9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan!

Here are 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan, curated by popular demand!  Check out our popular 5 Insane Restaurants In Michigan page for MORE places to visit that is as much an experience as a place to eat.

This is a rather random list of quirky/weird/awesome places all over Michigan that you will HAVE to check out!  By the way, we were not compensated in any way for our 9 Insane Restaurants in Michigan list...we just wanted to share these super cool places with you.  Many ideas came from our Traveling Michigan friends!

See our "Travel Destinations" page for other great restaurants in specific cities if you have a planned destination in mind.

Locations of Our 9 Insane Restaurants in Michigan

Grill House

Insane Restaurants In Michigan, Grill HouseInsane Restaurants In Michigan, Photo by: Grill House

Do you have mad grilling skills? Check out the Grill House-1071 32nd St, Allegan, MI 49010

I think I need to lead with this: If you have a lumberjack appetite or you are REAAAALY REALLY hungry, the Grill House offers a MASSIVE 42 oz sirloin.  Hence why they made our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list!

I mean dang, if you can pound down that amount of meat I think it should be a requirement that you have to grill it!  Just to show you are worthy and all...And grill it you shall!  

The Grill House has lots of other grilling options including steaks, chicken and seafood.  If you aren't a huge eater, like me, they have a split meal option that allows you to share a steak with someone and you can indulge in all of the sides.  

Check out The Rock, located in the lower level of the Grill House for a relaxed atmosphere with a giant fireplace.  Great place to hang out and have a beverage with friends.

Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Michigan 

Looking for MASSIVE Burgers?-Get it at Mallie's Sports Grill and Bar-19400 Northline Rd, Southgate, MI 48195

Love burgers?  I sure hope so. In addition to a full menu, Mallie's is famous for their own monstrous creation, a four-time Guinness World Record holder for the "Largest commercially available hamburger!"

Insane Restaurants in Michigan, Guinness World Record burger, Photo Credit: Mallie'sInsane Restaurants in Michigan, Guinness World Record burger, Photo Credit: Mallie's

Mallie's first broke the record in 2008 with a 138 pound burger, which was huge at the time.

They were beat out a few years later by a 777 pound burger before reclaiming the record with the 1,793 pound monster on July 9, 2017.

They even built a special oven just to make this burger!  

This 1,800 pound INSANE burger comes with all the fixings (of course) and is the most expensive item on the Mallie's menu, topping out at $9,000!! I mean seriously, when you want a BIG burger, I think this place tops the list!

Mallie's was featured on Man v. Food during a Detroit area visit from Adam Richman, the host of the show.

He and a team of 40 people attempted to eat this 190-pound "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" within two hours, but only managed to eat 160 pounds when time ran out. 

Since I know ALL OF YOU want in on this burger action, you can order a 250 pound burger (pictured at the top of this segment) or in case that's too small, maybe a 350 pound burger will do the job? Just be sure to give Mallie's 72 hours notice....you know, to cut the tomatoes and well, to find some cows.

Maybe the 250 and 350 pound burgers are a bit over-the-top insane but you are still up for a challenge? 

Try your hand at two pound tacos!! 

Or order the 10 lb burger to see what you can do!

Now you know why Mallie's is at the top of our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list!

Black Rock Bar and Grill

Black Rock Bar and Grill 

10100 West Highland Road, Hartland, MI 48353

1015 N Irish Rd, Davison, MI 48423

Black Rock Bar and Grill has numerous locations throughout Michigan, but Hartland, Michigan is the original. We also like the Davison location!

SO, after you pick out your raw entree, your server will bring it to you on a 755 degree hot rock so you can show off your bad ass cooking skills!  It's your chance to cook your steak, mushrooms, shrimp, tuna,etc just the way you like it on a very hot rock! 

If you are a tad bit unsure of your abilities, don't worry, your server will give you some excellent tips!!  My favorite?  mmmm....shrimp....

OH, and if you are not all about cooking your own meal, Black Rock Bar and Grill has an amazing menu prepared by their chefs.  Plus their dessert selection is outstanding.  Can you say Lave Cake? 

After dinner, take a drive around Long Lake and the smaller lakes to the east of the restaurant.  Great way to end the day after hitting this fun restaurant on our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list!

Salt of the Earth Fennville

Salt of the Earth Fennville, 114 E Main St, Fennville, MI 49408

Let me just say, I'm very into the whole farm-to-table movement.  I love real food prepared with ingredients sourced locally.

Why is Salt of the Earth on our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list?

Well, I took some liberties with that...I think it's rare to find fresh, locally sourced restaurants that cook with heart.

This deliciously rustic-chic venue offers seasonal American meals with yummy baked goods.  Salt of the Earth food is fresh and sourced locally as much as possible. They have a great selection of fish, chicken, steak, wood fired pizzas. 

A foodies dream, for sure.

Salt of the Earth also features a full bar (local beer and seasonal cocktails!) and live music. 

Leg's Inn

Leg's Inn restaurant is seasonal and opens in May after closing for the winter.

Leg's Inn-6425 N Lake Shore Dr, Cross Village, MI 49740

Legs Inn is one Freakin' Fantastically Crazy restaurant!  If you adore decor with moose heads, disco balls, antlers and totem poles (and who the heck wouldn't?!), Legs Inn in Cross Village, MI is THE PLACE for you.  

Legs Inn offers a great variety of delicious Polish food and a feast for your eyes with unbelievable carved wood...well, everything, mounted animal heads and other craziness. 

The Smoked Whitefish Spread is a house specialty that is a blend of smoked Great Lakes Whitefish, cream cheese and yummy seasonings. Scoop it up with crunchy crackers.

I ordered the Hunter's Stew which is a tasty, slow-cooked blend of meats and Polish Sausage that was simmered with sauerkraut and fresh garden veges. Yummy!

This family owned and operated restaurant has been in business for over 90 years! 

Vinsetta Garage

What's not to love about juicy, charbroiled burgers served...in a GARAGE!  Vinsetta Garage-27799 Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI 48072

Vinsetta Garage, the oldest garage east of the Mississippi, strives to "make it honest, make it legit and make it as good as you know how."

Chef Aaron Cozadd's menu is built on the kind of custom Detroit eats that the mechanics and techs would have called their own back in the day.

Try Vinsetta Garage's delicious burgers, Union Mac & Cheese, noodle bowls, coal-fired pies and the like.

A fan said, "I think this place is LEGIT as it gets. My GO-TO: The Chop Salad & Farro Hash with Fried Egg on top. This is the ONLY place I order a salad from (so boring!) - This one, IS NOT!"

 The Antlers

The Antlers, 804 East Portage Ave, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

The Antlers is a legendary landmark across from the south-end of the Soo Locks.  This quirky and rustic family restaurant serves Northern Cuisine at lunch and dinner.

So what's so insane about this place?  WELL, this restaurant has over 200 mounted taxidermy animals eye-balling you while you eat!  A little unnerving?  We shall see!  (did you see what I did there? lol)

I mean just look at this place! Heck yeah, it's on our 9 Insane Restaurants in Michigan list for sure!

Oh, and try their famous Soo Stew Canoes!

Dawson & Steven's Classic 50's Diner

Dawson and Steven's Classic 50s's Dinner-231 E Michigan Ave, Grayling, MI 49738 

Love Coca-Cola stuff? Love classic diners, shakes and small town charm?  "HECK YEAH?"  Well, this place is for you! 

Dawson and Steven's has the largest private collection of Coca-Cola memorabilia in Michigan! 

Over 10,000 pieces of memorabilia make up the museum, housed in an authentic classic 50's diner.  Definitely why Dawson and Steven's is on our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list!

Plus, this place serves a DIVINE Ice Cream Sundae!  After dinner you can wander around the downtown area searching for more adventures!

Are you ready for the last restaurant on our 9 Insane Restaurants in Michigan list?


What's Super Cool-You can see exactly where they source their local meat and vegetables on their website.  Proof of their dedication to using local farms. <3

Grove, 919 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

So I've decided to redefine "Insane" for just a moment so I can include this restaurant. Creative license, right?

Grove utilizes the farm-to-table notion with spectacular food and service.  They responsibly source as much as is available from local, family, and sustainable farms and businesses. If you are looking for meals that showcase the season’s best, check this place out.

Grove won the Diners' Choice Award in 2017! AND they won Restaurant of the Year 6 times since 2011!

There are a lot of good eats and drinks on the West side of the state, but there might not be a better spot than Grove, which partners with over a dozen local farms for fresh fish, chicken, lamb, beef, and more.

The menu is inspired by Polish, German, South American, and Latin cuisines, and although you never really know what’s going to come out of their kitchen, you know you’re going to like it and want more of it.

People rave about the shrimp and grits, amazing service and yummy butterscotch pudding for dessert. 

So Grove is the last, but certainly not the least on our 9 Insane Restaurants In Michigan list.  If you have some restaurants that should be on the list, let us know!!

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