Breathtaking Meadow Brook Hall Christmas: Holiday Walk Home Tour and Winter Wonder Lights! Photos with Santa and Tour Michigan's Largest Historic Home, Inside and Outside!

Meadow Brook Hall Christmas |  By: Sherry Trautman | | Updated December 9, 2022

Merry Christmas, My Friends!  So, if you plan to go to just one Michigan Holiday Stroll, Christmas lights walk or Christmas home tour, THIS IS IT.  Why?  Because it's freakin' awesome and you can do them all at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Michigan (Oakland County, near Detroit). 

While in Rochester

What is Meadow Brook Hall?

Well, first, Meadow Brook Hall is Michigan's Largest Historic Home located in Rochester Michigan (near Detroit) in Oakland County! How cool is that?

This 110 room residence is the largest and most impressive example of Tudor revival architecture in the United States. 

  • There are also 37 secondary buildings, gardens and pasture land.
  • There is 88,000 square feet in this home Rochester mansion
  • These impressive stats earns Meadow Brook Hall the status of the   largest historic home in the Midwest! And we are lucky enough to have it here in Michigan!

There Are Two Christmas Events/Tours at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester Michigan (Near Detroit) in Oakland County

    There are two choices, Chris and I like to do both!

  1. Holiday Walk - Inside self-guided daytime walking tour of this incredible historic mansion.  You will see over 50 sparkling trees including a 10-foot tall Poinsettia tree created with 150 live plants! Take note, there are several stairs if you wish to see multiple levels of the home. (The outside lights are not on during this time.)
  2. Winter Wonder Lights - Outside self guided walking tour of the mansion grounds and a select few rooms inside Meadow Brook Hall (good chance to warm up a bit!)

Meadow Brook Hall Christmas event tickets are purchased separately on their website.

Chris and I like to purchase the later afternoon ticket time for the Holiday walk (like 2:00 pm) and then afterward we head to downtown Rochester to shop at their Kris Kringle Market near Main Street, see the Big Bright Light Show, and have dinner at Rochester Beer Company. Then we head back to Meadow Brook Hall for the outside portion of Winter Wonder Lights in the early evening! It makes for a great day in Rochester!

BUT FIRST: Let's Learn the Incredible History of Meadow Brook Hall and Matilda Dodge Wilson, Widow of Automobile Pioneer John Dodge!

  • We highly recommend learning more about the history of Meadow Brook Hall as it will have much more meaning and impact during the tour.  See who owned The Hall, how they met, tons of photos and lots of fun facts!

 --->>FUN Famous History of Meadow Brook Hall and Matilda Dodge!

1. Holiday Walk at Meadow Brook Hall

This is my favorite room at Meadow Brook Hall. It is located near the top of the grand staircase on the second level. It's just so luscious!  I'd have my fuzzy slippers, hot apple cider and a Christmas movie playing in this room!

This incredible opulent home provided Alfred G. and Matilda Dodge Wilson's family with every modern amenity available in the late 1920s. Learn more about Alfred G. and Matilda Dodge! Their home was fully electric with a central heating system, two elevators, three kitchens and a home theatre! 

  • Oh, and by the way, the lower level, in addition to the kitchens, has a refrigerated fur vault and ice cream room!  But I mean, who doesn't have a room dedicated just for ice cream?

Snap Photos with Santa Clause!

During the daytime Holiday Walk, families like to dress up and bring their children for photos with Santa Clause!  What a beautiful backdrop, right?

Tour the Game Room During the Meadow Brook Hall Christmas Tour

This fantastic game room is set with a pool/billiards table and a poker table.  There's also a secret staircase in this room that leads to Alfred's study.  Be sure to check out the trim near the ceiling!

Matilda Dodge Wilson loved to decorate and pick out incredible furnishings for their family home. Chris and I are in awe of the detail and craftsmanship of this piece, it's my favorite in the home. 

Almost all of the rooms are adorned with Christmas decorations on trees, mantles, tables and windows!  Matilda loved Tiffany stained glass windows, so keep your eye out for these masterpieces!  

This is seriously the most elegant, opulent and stunning Christmas home tour in Michigan!

See Adorable Reindeer During the Holiday Walk!

Chris and I loved seeing these adorable reindeer outside near the Museum store.  They are mom and daughter! If you love seeing reindeer, check out our list of Magical Reindeer Farms in Michigan!

Visit the Museum Store During Meadow Brook Hall Christmas!

During the Meadow Brook Hall Christmas events, be sure to visit their museum store!  I loved their ornaments, gift items, apparel (hats, shirts) and home décor.

2. Winter Wonder Lights

Another Meadow Brook Hall Christmas event option is walking the grounds to see their outdoor Christmas lights!  This event is separate from the inside home tour and is called Winter Wonder Lights.

Chris and I had a blast seeing Meadow Brook Hall's Christmas light displays.

The Pegasus theme was prevalent throughout the Winter Wonder Walk and was just magical! I was in awe of this lighted feature!

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