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We strongly believe in the power of media, engagement and the vital part they play in travel decisions.  We value developing long-term partnerships with travel organizations, brands and destinations that excite us and our readers.

You can see examples of our photography on our heavily engaged Instagram account.


We accept sponsorship requests from high-quality establishments within each tourism category (e.g., high-end hotel, low-priced villa, mid-range restaurant). "Sponsors" are Travel-mi.com supporters, mostly from Michigan's tourism industry. They form an A-list of Michigan’s top tourism services.

Reviews are generally written well before a service becomes a sponsor. In any event, they are independent of the sponsorship. Each and every one of the services listed are truly among our Michigan favorites.

The review of a sponsor would be exactly the same with, or without, the "ad" in the right column. This exposure provides the sponsors with increased visibility of their reviews.

If you enjoy Travel-mi.com, please support our sponsors. You will be delighted that you did!

If you sell goods or services to tourists in Michigan (ex., hotels, cottages, restaurants, campgrounds, adventures etc.) and if you would like to know more about "Michigan advertising" by sponsoring Travel-mi.com, please click here.

If you are already a Site Sponsor, thank you for your support of our efforts to share Michigan with the world!

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