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 2022 EDITION | Interactive MAP!

16 Terrifyingly Haunted Places Michigan | By: Sherry Trautman | Travel-Mi.com | Updated: September 2, 2022

Are you ready to feel the cold hand of an invisible ghost run down your back while exploring abandoned and the most haunted places in Michigan?  

Ever wonder if that flickering light in your house was the evil work of a horrific demon or ghost? For whatever reason, we thrive on the unknown and hope to experience the terrifying.

  • From haunted theaters to abandoned state hospitals (asylums), Michigan is teaming with haunted locales just waiting to scare the willing. 

To be true ghost hunter, you need the tools of the trade! I mean how fun is this!?  

Interactive Haunted Places in Michigan Map

We created this Haunted Places in MI Interactive Map to help you pinpoint scary, abandoned attractions, houses and spots.  

Helpful Map Tips:

  • Click on the plus and minus in the left corner to zoom in or out of the map.
  • Click on the icons for more info, addresses and photos of the stops.
  • Click on the map to drag and move it to view surrounding areas.
  • In the Header, click on the rectangle in the upper left of the map to see a menu of all of our stops. Click on anything that looks interesting to see where it is on the map. To hide the menu, click the rectangle in the header. 
  • In the Header, click on the "square" icon in the upper right side to expand the map for better viewing. 

Are you ready?  Let's GO!  Why not embark on a Michigan Haunted Road Trip? 

Haunted Halloween and Polar Express Trains! 

Haunted Theater on Mackinac Island

Are you ready to be scared?  This creepy haunted theater on Main Street on Mackinac Island, Michigan is just waiting to make you scream! Dark hallways, things that go bump in the dark and scary displays are just a part of the creep factor...

Did you know evil Manitou (evil spirit) has now risen and haunts the corridors of this theater...night and day.  Visit if you dare....

This haunted attraction on Mackinac Island definitely makes our haunted places in Michigan list!

"During the day I don't believe in ghosts. At night I'm a little more open-minded " Unknown 

Calumet Theater-One of the Truly Most Haunted Places in Michigan

Calumet Theater- 340 Sixth Street, Calumet, Michigan

Stories that the Calumet Theater is haunted go back more the 50 years so it definitely makes our "Haunted Places In Michigan" list.

WOW! Per the Keewanaw Report, the executive director said, “We always hear different things from our technical directors. Myself, I’ve experienced a few things. Janitorial people, that have been in and out, you have a lot of unexplained music that comes from different locations that’s unexplainable, you’ve got a lot of cold breezes that just hover around you from time to time, a lot of door handles that are locked and people are trying to get in and nobody on the other side.”

The most famous of the reported haunts is actress Madame Helena Modjeska, who died in April 1909.  The famous Shakespearean actress performed at the theater three times in the first 10 years the theater was open. 

Larry, a local 2nd grade teacher friend of ours, took his 2nd grade class to the theater in an effort to show them some haunted places in Michigan. 

Larry stated he spotted Ms. Modjeska's spirit while touring the theater. He was shocked and at a loss for words. A curator backed up his story.

So if you are brave enough, guided tours are offered at select times during box office hours. Just check their website for more information on days, times and prices prior to planning your trip!

U.S.S. Edson - Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum

1680 Martin Street, Bay City Michigan

Did you know the Edson Incident is the only Haunted Ship (Halloween season) in the Midwest held on a Destroyer. Are you brave enough to make your way though five levels of ghosts and whispers?

Each level is scarier than the last (or so I have heard). We have toured this fabulous ship during the day only!

  • Read about our adventures touring the USS Edson during the day!

Arch Rock on Mackinac Island Has a Secret Story...

According to legend, Arch Rock on Mackinac Island is the gateway to the spirit world. Souls that pass over the rock will live forever and be strikingly beautiful. I like this legend! 

More awesome than scary but still makes our haunted places in Michigan list! 

Anchor Inn: Float in For Haunted Ghost Tours

1781 Heightsview Drive, Houghton Lake Heights, MI

Check out their historical haunted tours and ghost investigations offered in the summer and fall months!  

You may see full body apparitions, shadow figures, poltergeist activity, odd noises, voices, laughter, mists, orbs and objects moving while dining at the Anchor Inn.  

That's enough evidence to list this Inn on our most haunted places in Michigan list!

Michigan State Capitol is Spooky

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I am still obsessed with the beauty of the dome at our Michigan State Capitol! . the rotunda rises 160 feet to an opening at the top of the inner dome. Called the oculus, or “eye” of the dome, it provides a glimpse into the vastness of the universe, represented by a starry sky. Just below the oculus are eight monumental paintings of female figures. Painted on canvas and glued directly to the inner dome, they are muses—guides and sources of inspiration—drawn from Greek and Roman mythology. Find the muse representing “art” (she is the one holding a paint palette in one hand). Starting with art and proceeding to your right, the muses are agriculture, law, science, justice, industry, commerce and education. Each muse offers the people of Michigan the means to achieve progress and future prosperity. They are the work of an Italian artist, Tommaso Juglaris, who painted them in 1886 while painting and teaching in Boston. . . . #michiganstatecapitol #greatlakesloving #greatlakesstate #exploremichigan #statecapitol #michiganart #michiganarchitecture #puremi #puremitten #puremichiganders #michigan #michiganders #stunning_shots #ipulledoverforthis #photooftheday

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If you haven't toured our gorgeous Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, you need to get to it! 

But only if you dare.  Strange sightings, cold spots and things moving mysteriously on their own have been reported.  Could it be due to the vast amount of Civil War artifacts or ...

1) In the 1880's, a teenager was working as a pageboy.  He though it would be a good idea to show off by attempting to jump between the railings of the Grand Staircase...well, let's just say he missed and fell two stories to his death.

2) An elevator maintenance man was electrocuted to death.

3) In the early 1990's, a man who was working in the rotunda fell over the railing to his death when his boom lift broke. Sightings of his ghost has been reported walking near the rotunda area, wearing his painting overalls.

4) A roofer wasn't paying attention and fell to his death.

Talk about eerie!  Keep reading for more haunted places in Michigan!

Read More: Secrets of the Michigan State Capitol

See the Paulding Light

The light appears in a valley outside of Paulding, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, near Watersmeet off US 45 on Robbins Pond Road/Old US 45. 

Chris' personal haunted places in Michigan experience: "You will drive down an abandoned railroad line. It's a long scary dirt road.  You will come to a dead end, with no place to go. If you look off into the distance at night you will see spooky undulating red and green lights." 

Definitely a ghost train!  At least that is what we choose to believe! What do you think?

State Hospital in Traverse City-My favorite Haunted Places in Michigan!

Traverse City State Hospital (Asylum) has been renamed The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

Address: 830 Cottageview Drive, Suite 101 Traverse City, Michigan

  • My friends, if you want awesome haunted places in Michigan, this is the place... I went into the basement alone during a recent tour and let's just say, I didn't feel alone

The Northern Michigan Asylum was first built in 1885.  It operated for 104 years, but closed it's doors in 1989.  After years of solitude and disrepair, the old mental hospital gained a reputation for being haunted.  I mean how can it not!?

During my visit, I found old beds, graffiti on the walls from past patients, paint chipping off walls, dark hallways, lonely kitchens and of course the steam tunnels-all a perfect mix for harboring ghosts-friendly or not. 

If you are intrigued, you can sign up for their tours!  Be active in finding the most haunted places in Michigan yourself! ;)

Detroit Fisher Body Plant 21

The Detroit Fisher Body Plant 21 is definitely a spooky place to visit.  You can definitely feel the energy that used to hum in these walls when the factory was in full production.  

If you go, exercise caution and don't venture in very far.  You never know who may be inside these buildings so it's not really safe. 

Read More: Detroit Things to Do and See

Detroit's Packard Automotive Plant

Detroit Packard Automotive Plant6199 Concord Ave, Detroit, MI 48211

Detroit Packard Automotive Plant History: During World War 1, the plant was integral to the war effort as they assembled airplane engines.

After the war, the plant wished to be cutting edge so in the 1920s the Packard Plant began the transition from hand assembly to an assembly line.

Due to this ingenuity, the company became known for their outstanding engineering and for creating one of the highest quality luxury vehicles produced in the United States.

  • But things then went downhill...

By 1954, the multistory building plan fell out of favor so Packard's vehicles was transferred to a new plant on Conner Avenue.  

But then in 1956 the Packard Car Company went out of business and shut their doors for good.


The plant is now completely abandoned.  Time and vandals have slowly destroyed the once bustling factory.  

NOTE: In the past, we have explored this abandoned factory a few times but now security constantly circles this area and there are no trespassing signs everywhere.  

Hell's Bridge


So...according to roadtrippers.com, in the mid-1800's, an older man named Elias Friske (of which the road was named after) murdered local children at the location. YIKES!

Babysitting Nightmare from Hell:

As the legend goes, several children were missing so the townspeople organized a search party but needed someone to look after their children (of course! Why not the creepy old guy down by the river?!)

They thought Mr. Friske looked trustworthy (um, ok) so they left the kids in his care.

  • (First horror movie scene, TAKE 1)

Mr. Friske wasn't exactly the nurturing type, so he tied the children together and marched them into the woods. As the children got closer to the bridge, they noticed a horrible smell. 

Mr. Friske, then kicked aside some leaves (ta da!) revealing the bodies of the other missing children. 

  • (Second horror movie scene, TAKE 2)

Their screams were unheard as they were swallowed by the night.  Mr. Friske began to kill the kids and tossed their bodies into the Rogue River. 

  • (Third horror movie scene, TAKE 3)

Upon returning to pick up their children, the parents discovered everyone was missing. 

They searched the river and discovered the dead bodies of their children in the water. Mr. Friske was then found close by, covered in blood, shouting that the devil made him do it. 

(Final horror movie scene-are your eyes still covered?)

Furious, the townspeople used the rope Friske had used to tie up the children and hung him from the nearby stone footbridge. 

Rumor Has It: You can see the faces of the murdered kids in the river and hear screams of the terrified kids.  So be careful if you are tubing down the river as the ghost of Mr. Friske may bind your hands and drag you into the river...

In the past years, the stone bridge crumbled but was replaced by a metal one.  It was named "Hell's Bridge" by locals.

I don't know about you, but this has a serious creep factor written all over it.  Definitely deserves the top of our haunted places in Michigan list.

Spooky Dredge #2

This creepy Dredge is located in Hubbell, which is in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

*See the map above for the specific location.

If you are brave enough and have sticky soled shoes, you can walk along the beam to the main part of the dredge. 

Read more about the history of Dredge #2

Belle Isle Abandoned Zoo

Belle Isle Zoo, Detroit.

This outdoor Belle Isle Zoo (later named the Children’s Zoo) was open for 107 years before being closed for good in 2002. Mysteries and echoes of its troubled past definitely resonates across the grounds. 

There is a fence surrounding the abandoned zoo but you can still see the metal entrance gate, fencing for the animals and several odd thatched roofs that previously housed the inhabitants. 

There's definitely an eerie and scary feel about this abandoned zoo in Michigan.

Fayette Ghost Town (in Fayette State Park)

13700 13.25 Lane, Garden, Michigan

Fayette was once a bustling iron smelting town but now it sits abandoned and silent.  As you wander among the buildings, you can't help but feel an eerie presence. 

Named after Mr. Fayette Brown, the Jackson Iron Company agent who chose the site, Fayette was at one time, one of the Upper Peninsula's most productive iron-smelting operations.

Fayette operated from 1867 to l891.  Its blast furnaces produced a total of 229,288 tons of iron.  The operation used hardwood forests for fuel and limestone to purify the iron ore.  

When you visit Fayette State Park, be sure to check out the 19 structures which tells the story of iron smelting operations and those who lived there.

But be on the lookout for ghosts of miners past.

Quincy Mine in Michigan's Upper Peninula

Exterior of a mine in HoughtonQuincy Mine, Houghton, Michigan is incredible. Photo Property of Travel-Mi.com

Quincy Mine, 49750 US-41, Hancock, MI 49930

The Quincy Mine is an extensive set of copper mines located near Houghton Michigan.

The mine was owned by the Quincy Mining Company and operated between 1846 and 1945, although some activities continued through the 1970's.

As you can imagine, there were accidents while mining, leaving confused and angry miner ghosts roaming the area.

The Quincy Mine offers tours that tells of the fascinating history. 

Houghton, Michigan has tons of great historic places to see, tour and explore.

Grand Island East Channel Light

Grand Island, Michigan (Near Munising, Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Snapping this photo of the Grand Island East Channel Light was definitely eerie as I felt like I was being watched from the upper window.  

As we were told, one of the light house keepers had around 9 children and they all stayed in this lighthouse!  Talk about close quarters! 

This small wooden frame lighthouse and the North Light were built in 1867 for the purpose of guiding ships safely into Munising Bay.


By 1905, the Lighthouse Board decided the light was no longer serving it's original purpose.  In 1908 range lights were constructed on the main land so it was abandoned for good in 1913. 

Want to see this haunted lighthouse?  Take a boat ride to see Pictured Rocks! There's tons to see in Munising too!

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Don’t forget to look wayyyy up!! We were blown away by the beauty of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing yesterday. This is the rotunda where you can walk all the way around the circle three levels up! If you haven’t visited, you reallllly need to go check it out! . I have a couple more photos, lots of videos (maybe some sneaky ones?)and cool background info to post soon. I’m super excited to share all of this with you! . . . #michigancapitol #michiganstatecapitol #lansingmichigan #lansing #michiganphotographer #puremichigan #puremichiganders #michigantravel #greatlakesstate #travelingmichigan #greatlakesstate #greatlakesstateofmind #lovemichigan #greatlakeslocals #awesomemitten #photooftheday #onlyinmichigan #greatlakesloving

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