12 Best HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES Michigan - Where to Go for FUN Shared, Tethered, Private Flights in Detroit, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Fenton, Howell, Plymouth, Grand Rapids - MI Bucket List Adventures!

Article: 12 Best HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES Michigan

You will never forget your first hot air balloon flight! It is truly a breathtaking, one of a kind bucket list experience. The sensation of flying over trees, lakes and streams, spotting deer and other wildlife is such a unique and inspiring Michigan experience. Chris and I prefer to give each other experience gifts so you can make memories together. 

  • Enjoy private, shared or tethered flights in Detroit, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Fenton, Howell, Plymouth, Grand Rapids.

Peaceful and serene, yet exhilarating and thrilling, hot air ballooning is unlike any other experience.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Michigan FAQ

Question: How much does it cost to ride in a hot air balloon in Michigan?

Answer: Ballpark costs are around $280 per person and up depending on the day of the week, length of ride, child/adult, private or shared flights, company, etc. 

Question: How much is a hot air balloon ride for 2?

Answer: Depending on when you go, if it's a private vs shared flight and what company you use, costs can be around $280 per person and up. 

Question: What are the places where you can take a hot air balloon tour?

Answer: On this page, we list several hot air balloon companies, mainly in southwest and southeast Michigan. 

Question: Are hot air balloons expensive?

Answer: They aren't cheap!  As with all extraordinary adventures, there are costs involved

Question: What time of year is best for hot air balloon ride?

Answer: Most hot air balloon companies in Michigan are busiest from spring through the color tours in October.  But if you want to enjoy the experience with your kids, book a lovely flight June, July and August! You might even get to see a fireworks display!

Question: What was the highest hot air balloon flight in 1862?

Answer: Per NPG, on September 5, 1862, balloonists and meteorologists, James Glaisher and Henry Tracey Coxwell, ascended from Wolverhampton in their gas balloon to a height of 37,000 feet, the greatest height ever reached by balloon.  So get this: Glaisher lost consciousness upon reaching that insane height and Coxwell lost the use of his hands but at was able to pull the valve-cord with his teeth.  This action lowered the balloon down at Ludlow.

  • NOTE: All hot air balloons are only capable of flying two times a day. Either early in the morning near sunrise, or about an hour an a half before sunset.

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1. Altitude Endeavors, Inc. | Hot Air Balloon Rides Battle Creek Michigan and Kalamazoo

Location: 1255 Hunter Ridge, Battle Creek, MI 49017

Experience hot air balloon flights with Altitude Endeavors, Inc. in Southwest Michigan and Northern Lower Michigan. Altitude Endeavors is the only Michigan Corporation that provides hot air balloon rides in the Battle Creek area. They are the largest and most experienced hot air balloon company in Southwest Michigan.  

Altitude Endeavors, Inc. also has an unblemished safety record (super important!) and has flown 1000's of passengers!

Plus, my friend Deb is an Asst. Crew Chief with Altitude Endeavors, Inc. and has worked with this company for over 25 years. She loves it!

How many people can go on the ride?

Group flights may have up to 6 passengers scheduled together and private flights are 2-6 passengers plus the pilot.

How long is a balloon ride?

Your flight will be at least 40 minutes long, however, the average flight is one hour.  Plan for approximately 3 hours in total. 

Hot air balloons Kalamazoo: Altitude Endeavors, Inc. is just east of Kalamazoo, close enough for date night!

2. Majestic Adventures, LLC | South Lyon | Hot Air Balloon Rides Michigan!

Location: 13080 Michelak's Lane, South Lyon, MI 48178

During your 1 hour (approximate) hot air balloon flight, enjoy the incredible views as you ascend to over 1000 feet! From this vantage point, you will have an unparallel bird's eye view of Michigan's incredible landscape and you will be able to see the striking Detroit skyline!

The Majestic Adventure lasts for around 2 1/2 - 3 hours and begins with meeting the pilot and his crew. 

Contact Majestic Adventures for hot air balloon ride rates, dates and further information.  

Your pilot may descend to tree-top level where you can grab a leaf, or get your toes wet doing a "Splash and Dash" in one of the many lakes of Southeast Michigan. Sounds like such fun hot air balloon rides in Michigan!

Hot air balloon rides Ann Arbor:  Majestic Adventures, LLC is located 17 miles north of Ann Arbor

3. Balloon Quest Inc Capt. Phogg Balloon Rides | Fenton - Holly Michigan | Balloon Rides Near Detroit or Lansing

Balloon Quest Inc Location: 2470 Grange Hall Rd, Fenton, MI 48430

Balloon ride tour agency, 55+ years in business. Enjoy a beautiful hot-air-balloon ride over Michigan with the many lakes and wildlife that Pure-Michigan has to offer. Fly with some of the most experienced pilots in the country with thousands of hours of flight time. 

  • Balloon Quest Inc is one of the largest and longest running balloon ride companies in the nation to offer their own full service location and launch area.

How Long are the Flight? Flights are 45 minutes to 1 hour, with a total of about 3 hours for your whole adventure. Flights may include a champagne or juice toast, flight certificate and souvenir. 

What's cool: You can join in with their crew during your ballooning adventure!

Hot air balloon rides are available 7 days a week. Balloon Quest has shared or private flights. Flights during the week cost less than weekend flights. Check their website for details. So if you are looking for hot air balloon rides Holly MI, this is it!

  • Looking for Hot Air Balloon Rides Detroit? - Balloon Quest Inc Capt. Phogg Balloon Rides is located 56 miles northwest of Detroit 

4. Michigan Hot Air Adventures | Hot Air Balloon Rides Howell Michigan 

Michigan Hot Air Adventures Location: 1561 Villa View Ln, Howell, MI 48843

Michigan's premier balloon ride tour agency offering PRIVATE flights, perfect for 2 people.  Book a private flight and check off this Michigan bucket list adventure!

Their pilot, Dennis Hall, is one of the best in ballooning and is well respected with other pilots.  He has been flying over the Howell area for over 14 years so you are in good hands! 

Incredible hot air balloon rides Michigan!

5. Westwind Balloon Co. | Plymouth | Super Fun Hot Air Balloon Rides Michigan

Location: 1310 Maple St, Plymouth, MI 48170

Get ready for an exciting hot air balloon ride over the beautiful scenery of Oakland County, Michigan. You'll fly over the lakes and woods of Kensington Metro Park or Island Lake Park. Keep your eyes open for white tail deer, colorful birds and other wildlife as you skim the treetops. It's an incredible birds-eye view you can only experience in a silent hot air balloon.

Flights are scheduled two hours prior to Sunset or at Sunrise. Flight duration is about one hour. So be sure to book your private flight with Westwind Balloon Company today!

  • Looking for Hot Air Balloon Rides Detroit? Westwind Balloon Co. is just 27 miles west of Detroit. 
  • Hot air balloon rides Ann Arbor:  Westwind Balloon Co. is located 18 miles northeast of Ann Arbor.

Incredible hot air balloon rides Michigan!

6. Sky Adventures - Hot Air Balloon Rides Michigan | Oxford

Location: Sky Adventures' Office Address: 4191 Locust Valley Ln. Oxford, MI 48370. Meeting Address: 2 N Washington St. Oxford, MI 48371

Ballooning is a fun adventure 12 months a year but Sky Adventures is the busiest April through November. What a great Michigan color tour idea, right? So book your balloon flights early!

During these months, Sky Adventures fly every evening and weekend mornings if the weather cooperates! Just so you know, ballooning is only possible during the first couple hours after sunrise and the last couple hours before sunset.

How long is the Length Of the Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Whether you choose to fly in the morning or evening, the length of the flight is approximately 45-60 minutes. The total time we are together is about 3 and one half hours.

How many people can go in a Hot Air Balloon?

Sky Adventures offers shared flights and private flights. Some balloons carry up to 6 passengers plus the pilot and others range from 2- 4 people plus the pilot.  

7. Magic Clouds Balloon Corporation | Battle Creek Balloon Flights-What An Adventure!

Location: 126 Quail St, Battle Creek, MI 49037

Magic Clouds Balloon Corporation provides Scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides. We are based in Battle Creek, Michigan. Come experience our flights and create memories that will last a lifetime! 

How long are the flights?

Each flight is a minimum of 45 minutes to about an hour.

Magic Clouds Balloon Corporation will be at Balloons Over Bavarian Inn, Memorial Day Weekend. Limited flights will be available each morning with tethered rides each evening.

Hot air balloons Kalamazoo: Magic Clouds Balloon Corporation is just east of Kalamazoo, close enough for date night!

8. Wicker Basket Balloon Center

Location: 50140 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393

It's time for an adventure of a lifetime in a hot air balloon. Drift with the breeze above the treetops, see breathtaking panoramic views of the sparkling lakes and woods of southeastern Michigan. Enjoy the spectacular sights of wildlife below and the silence of the sky. Simply majestic! 

The Wicker Basket Balloon Center is a full service facility, since 1976, providing:

  • Scenic Hot Air Balloon flights
  • Gift Certificates
  • Corporate Advertising
  • Gas Balloon Rides

9. Michigan Balloon Corporation | Hot Air Balloon Rides Fenton MI

Location: 2470 Grange Hall Rd, Fenton, MI 48430

Get ready for a hot air balloon ride over Southwest Michigan with Michigan Balloon Corporation!

Reserve a pleasure flight to celebrate a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday or simply for the delight of it. Hot air balloon flights occur an hour before sunset or after sunrise.  Afterwards, celebrate with a traditional champagne (or sparkling grape juice) toast after landing.

10. Great American Days: Hot Air Balloon Ride Grand Rapids and Champagne Balloon Flight Detroit

Hot Air Balloon Rides Grand Rapids - Enjoy an incredible voyage of discovery over west Michigan and gain an amazing bird's eye view over America's celebrated Great Lakes region.

Champagne Balloon Flight, Detroit - Sunrise flights take place year round, seven days a week. Enjoy the vast expanse of Michigan and the awesome Great Lakes.

Reach heights of up to 3,000 feet · 3 hour adventure including 60 minute actual flight time · Incredible views and endless photo opportunities!

11. Nashville Michigan Hot Air Balloon Festival

Each year on Mother's Day weekend, the Nashville Michigan Hot Air Balloon Festival offers tethered hot air balloon rides. Come out for corn hole tournament, classic car show, food trucks, evening balloon glow and more!

Unfortunately this years event is postponed as they look for a new venue to support expansion.

12. Maveryx Balloon Team | Jackson

Location: Jackson

Maveryx Balloon Team books passenger rides, contact them via their Facebook page for more details. 

Michigan Hot Air Balloon Festivals and Shows - Dates and Map!

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