2021 Mi Fall Color Map | Weekly Predicted Dates of When To See the Peak Fall Colors in Michigan During the Autumn Season

2021 Mi Fall Color Map | Weekly Predicted Dates of When To See the Peak Fall Colors in Michigan | By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan 

What is the best time to see fall colors in Michigan during the autumn season? Where are peak colors in Michigan? 

Grab our fall foliage map with estimated dates for 2021 peek color as the trees change! Use these dates as a prediction of when the colors will change so you can plan your fall Michigan vacation!

Leap peeping is at its best in Michigan's upper peninsula and lower peninsula during the following predicted dates.

Peek Mi Fall Color Map!

MI Fall Color Map -  See When the Trees Will Change Color!MI Fall Color Map - See When the Trees Will Change Color!

We absolutely love traveling all over Michigan's upper peninsula and lower peninsula to see the leaves changing.  We hope this Mi Fall Color Map is helpful to see the fall colors in Michigan 2021.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula: September 12 - September 26, 2021 (partial peak to peak)  

Northern Upper Michigan (Lower Peninsula): September 26 - October 10, 2021 (partial peak to peak)

Mid Michigan (Lower Peninsula and Central Michigan): October 3- October 17, 2021 (partial peak to peak)

Southern Michigan Michigan: October 12-24, 2021

Start planning your Michigan Fall Color Tours to bask in the beauty of Michigan's red, yellow and orange changing leaves!  

TIP: It is helpful to contact the local Chamber of Commerce or Visitors Center to see if the colors have changed before you book or fully plan your road trip!  Weather conditions may cause the leaves to change earlier than intended.

We hope this Mi Fall Color Map was helpful to see the fall colors in Michigan 2021.  So many fun fall things to do in Michigan!

How and Why do Tree Leaves Change Color?

The Royal Botanical Gardens states that in autumn, trees lose their leaves by shutting down photosynthesis and reclaiming as many chemicals as possible.

Chlorophyll breaks down all the time during the summer, but in autumn it basically screeches to a halt.

The yellows, red and oranges that you see in the fall were hidden by the presence of the dominant green chlorophyll.


Autumn Shows Us How Beautiful It Is To Let Things Go!

Michigan Fall Color Tours By Train!!

Book your tickets early for the exquisite Michigan Fall Color Tours by Train! How cool is this?! So many fun fall things to do in Michigan!

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