11 Best Michigan Drive In Theaters + Map | Where to See Movies in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Coldwater, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Traverse City

Best Michigan Drive In Theaters - Movies in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Coldwater, Grand Rapids, Lansing

By: Sherry Trautman | Travel-Mi.com | Updated: February 17, 2023

Isn't there's something majestic, so summery, so bold about watching a movie outside?

Make some of your own movie magic by finding a couple Michigan Drive In Theaters near you this summer!

The smell of freshly popped popcorn, the smiles of eager movie-goers tuning in their radios, the taste of sweet treats, and the undeniable crackle of excitement as the Block Buster movie first flashes on the scene is pure summertime magic.     

Drive in movie theaters were at peak popularity in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. Michigan held it's own with 110 drive in theaters in 1958. In 1977, 103 drive-in's were open. 

How Many Drive-in Theaters are Left in Michigan?

There are 11 remaining drive in theaters in Michigan.

So, if we want to keep drive in theaters in Michigan alive and thriving, we need to support them by going to their movies and buying from their concession stands. Plus I strongly believe in supporting local!  You could also buy gift cards. 

Most Michigan drive in theaters rely on concession sales to survive. Hollywood takes the majority of the ticket sales leaving concession sales as their main source of income to operate and maintain the drive-ins. 

So buy some yummy popcorn, a couple hot dogs, some nachos and enjoy the movie!

Interactive Map of Michigan Drive In Theaters

Grab the Michigan Drive In Theaters Google Map!

1. Ford Drive in Movie Theater Detroit

Ford Drive In Theatre - 10400 Ford Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126. This Ford-Wyoming drive in theater is open year round, even weekends in the winter! 

  • Online tickets are available weekly at this Detroit drive in theater. 
  • New schedules posted Tuesdays.
  • Double your fun with double features! 
  • FM radio and Wifi streaming audio available in all theaters.
  • Price is per vehicle!

 So check out this awesome Detroit drive in theater year round!

2. Summer Drive In Movie Theaters Ann Arbor - Plymouth

Summer Drive-In - USA Hockey Arena, 14900 Beck Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170. Check Summer Drive-In's website for Dinner and Movie specials, see what's playing and showtimes. 

Shows are Wednesday-Sunday in the summer. Movies start at dusk.

3. Capri Drive in Movie Theater Coldwater

Visit the Famous Capri Drive-In Theater - 119 W Chicago Rd, Coldwater, MI.

  • The 1000 car, single screen drive-in first opened in 1964 by owner-operators John and Mary Magocs. 
  • This Coldwater Michigan drive in movie theater has since been featured in the news several times!

in the know

In the summer of 2001, The Capri Drive-In was named One of Ten Drive-In's Worth a Detour by both the USA Today and The New York Times!

So if you are trying to choose a couple drive in movie theaters in Michigan to try this summer, this one is it!

  • The sound is broadcast over FM stereo to your car or portable radio.
  • Entrance fee is per person.
  • Be sure to visit their snack bar for pizza, burgers, popcorn, cookies, candy and other movie watching treats!
  • Lawn chairs are allowed directly in front of your vehicle.

Oh my gosh, this drive in movie theater brings back so many memories! When I was in college at Western Michigan University, my friends Heather, Trish and I went to this theater and absolutely loved it.  

Be sure to visit the Coldwater Michigan drive in movie theater!

4. Carsonville Drive in Movie Theater - Michigan's Longest Running Outdoor Movie Since 1948!

Hi Way Drive Inn - 2778 Sanilac Rd, Carsonville, MI 48419

The Hi Way Drive Inn is an old-time drive-in movie spot with a snack bar & indoor concessions, open seasonally since 1948.

  • Tune in 89.7 FM for Audio
  • The box office opens at 7:30 and the movies start at dusk.
  • Entrance fee is per person.

They also host several festivals in the summertime.

5. US 23 Drive in Movie Theater in Flint

US 23 Drive In Theatre - 5200 Fenton Rd, Flint, MI 48507.  3 giant screens for drive-in features!

  • All tickets are for double features
  • Entrance fee is per person
  • Pets are welcome on a leash

Be sure to visit the concessions for popcorn, hot dogs, burgers, nachos, ice cream, pretzels, water and more! 

The drive in movies in Flint Michigan opens at 7:30pm.  Parking is first come first serve.

6. Drive in Movie Theaters Muskegon (Closest to Grand Rapids)

Getty Drive-In (By Celebration Cinema) - 920 E Summit Ave, Muskegon, MI 49444

4 screen Drive in movie theater, tune your car radio to the designated station! Screen 1 is 105.1. Screen 2 is 107.5. Screen 3 is 93.5. Screen 4 is 105.9.  Be sure to visit this Muskegon Michigan drive in movie theater this summer!

  • Entrance fee is per person
  • The Gates open at 8:00 pm and movies start at dusk.  
  • They encourage buying tickets in advance online. 
  • You can order food ahead of time online and it will be delivered to your spot.

The Getty Drive-in is the closest drive in movie theaters near Grand Rapids.

7. Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre in Honor near Traverse City

Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre - 9812 Honor Hwy, Honor, MI 49640

Come on out to this historic drive-in movie theater and diner in Benzie County, Michigan. They are located in Honor, Michigan on US Highway 31.

Their first movie starts at dusk – Typically between 9:30 – 10:30 pm. Box office opens at 7:30

  • The Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre first opened on July 4, 1953
  • Be sure to visit their snack bar!
  • Playground for kids 
  • 50's style mini golf 
  • Dogs are welcome on a leash
  • Bring blankets and lawn chairs if you wish to sit outside of your vehicle.

8. Drive-In Theatre in Dowagiac Michigan

5 Mile Drive in Movie Theater - 28190 M-152, Dowagiac, MI 49047

Built in 1961, this fantastic drive in movie theater accommodates 500 cars and is open Memorial Day through Labor Day.

  • Be sure to visit their concession building for delicious popcorn, food, candy, and Coca Cola products.

During the summer, they are open every Friday and Saturday night and always show a double feature!  Gates open at 7PM and the first movie begins at dusk.  

Pets are welcome.

9. Sunset Drive In Movie Theater in Hartford Michigan

Sunset Drive In movie theater is located at 69071 Red Arrow Highway, Hartford, MI 

  • Entrance fee is per car.
  • Be sure to visit their concession building for delicious popcorn, food, candy, and Coca Cola products.

During the summer, they are open every Friday and Saturday night and always show a double feature!  Gates open at 7PM and the first movie begins at dusk.  

Pets are welcome.

If you live in St. Joseph Michigan, this is the closest drive in movie theater.

10. Highway 2 Community Drive-In Theatre in Manistique Michigan

Highway 2 Community Drive-In Theatre - U.S. Rte 2, Manistique, MI 49854

Experience history at the ONLY drive-in theater in Michigan's Upper Peninsula!  Their drive-in movie theater was built in the 1950's.

Guess what? All drive-in events are completely FREE at the Hwy 2 Community Drive-In Theater!

11. Memory Lane Drive-In Theater Monroe Michigan - Michigan's Newest Drive In!

Memory Lane Drive-In Theater - 6501 N. Monroe St., Monroe

The theater opened in 2021 after several years of planning and vision from Todd Williams. Memory Lane Drive-In Theater is located on the site of the former Denniston Drive-In that closed in 1985.

Movies are held well into November, so check their website for movie listings. 

  • Be sure to visit their concession stands for delicious angus burgers, chili dogs, fries, popcorn, snacks and drinks!

Movie sound is broadcast over 88.5 FM Radio

Playground on site.

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