2023 Plymouth Ice Festival: Magical Ice Carving Fest in Michigan (Near Detroit) | Dates, Parking, Events and Super Cool Things to Do! 

2023 Plymouth Ice Festival: Magical Ice Carving Fest in Michigan | Dates, Parking, Events and Super Cool Things to Do! 

By: Sherry Trautman | Travel-Mi.com | Last updated: December 27, 2022

Each February, world renowned ice carvers gather in Plymouth Michigan during the Plymouth Ice Festival to show off their chainsaw wielding skills, imagination and showmanship.

 To the amazement of the crowds, these talented artists transform 350 pound blocks of ice into magical 3D sculptures!

When is the Plymouth Ice Festival in February?

The Plymouth Ice Festival Dates are February 3-5, 2023 Mark your calendars! 

Where is Plymouth Michigan?

  • Plymouth Michigan is located about 27 miles west of Detroit and 19 miles east of Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan. See our map above for the Plymouth Ice Festival location.

Plymouth Ice Festival Parking and Directions

Parking is FREE on all public streets and lots.  See our map above for parking lots and info.

2 hour parking locations are available at all striped spaces on streets

3 hour parking lots: 

  • Ground level of the Central Parking Deck 
  • Penniman parking lot

8 hour parking lots: 

  • Upper level of the Central Parking Deck 
  • Parking lot at the corner of Wing St. & Harvey St.
  • Gathering Pavilion (also has public restrooms)
  • East Central (Library) Parking Lot

Beginning Friday, February 3, 2022 at 5:00 PM...

Prepare to be in awe as the sidewalks and streets of downtown Plymouth are transformed into an chilly outdoor gallery for breathtaking ice carvings!  It's such a treat for both locals and visitors alike! (Kids love it too!)

  • Each ice sculpture begins its life as a 350 pound block of ice that is expertly carved into submission by ice sculptors! 
  • Last year, over 50 ornate ice sculptures were created by world renown ice carvers and we can expect the same or even more this year!

While attending the Plymouth Ice Festival be sure to explore, shop and discover the downtown area of Plymouth MI! There are several nearby eateries to grab dinner while visiting Plymouth. 

If you are concerned about social distancing, the ice carvings will be on display several feet apart in front of local merchants and restaurants in the downtown area.

See Incredible Ice Carvings AND Play Bingo!

  • During this year's event, play ice bingo by collecting enough stickers to win a BINGO! Then, enter to win a prize from the Plymouth DDA. You can get bingo cards and more info on their website or locally at participating stores. 

Where is the Plymouth Ice Festival Held?

Plymouth Ice Festival is located at Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth, Michigan.

Did you know red icon

Did you know Plymouth Ice Festival is one of the largest free ice festivals in Michigan?

Visitors love taking selfies next (or through, in this case!) the incredible ice sculptures.