Visit Port Huron Michigan! 8 FUN THINGS TO DO! See the Famous Blue Water Bridge, Tour Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and Huron Lightship Museum | Thomas Edison Museum, Lady Huron II Cruises | MI Thumb Road Trips!

Visit Port Huron Michigan! 8 FUN THINGS TO DO! See the Famous Blue Water Bridge, Tour Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and Huron Lightship Museum | Thomas Edison Museum, Lady Huron II Cruises | MI Thumb Road Trips!

By: Sherry Trautman | | Last updated: February 15, 2023

Are you ready to tour scenic Port Huron Michigan, the home of Thomas Edison?  Grab our guide, map and let's go!

Lovely Port Huron, located in Michigan's east coast thumb, is a fantastic scenic Michigan vacation or getaway.  This waterfront town is packed with history and so many fun things to do!  It's time for Michigan thumb road trips!


  • Where to Photograph Port Huron's Scenic Blue Water Bridge
  • Tour the Incredible Huron Lightship Museum! What's a Lightship?
  • Tour and Climb the Incredible Fort Gratiot Lighthouse!
  • Explore and Learn at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum!
  • Take a Scenic and Relaxing Cruise on the Lady Huron II Cruises
  • Go For a Walk at Lovely Pine Grove Park
  • Explore the Port Huron Museum
  • Enjoy a Stroll Along the Shoreline at Lighthouse Beach

Port Huron Michigan Map

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Be sure to click on this Port Huron Michigan Google Map for a live map while you explore! 

1. Where to Photograph Port Huron's Scenic Blue Water Bridge

Perhaps one of the most iconic (and first!) sights upon arriving in Port Huron is the breathtaking International Blue Water Bridge!  At least it was for me. I mean it's a serious WOW Factor, isn't it?  

The Port Huron–Sarnia Border Crossing connects the cities of Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario by way of the Blue Water Bridge.  

The scenic Blue Water Bridge is located near the I-94 and I-69 interchange and creates a gateway connecting Canada and the United States.

  • The Blue Water Bridge was open in 1938.  A second span was added in 1997.

Best Spots to Photograph the Blue Water Bridge:

If you want a great photo of the Blue Water Bridge, find the "Blue Water Bridge Scenic Spot" on my map above.  You can pull into a parking space facing the St. Clair river and enjoy a lunch and go for a walk along the boardwalk.

Also, I highly recommend taking a river tour on the Lady Huron II, mentioned at #5 below. The cruise takes you directly under the bridge, providing incredible photography opportunities of unique sites and the scenic Blue Water Area. Add the Blue Water Bridge to your "things to do in the thumb of Michigan" list!

How Deep Is the Water Under the Blue Water Bridge?

Mid-channel depths vary from about 30 to 70 feet.

2. What to See While Touring the Incredible Huron Lightship Museum! Add This to Your Port Huron Getaways List!

Touring this incredible ship is like walking into a nautical history book! 

  • The Huron Lightship Museum is located in Pine Grove Park, Port Huron, MI 48060

There are several docents available to answer questions and give you more information as you explore the ship. 

Did You Know Lightship No. 103 was the last American Lightship on the Great Lakes?

Here's some cool history of the Huron Lightship: In 1921, the Huron Lightship began service as a relief vessel to replace other lightships in northern Lake Michigan.  The boat was dedicated to the Corsica Shoals north of Port Huron between the years of 1935 to 1970. 

Once she was decommissioned in 1971, the U.S. Coast Guard provided the vessel to the city of Port Huron.  To this day, the Huron Lightship is nestled along the shore at Pine Grove Park in downtown Port Huron, Michigan. Be sure to see it during one of your Michigan thumb road trips.

See More Photos, Read All About Huron Lightship and Go on a Virtual Tour!

5 Fascinating Port Huron Facts:

  • In 1890 the world's first international under-water railroad tunnel was built under the St. Clair River to connect Port Huron and Sarnia.
  • Port Huron's Henry J. McMorran Complex houses works by famed sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks, The Night and Day Fountain and a giant gold anodized aluminum Sculptured Clock.
  • Port Huron has 17 Michigan State Historic Markers
  • The Thomas A. Edison Boyhood Homesite was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.
  • Several Port Huron's street names commemorate Civil War era leaders including: Lincoln, Stanton, Grant, Sherman, Sedgwick, McPherson, Barlow, Butterfield, Scott, and Hancock.

3. Tour and Climb the Incredible Fort Gratiot Lighthouse!

in the know

Did you know the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is the OLDEST LIGHTHOUSE IN MICHIGAN? And darn can tour it! 

The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse is located at 2802 Omar Street (at the East end of Garfield St.) in Port Huron, MI. Awesome to see in your Michigan thumb travel! 

Did you know you can tour the lighthouse and grounds in Port Huron? It's freakin' awesome!  You can see the Blue Water Bridge, Lighthouse Beach, St. Claire river and so much more! 

Keep reading about the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse and their tours!

4. Explore and Learn at the Thomas Edison Depot Museum in Port Huron Michigan! Young Inventors are Welcome!

The Thomas Edison Depot Museum Address: 510 Edison Parkway, Port Huron, MI. Jan. 1 - March 31 the museum is closed for the season.

The Thomas Edison Depot Museum is housed inside the historic Fort Gratiot train depot that was built in 1858. 

This is the actual depot where Thomas Edison worked as a news reporter between 1859 and 1863.

I thought this was so exciting to see!

Trains connecting at the depot transported people and freight between Port Huron and Detroit, Point Edward/Sarnia, and other destinations.

While visiting the Thomas Edison Depot Museum, you will see re-created period environments and hands-on displays. The museum explains the journey of the Edison family’s relocation from Ohio to Port Huron. 

Visitors will also learn of Thomas Edison's experiences, scientific study and his work on trains at this exact depot.

So many things to do in the thumb of Michigan!

Did you know red icon

Did you know that as a young adult, Thomas Edison held several jobs and struggled with his inventions?

Discover Thomas Edison's inventions and outstanding contributions in the museum's theater, science presentations, and interactive displays.

What did Thomas Edison do in Port Huron?

In 1854, Thomas A. Edison's family moved to Port Huron where young Thomas Edison worked on the railroad selling newspapers and "testing" his numerous inventions.

The Thomas Edison Depot is fully wheelchair accessible. 

5. Take a Scenic and Relaxing Cruise on the Lady Huron II Cruises in Port Huron!

I fully enjoyed my Lady Huron II Cruise in downtown Port Huron!  It is definitely worth a couple hours of your afternoon, especially if you love learning about the history of the area as you drift down the scenic St. Clair River. 

The Lady Huron II Cruise boat has an open air upper section and an enclosed lower portion with restrooms. There are also snacks and drinks available for purchase aboard the boat. YEY!

The one and a half hour Lady Huron II cruise offers a chance to see huge freighters, the scenic Ft. Gratiot Lighthouse, and the Bluewater Bridges. What a great opportunity to see the area from a different perspective while enjoying the warm breezes across your face!

And you have an opportunity to move around the boat to take photos and enjoy the scenery! 

Lady Huron II offers daily sightseeing cruises open to the public, dinner cruises and charter cruises.  They even offer a fabulous July fireworks cruise!

The sightseeing cruises are fully narrated and is a great chance to see the beautiful Blue Water area!  I enjoyed seeing both the Michigan and Canadian shorelines along the St. Clair River.

6. Go For A Walk at Pine Grove Park in Downtown Port Huron

I mean, seriously, talk about THE VIEWS! I love that Pine Grove Park is centrally located with a free paved parking area, boardwalk paths along the St. Clair river, perfect parking for the Huron Lightship Museum, and has porta johns and bathrooms.

Pine Grove Park also offers great views of the Blue Water Bridge and passing freighters! That's winning in my book!

The park also offers picnic areas, softball diamond, playground equipment and shuffleboard courts. 

7. Explore the Port Huron Museum

Port Huron Museum Address: 1115 6th St, Port Huron, MI 48060

The Port Huron Museum is one of four museums to visit in Port Huron, Michigan, United States.

The Port Huron Museum houses over 45,000 objects and archival items about the history, pre-history and culture of the Blue Water Area.

The Port Huron Museum has the largest ship model collection throughout Michigan in their continually growing Marine Gallery.

Bell from the "Old Washington School."

I personally loved the musical gallery at the Port Huron Museum.

8. Enjoy a Stroll Along the Shoreline at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron Michigan

Lighthouse beach is located right next to the lighthouse in Port Huron! 

Lighthouse Beach Parking: 2900 Conger Street, Port Huron, MI. You will need a parking pass from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. Passes are about $10 for a single use pass. 

  • There are grills, picnic tables, playground and bathrooms open Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day. 

Port Huron Frequently Asked Questions

Is Port Huron worth a visit? Absolutely! This coastal Michigan town is rich in history and is the gateway to Canada!  There are great museums including the Thomas Edison Museum, the Oldest Lighthouse in Michigan, a great beach and boardwalk!

What is Port Huron famous for? The International Bluewater Bridge connects Port Huron with Sarnia/Point Edward, Canada.  Also, Thomas Edison worked and lived in Port Huron, Michigan!

Does Port Huron have a downtown? yes!  Definitely visit Port Huron's Historic downtown region with lots of shops and restaurants. 

Is Port Huron nice? Yes! It's a great place to visit, explore and live with your family.

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