Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival | Must-See Attractions in Holland Michigan

Article: Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival | Must-See Attractions in Holland Michigan

Tulip Time is a Dutch Heritage Festival that draws thousands of visitors to Holland Michigan each May.  Chris and I love attending this festival and we've listed our favorite things to do and see during this popular springtime Michigan festival.

When Is Tulip Time in Holland Michigan?

May 4-12, 2024 

Our Tulip Time Guides | Southwest Michigan's Popular Springtime Festival

    Chris and I have created several very helpful guides that can aid in planning your trip to Holland Michigan during the Tulip Festival.

Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival

1. Visit Veldeer's Tulip Gardens | It's Our Favorite Must-See Tulip Time Attraction! Where to See the Most Tulips!

If you are wondering where to see the most tulips during Tulip Time, well, Veldeer's Tulip Gardens is THE PLACE.  They plant over 5 million tulips in every color imaginable! It's one of Holland’s top tourist attractions and one of my favorite places in Michigan!

Where: Veldeer's Tulip Gardens, 12755 Quincy St, Holland, MI 49424

As Holland, Michigan's only tulip farm perennial garden, Veldeer's Tulip Gardens is a MUST-SEE in my book.  I absolutely LOVE wandering the gardens, taking photos and just enjoying a moment to soak in all the beauty. 

When to Visit:  It's lovely to see Veldeer's spring gardens during the last week in April until the middle of May. However, if you wish to avoid the crowds during Tulip Time, it might be best to come right before this popular May festival begins. Be sure to watch the weather and possibly call Veldeer's to see if the tulips have bloomed if you plan to come earlier. 

Cost: Approximately $15 per adult

Things to See at Veldeer's:

  • Veldheer’s Tulip Garden - You can see 5 million tulips in every color imaginable, 50,000 daffodils, 10,000 hyacinths and 20,000 crocus. It's a feast for the eyes and a MUST SEE!   
  • Wooden Shoe Factory - Watch a shoe maker produce wooden shoes from a block of poplar wood. These customizable wooden shoes are created with authentic Dutch machinery which is the current method utilized in Europe today.  
  • Delft Factory - Dutch Pottery (see below)
  • Herd of American buffalo - See their buffalo! USDA quality bison meat can be purchased on site so bring along a cooler if you are interested.
  • Shop the Garden Center - Veldeer's perennials and flowers are sourced  from around the world and are available for purchase.  It's an incredible opportunity to find plants for your own garden. 

So you can see why Veldeer's is on our list of the Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival!

What is Delftware?

Delftware is Dutch pottery that is very labor intensive. It take approximately seven days to produce this intricate pottery. Veldeer's is the only production facility in North America and they have over 400 different hand painted Dutch pottery items for purchase. 

The process involves pouring liquid clay into various molds, then firing the clay at a whopping 2,000 degrees. It's an incredible process and if you are lucky, you will see artists working and painting Dutch designs on pottery in the shop. 

It's fun and super interesting to see the Delftware is Dutch pottery molds in the shop.  It proves everything is handmade, right there in the shop.  Which is hard to find these days.

2. See Thousands of Tulips (for FREE!) at Window on the Waterfront

Where: Window on the Waterfront, Central Ave, Holland, MI 49423

I love walking around as this lovely free park has over 100,000 tulips! I mean, wowzer!  There are so many tulip beds it boggles the mind!  There are several paved pathways though the park allowing you to view the thousands of tulips up close. It's an incredible photo opportunity!

3. Cheer For the Bands and Sparkly Floats During the VolksParade and KinderParades During Tulip Time

You won't want to miss the Tulip Time parades (there are two each year) as they are one of the largest and most spectacular parades in Michigan. Chris and I like to get there early to watch sparkly floats, marching bands, local businesses, Dutch dogs, and Dutch Dancers march past you in Dutch celebration. It's one of Holland’s top tourist attractions!

  • Check out our Tulip Time Parades page for a maps, parking and more information pertaining to the Tulip Time parades.

4. See the Incredible Tulip Immersion Gardens

Where: Beechwood Church, 895 Ottawa Beach Rd, Holland, MI 49424

Tickets: $15 per person ($5 for children 3-12 yrs, children 2 and under are FREE)
Free parking.

Come see the super colorful Tulip Immersion Garden during Tulip Time held at Beechwood Church in Holland Michigan. It's an incredible photo opportunity and feast for the eyes!  See 65,000 tulips of several varieties and colors in a stunning eye level display created by world renowned Dutch horticulturist, Ibo Gülsen.  

Tickets must be purchased for this event and are sold at specific time slots throughout the day.

  • Grab the updated Tulip Time Schedule that includes the dates and times for the Tulip Immersion Garden each day during the Holland Tulip Festival.

Definitely worth being on our Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival!

5. Visit Nelis' Dutch Village During Tulip Time Festival in Holland Michigan

Where: 12350 James St, Holland, MI 49424

Cost: Tickets are $16-$18 (online vs at the gate pricing)

Things to See at Nelis' Dutch Village:

  • Take photos of stunning tulip beds and gardens 
  • Learn how to Klompen dance
  • Ride the Ferris Wheel and other fun outdoor rides!
  • Petting Farm: Experience the Animals of a Dutch Farm
  • Shop for wooden shoes!
  • Grab lunch at the cafe!

Shop at De Kaaswinkel, a lovely imported Dutch cheese shop. They offer cheese tasting of delicious cheeses from the Netherlands. The staff is happy to tell you all about the historical backgrounds of the cheeses which makes it more fun when you enjoy it at home. 

There's also a yummy fudge shop and ice cream shop! So many things to see and do at Nelis' Dutch Village!

Hop on fun carnival rides at Nelis' Dutch Village.  Pictured above is my dad and I on the Ferris Wheel!  We couldn't resist a ride (because you are never too old to have fun!) and we had a blast!!


By far, my favorite thing to do at Nelis' Dutch Village is to visit the petting farm! I have a serious weakness for baby animals...who are we kidding, basically any animals!  The baby goats at Nelis' Dutch Village are by far the cutest little things ever. 

I was SOOOO happy and could have stayed there forever!  You may also see baby bunnies plus sheep, llamas, chickens and cows while visiting this lovely village.  So, you can see why Nelis' Dutch Village is on our list of the Top 10 Things To Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival!  

6. Explore Windmill Island Gardens During Tulip Time

Where: 270 S River Avenue  Holland, MI 49423

When: Windmill Island Gardens is open Saturday, April 13, 2024 through Sunday, October 6, 2024. They are open 7 days a week. The Gardens open at 9:30am with last admission at 5 pm as they close at 6:00 pm. See one of Holland’s top tourist attractions!

Cost: Admission is $12 for adults and $6 for kids ages 3 to 15.  

  • See 100,000+ blooming tulips! 

Things to See and Do at Windmill Island Gardens:

  • Antique Dutch Carousel - beautiful carvings and wooden horses 
  • Lovely annuals and perennials blooming in several gardens.
  • Enjoy the Children’s Garden
  • Shop for gifts, decor and souvineers throughout the Gardens. 
  • Picnic and Playground areas
  • Photograph The Posthouse Visitor Center as it is an exact model of a 14th-century wayside Inn. 

Windmill Island Gardens is a definite Must-See during the Tulip Time Festival in Holland Michigan.

Be sure to see The 'Four Columns' Street organ at Windmill Island Gardens as it was a lovely gift from the City of Amsterdam to the City of Holland.

Tour and photograph the stunning Dutch windmill named "De Zwaan" which means "the Swan." The windmill was shipped from the Netherlands to Holland Michigan in 1964. It is a whopping 125 feet tall from the ground to the top of the blades. 

7. Take a Spin on Carnival Rides at Tulip Time!

Carnival Rides-Ferris Wheel

This May, take some time to be silly and just play during Tulip Time! There will be dozens of fun carnival rides, entertainment, and games at the Civic Center Parking Lot. The Tulip Time Carnival is an excellent source of entertainment for both kids and adults!  

Where: Civic Center Parking Lot, 150 West 8th Street, Holland, MI 49423

It's the perfect spot to take the kids or be a kid again! 

8. Learn How To Dutch Dance!

Each year during Tulip Time, visitors and Michiganders alike gather at Centennial Park to get their Klomp on! Dancing events include:

  • Dutch Dance Lessons
  • Kinder/Middel Dutch Dance Performances
  • Dutch Dance Performances

Holland Tulip Time is a great chance to learn a very unique dance...for free! Create fun memories with your family and friends as you dip and spin to the music during the Dutch Dance Lessons!

9. Embark on a Guided Tulip Time Photo Walk!

Where: Windmill Island Gardens, 270 S River Avenue  Holland, MI 49423

Once Windmill Island Gardens closes its doors, seize the opportunity to join a Guided Tulip Time Photo Walk, offering a crowd-free experience. These photo walks, scheduled for several evenings during the Tulip Time festival, provide an exceptional opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture the beauty of the tulips in a serene setting.

It's also a unique chance to learn from professional photographers. This experience offers a perfect blend of education and exploration. Capture the iconic DeZwaan Windmill, picturesque Dutch landscapes, and vibrant tulip beds in full bloom. Your guides will provide valuable insights on how to best photograph the stunning scenery, landscapes, and the distinctive Dutch architecture of Windmill Island Gardens.

10. See a Live Concerts and Musical Performances During Tulip Time!

Booking a couple of overnight stays during Tulip Time comes with the delightful perk of being able to book an evening concert or play. Imagine spending a cheerful evening out with family or enjoying a date night, immersed in the ambiance of live entertainment. It's an experience that truly enhances Tulip Time's charm.

Below are the live plays, musical performances, and live entertainment happening during the Tulip Time Festival: 

  • On Golden Pond
  • Dancing Queen: Tribute to ABBA
  • Dutch Organ Concert
  • Fiddlefire
  • American Legion Band Concerts
  • The Texas Tenors
  • Scotty McCreery

We hope you have gained lots of inspiration with our Top 10 Things to Do at 2024 Tulip Time Festival!

See Our Tulip Time Guides and Maps 

What we like about it

Tulip Time is one of the most popular Michigan springtime festivals and Chris and I LOVE IT! This year, we will be spending two days in Southwest Michigan so we can attend more events, explore and see a concert/show in the evening.  

Where To Stay in Holland Michigan

Interactive Maps to All Things Tulip Time!

We have a great interactive Holland Michigan Hotels map above.  It should be helpful in planning your Tulip Time adventures.

What To Bring

Tulip Time weather can be tricky. Sometimes the temps are pretty chilly and you will need gloves, hat and a warm jacket. Other times I've been in a short sleeve shirt.  So, bring options and dress in layers. Especially if you are doing an early morning or later night activity, the temps will be considerably lower. 

Bring sunscreen, walking shoes, bottled water, snacks, credit cards and some cash. 

When to Go

The weekends during Tulip Time are most definitely more crowded than during the week. Also, on parade days the crowds are bigger too-since I'm there for photography, I will avoid those days.  Weekdays can be crowded too, especially on sunny days but you will have a blast!

What To Budget

Many shows, destinations and events have a fee but there are free activities such as the Dutch dances, Centennial Gardens, Windows on the Waterfront.  I'm planning to go Veldeer's Tulip Gardens ($15), the Tulip Immersion Garden ($15), Windmill Island Gardens ($15) and spend the rest of the time enjoying the Dutch Dances and wandering around.  There's also meals, snacks, drinks and hotel costs to consider. 

Explore Holland Michigan!

Check out our Guide to Holland Michigan for more fun things to do!

Question: Is Nelis Dutch Village free?

Answer: No. There is a fee of approximately $15

Question: How old is Nelis Dutch Village?

Answer: Nelis' Dutch Village was purchased in 1952!  It was used as a retail outlet for bulbs and souvenirs.

Question: Is Dutch Village pet friendly?

Answer: Yes, well-behaved dogs are permitted inside Dutch Village

Question: Are wooden shoes comfortable?

Answer: Wooden shoes are very lightweight and have a good arch support. Many people like to use them while gardening or enjoying their backyard. Try a pair when you visit Veldeer's Tulip Gardens (handmade on site) and Nelis Dutch Village. 

Question: What kind of wood are wooden shoes made out of?

Answer: Wooden shoes are made from Poplar wood and are very lightweight

Question: How long should I plan for my visit to Dutch Village?

Answer: We recommend around 3 hours to leisurely see the village attractions, take photos, shop and grab lunch. 

Question: How much does it cost to go to Windmill Island Gardens?

Answer: Admission is $12 for adults and $6 for ages 3 to 15.  

Question: What time does the Windmill Island open?

Answer: Windmill Island opens at 9:30am with last admission at 5pm and the park closes at 6pm.

Question: Are dogs allowed at Windmill Island Gardens?

Answer: Pets are allowed at Windmill Island Gardens but they are not allowed at the Windmill and gift shop.

Question: Where is Windmill Island located?

Answer: Windmill Island is located at 270 S River Avenue  Holland, MI 49423

Question: What are the Top attractions near me or in Holland?

Answer: We recommend seeing Holland's historic light house, Big Red. Also, take time to climb to the top of Mt. Pisgah - Historic Ottawa Beach. The views are awesome and my dad and I really loved it! See our photos on our Holland Michigan page!

Question: Where is Holland on a Map>

Question: What is Holland Michigan known for?

Answer: Holland Michigan is known for Tulip Time, of course!  Also, there's great shopping, restaurants and fun things to do in the downtown area. Chris and I like visit Holland's scenic lighthouse, Big Red, and climb Mt. Pisgah - Historic Ottawa Beach. The views are awesome! 

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