaches and of course, u-pick apples! So come out and support apple orchards in Michigan!

Knaebe's Apple Farm and Cider Works

Address: 2621 S Karsten Rd, Rogers City, MI 49779

Enjoy a delicious wood fired pizza and hard cider in the barn!  Oh and you will love their goats and other cute farm animals.  Check out the playground, barrel train ride for kids, wagon ride pulled by a classic 1947 Farmall H Tractor on the weekends, horseshoes and cornhole. U-pick Pumpkin Patch too!

Jacques Orchards

Address: 2275 N Iva Rd, Hemlock, MI 48626

Apples, cider, caramel apples, donuts. No u pick. Depending on the time of year, Jacques Orchards have Gala, MacIntosh, Wolf River, HoneyCrisp, Cortland, Jonathan, SnowSweet, Snow, Ida Red, Mutsu, GrannySmith. Check their website for what they are picking now. 

Nye's Apple Barn U-Pick

Address: 3151 Niles Rd, St Joseph, Michigan 

For as long as I can remember, we went to Nye's Apple Barn while growing up in St. Joseph. I loved it as it was such a great opportunity for apple picking near me. Plus, they are one of the best apple orchards west Michigan!

You can pick your own apples!  They have Golden Delicious, Crispin (Mutsu), Red Delicious, Empire, Northern Spy, Braeburn, Cortland, Fuji, Ida Red, Jonagold, Jonathan, Rome, Winesap.

When do the apple orchards open? Apple U-Pick usually starts the last weekend of September thru Columbus Day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Michigan time. These dates may vary because of maturity of crop from season to season.

They also have apple cider, fruit pies, caramel apples, pears, plums, pumpkins and other delicious treats. I grew up about 2 miles from Nye's Apple Barn! It's a great opportunity for apple picking in Michigan.

Michigan Apple and Cider Festivals are happening all across the state!  See when a Michigan Apple Festival is happening near you!

Stover's for Apple Picking Michigan U-Pick

Address: 7837 M-139, Berrien Springs, MI 49103

September through October, you can pick apples, fall red raspberries, grapes and pumpkins!

Stover's grows all sorts of apples including Molly Delicious, Gala, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Red Rome, Empire, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonathan, Mutsu and others!

Tips for u-pickers: be sure to call ahead to check availability of produce and the picking conditions.  They provide containers!  Wear hats and work gloves.  So come out to the farm for some fantastic Michigan apple picking!

Apple Picking Howell Michigan Apple Orchards

Markillie Orchard5200 North Latson, Howell, MI 48855

They offer a huge variety of apples in their barn store!  You can also enjoy cider and donuts, jams, jellies, salsa, soft serve ice cream! Their cider slush is delicious, you gotta try it!  Plus, there's a play area for your children. 

Best Michigan Apple Orchards for U-Pick Near Traverse City, Michigan

Jacob's Farm

Address: 7100 East Traverse Hwy, M-72 West, Traverse City, MI 49684

U Pick Apples! So come out to this fantastic farm for apple picking Traverse City!

As we move into August, Jacob's Farm will have apples that continues into early Fall. Their premier apples – Zestar and Honey Crisp are ready to pick in September and October - so crisp, tart and sweet!  So come out to the farm for some fantastic Michigan apple picking!

U-Pick Michigan Apple Orchards Near Lansing Michigan

Clearview Orchards - 1051 Barry rd Haslett, MI 48840, U pick McIntosh apples will be ready around Sept 1

Country Mill - 4648 Otto Road, Charlotte, MI 48813. Apple Picking is available August 7th through early November. Located just southwest of Lansing. 

Apple Orchards and Apple Picking in Detroit

Check out some of the best apple orchards in Michigan!

Detroit Farm and Cider - 1600 Lawrence St, Detroit, MI 48206

Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill - 10685 Warren Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170. Cider Mill Open September through the first week of November.  

Blake's Big Apple 71485 North Ave, Armada, MI 48005

U-Pick Apple Orchards and Apple Picking in Grand Rapids 

We love all these apple farms in Michigan! 

Grange Fruit Farm -1900 13 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI 49341 This Grand Rapids Apple orchard offers U-Pick apple picking

Wells Orchards - 9009 Kenowa Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Dunneback Farm Market - 3025 6 Mile Rd NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544 This Grand Rapids Apple orchard offers u pick apple picking

Hill Brothers Orchards6159 Peach Ridge NW, Grand Rapids MI 49544 They do not have u-pick on their farm but you can pick your apples from large bins! Apples are sold by the 1/2 peck, peck, 1/2 bushel, bushels or by the bin.

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery - 3142 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525 This fabulous cider mill has a winery, bakery, apple house, cider mill and tons of activities!  Plus it's you pick!!

Moelker Orchards and Farm Market - Address: 9265 Kenowa Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan. You Pick Apples!! WHOOT!

Oooh, and you can pick out delicious donuts, fudge, cookies, muffins, & caramel apples made fresh! The bakery operates during cherry season and then again from August until December.

There's also lots of family activities! Hop aboard one of their horse-drawn wagon rides around the orchard, explore the u-pick pumpkin patch, and check out the apple orchards.

Steffens Orchard Market - 4344 13 Mile Rd NW, Sparta, MI 49345. Lots of great apple varieties available for U Pick!

Klein Cider Mill & Market - 2151 10 Mile Rd NW, Sparta, MI 49345. You pick apples and apple cider!

Spicer's Orchard U-Pick

Address: 10411 Clyde Rd, Fenton, MI

You pick apples: Honeycrisp, ​Golden Supreme, McIntosh and Gala 

Play on the playground and see the cute farm animals!!

Spicer's Orchard also has:

  • Bakery
  • Donuts, Cider, Pies, Fudge
  • Ashby's Ice Cream

If you visit in early August, grab a few photos in front of their gorgeous sunflower fields!

King Orchards

There are two locations:

  • King Orchards - 986 US 31 S, Kewadin, MI 49648 (No u-pick available at this market.)
  • King Orchards - 4620 N M-88, Central Lake, MI 49622
  • Available for u-pick: Raspberries (September) and apples, including Honeycrisp, at the M-88 Market. 

    Apple Orchards and Apple Picking in Northville Michigan

    Obstbaum Orchards - 9252 Currie Rd, Northville, MI 48167

    Long Family Orchard, Farm & Cider Mill - 1540 E Commerce Rd, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48382

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    If you love picking Michigan fruits and vegetables, you need to Peach Picking! It's an absolute blast and available in August!! 

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