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About The Photo: So you would never know it by our smiles, but we are completely soaked! I literally just finished ringing out my sweatshirt!  We were embarking on a side-by-side adventure in the Keweenaw Peninsula when the clouds opened up and it rained harder than I have ever experienced. Oh, did I mention we didn't have a windshield? 

Yeah, about that...It was raining so hard I almost lost my contacts. Not kidding. BUT we had a blast and would do it again. (well, maybe without the deluge!)

Michigan 360 Video & Camera Images

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Grab the YouTube Screen with your mouse and take a look around under the Mackinac Bridge!  Better yet full screen the player and put on your VR goggles!

Who Are We?

  • As Michigan-born travel junkies, we have spent over 365 days in hotels over the past four years while traveling Michigan and beyond!
  • We thrive on connecting you with great businesses and locations so your experiences in Michigan are awe-inspiring, enriching and well, freakin' awesome. 
  • As adventure enthusiasts, we love doing what it takes to unearth the very best experiences our stunningly diverse state has to offer.

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OMG!  Baby Ducks!

Your Mission (if you choose to accept it) is to live a life you love, one filled with incredible adventures, joy, experiences and personal growth.  The time is now to make unforgettable memories as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

A Stunning Day in South Haven

Off-Road Shenanigans in the Keweenaw Peninsula!

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Need Packing Tips?  We've Done It a Couple of Times!

I've compiled a travel packing checklist that may help you to not forget anything while packing for an upcoming trip.  I especially use this list if I have to pack quickly. 

But really, as long as you have your essentials-contacts, glasses and medications you can buy anything you forgot. Remembering that takes a lot of pressure off while packing!

Where Will Your Traveling Michigan Adventures Begin?   

    The astounding beauty of Michigan sells itself.  So it's probably not necessary for me to tell you about our beautiful beaches, lighthouses and waterfalls. 
    .....I definitely don't need to mention the abundant wineries, award winning breweries, lush fruit and livestock farms, and unrivaled restaurants in Michigan.
    .....Since we are on a roll, it would be redundant to discuss our fast race tracks, exciting museums, outstanding zoos and diverse art. 
    .....Aaaaand I'm sure you're not interested in learning about our outstanding hiking, biking, Motorsports and water activities. 
    I say we just discuss history and quiet indoor activities instead!  JUST KIDDING!!  
  • Do you crave sightseeing travel?  Is your idea of a good time relaxing and enjoying great food without breaking a sweat?  Don't worry, we've got you covered.
  • Does your soul ache for an adrenaline fueled trip involving motor sports and outdoor adventures with tender BBQ and ice cold brews? We've got that.
  • Maybe you are searching for a budget travel guide. We have options for that!
  • Or quite possibly your ideal Traveling Michigan vacation includes amazing new food experiences, shopping, beaches, light houses, photography, ice cream, a glass of wine and a cozy hotel?  Oh, Yeah...

        If you answered YES YES YES to any of these (or all...we won't judge) then...

LET'S DO THIS! (Are you inspired yet?)

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