2024 Michigan Renaissance Festival: Ultimate Guide! Holly Michigan - Renfest Themed Weekends, Discount Tickets, Hours, Map, Jousting, Turkey Legs

Article: 2024 Michigan Renaissance Festival: Ultimate Guide! Holly Michigan - Renfest Themed Weekends, Photos, Jousting, Turkey Legs, Beer

Hear ye, Hear ye!  Lords and Ladies, come one, come all to the greatest Renaissance festival in all the land!  Use our Ultimate Guide below to easily plan your weekend so you don't miss a thing! Find discount tickets, hours, map, themed weekends, and what to expect.  

  • The 2024 Michigan Renaissance Festival offers seven weekends of merriment, full contact jousting, sword and fire shows, famous Feast of Fantasy, turkey legs, beer, parades, shopping and live shows to cheer and entertain both royalty and peasants alike! 

Oh, and be sure to wear your finest (or fiercest!) medieval garb! 

Chris and I are powerless to resist the charm and festivities of the Renaissance era in "Hollygrove," each August and September. With over 312 acres of property, you'll enjoy activities, live entertainment, music, attractions, and games for kids, teens and adults! So many fun things to do!

  • Chris and I hope our Ultimate Guide of Michigan Ren Fest intrigues you to attend this super popular Michigan fall festival with your friends and family! 

Michigan Renaissance Festival Table of Contents

When is Michigan Renaissance Festival 2024? Hours?

Renfest in Michigan occurs over seven weekends. 

2024 Dates and Hours: 10am - 7pm on festival days

  • Weekends (Sat. & Sun), August 17, 2024 - September 29, 2024 
  • Labor Day, Monday September 2, 2024
  • Festival Friday, September 27, 2024 

Where is the Michigan Renaissance Festival? Michigan Renaissance Festival Location

Michigan Renfest Address: (Go Now >> 12600 Dixie Hwy Holly Michigan, 48442

Holly is located in southeast Michigan. It is 54 miles north of Detroit. 

  • Detroit to Holly: 54 miles
  • Grand Rapids to Holly: 126 miles

Tickets: What are the Admission and Parking Costs for the Michigan Renaissance Festival? 

Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets and parking can be bought on-line prior to your visit. It's less hectic if you have a pre-paid parking pass otherwise you will have to pay the parking attendants upon arrival.

2024 Festival Tickets:

  • Adult general admission (13 years old +): $22.95
  • Child general admission (ages 5-12): $12.95
  • Parking: Parking passes are now required while attending the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Michigan Renaissance Festival Discount Tickets - Where to Find

Save $3 at the gate when you buy your tickets at participating stores below. BUT, I'd call your local store first to see if they are a participating location.

  • Kroger 
  • Menards
  • General RV Center
  • Tubby's
  • Chili Peppers Tanning

Festival Costumes | Renaissance Festival Holly Michigan

Should you dress up to attend Michigan Ren Fest?  YES!  It adds to the fun!  You will see nobles, princesses, kings, pirates, wizards, wenches, Vikings and tons of fantasy characters! I have a long jeweled tone green skirt with feather hanging down the side that I love to wear with flowers in my hair. Medieval outfits of all kinds are seen there!

Don't have a festival costume? Never fear, there are several shops selling everything from full regalia gowns with corsets, boots, hats with feathers, dresses, vests for men and everything you could imagine. 

Need something affordable? Ren fest sells lovely inexpensive flower wreaths for little girls and plastic swords for little boys! Keep an eye out for fairies sprinkling fairy dust so you can sparkle for free!

Tips and What to Expect at the MI Renaissance Festival From My Personal Experience

  1. The grounds are dirt/grass so it can be muddy, wet, dusty and uneven. I wouldn't wear heels or your best shoes.  If you wear open toes, your feet WILL get dirty.
  2. Bring cash as some entertainers hope you will tip generously.
  3. Bathrooms are porta johns, so plan accordingly.
  4. There is a decent walk from the parking area to the festival grounds. So, wear comfortable footwear.
  5. The Renfest is on 312 acres with shops, live entertainment, jousting, glassblowing, games, feasting and fun!
  6. Many shops have stairs, steps and wood floors. 
  7. We usually spend about 3-4 hours there but you can easily spend the entire day shopping, eating turkey legs, drinking brews, playing games, and watching all the live entertainment...which is sometimes just people watching!

Are Dogs Welcome at Michigan Renaissance Festival?

Are dogs welcome? Yes. Your dog may attend the festival every day during the season. HOWEVER, they have several policies for bringing your dog and there is a daily fee.

Renaissance Feast of Fantasy 

Michigan Renaissance Festival Feast of Fantasy is an incredible experience and well, feast! You will enjoy a delicious five to six-course gourmet meal with beer and wine fit for a king, queen or warrior! As you dine, enjoy being serenaded by live entertainment reminiscent of the Renaissance era.

Each week the feast menu changes so you can enjoy the Feast of Fantasy a couple times during the Renaissance Festival! So, come forth and enjoy feasting, merriment and fun Renaissance style!

  • 2024 Feast Of Fantasy occurs daily at 11:30 am & 3:00 pm. 
  • Tickets for Feast of Fantasy are $100 per person and more during the Viking Weekend.

Theme Weekends At Renfaire Michigan

Be sure to check the Michigan Renaissance Festival themed weekends pages as they sometimes change the schedule at the last minute.

When to go to the Michigan Renaissance Fair: We recommend choosing a weekend that sounds most fun to you, your kids and your friends!  Each weekend offers a different theme and things to do.

2024 themed weekends coming soon

Week 1: August 19-20, 2023 | Pirates & Pups! 

So many fun things to do!

Week 2: August 26-27, 2023 | Highland Fling!

Week 3: September 2, 3, 4, 2023 | Vikings Invasion!

Week 4: September 9-10, 2023 | Wonders Of The World

Week 5: September 16-17, 2023 | Shamrocks & Shenanigans

Week 6: September 23-24, 2023 | Harvest Huzzah

Week 7: September 29, 2023 | Festival Friday

Week 7: September 30 - October 1, 2023 | Sweet Endings

Origins/History Of The Renfest Michigan Festival

The Michigan Renaissance Festival began in 1979 in Clarkston.  Michigan Ren Fest kept growing so it was moved to the current huge festival site in Holly, Michigan. Now, this popular Michigan fall festival draws over 240,000 each season.

HollyDazzle is another fun event held at the Renaissance fair in the winter.

Food-Dining at Ren Fest

No way will you starve at Ren Fest!  You can find snacks, drinks and food everywhere you look. You can chow down on Bangers and Mash, Scotch Eggs, Mac and Cheese, Famous Turkey Legs, Corn on the Cob, Soups such as Broccoli and Cheese or Chili, Chicken Sandwiches, Ravioli, Kielbasa!

There's lots of sweet treats such as ice cream, apple blossoms, brownie sundaes, cookies, cannoli's and cake to found all across the festival grounds.  

Artisans and Shopping Experiences

Michigan Renaissance Festival is a shopper's dream! Make it a girls afternoon out! Shop for apparel, calligraphy work, candles, yummy treats, blown glass gifts, jewelry, ornaments, leather goods, paintings, prints, plants, perfume, potpourri, readings (palm and tarot), sculpture, toys and wood! There's also hair braiding and face and body painting! So much fun!

See Jousting at Renaissance Fair Michigan!

FAQs About the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly Michigan

Question: How long is the Renaissance festival going on in Michigan?

Answer: 7 incredible weekends beginning mid August through September.

Question: Can you bring water to the Michigan Renaissance Festival?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. I carried in a bottle of water in my purse, no problem. 

Question: What day does the Michigan Renaissance Festival start? 

Answer: The first day of fen fest starts August 17, 2024

Question: Where is the Renaissance Fair in Michigan held?

Answer: 12600 Dixie Hwy Holly Michigan, 48442

Question: Where to buy Michigan renaissance festival tickets?

Answer: Michigan renaissance festival tickets can be purchased online or at the festival gates/ticket booths when you enter. Lines can be long so I recommend buying your tickets early.

Question: Who owns the Michigan renaissance festival?

Answer: The festival is owned by Mid-America Festivals.

Question: Where can I park at the Michigan Renaissance Festival?

Question: The festival has on-site parking which is on hilly, grassy and often muddy land.  Be prepared to walk about 5-10 minutes to the entrance to the festival. 

More Incredible Michigan Festivals

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