Great Lakes Loons Baseball Games at Dow Diamond in Midland Michigan! See Lou E. Loon Antics, Season and Ticket Info, Photos, Minor League History | Batter Up for Family-Friendly Summer Fun!

Great Lakes Loons Baseball Games at Dow Diamond in Midland Michigan! See Lou E. Loon Antics, Season and Ticket Info, Photos, Minor League History | Batter Up for Family-Friendly Summer Fun!

By: Sherry Trautman | | Last updated: March 28, 2023

Chris and I absolutely LOVE attending Great Lakes Loons Baseball games all summer long at the beautiful Dow Diamond in downtown Midland, Michigan!  It's not only super entertaining baseball games where the visiting teams get obliviated, but baseball fans get to watch the silly antics of the Loons' mascots Lou E. Loon and Rall E. Camel!

  • Plus, there are so many fun themed nights like Star Wars, Marvel and Jurassic Park!  Oh and be sure to stay for the exquisite fireworks at the end of the games!

I mean what's more American than apple pie and baseball!? Batter Up!

Where are the Great Lakes Loons Baseball Games Located?

Great Lakes Loons Baseball Games are held at the Dow Diamond, 825 E Main St, Midland, MI 48640.  

  • Distance from Chicago: 291 miles, 4 hours and 40 minutes
  • Distance from Detroit: 127 miles, 1 hour and 53 minutes
  • Distance from Grand Rapids: 115 miles, 2 hours
  • Distance from Ann Arbor: 111 miles, 1 hour and 56 minutes
  • Distance from Flint: 63 miles, 53 minutes
  • Distance from Traverse City: 130 miles, 2 hours and 13 minutes

While in Midland:

Hey Baseball Fans! Catch a Game with the Great Lakes Loons Baseball Team in Midland, Michigan

So guys, if you love baseball, come on out to Midland, Michigan to catch a game with the Great Lakes Loons! The Dow Diamond holds up to 5,000 fans! This Minor League Baseball team is a super popular family-friendly activity in central Michigan.   

  • You are going to love Dow Diamond!  Seriously, it's top notch! Chris and I are blown away by the quality of the seats, cleanliness, safety, great views from almost every seat, and tasty food options!  (I love the Michigan cherry chicken wraps!)

We wholeheartedly believe Great Lakes Loons baseball games are a great way to spend an warm summer afternoon or evening.

Meet the Charismatic Lou E. Loon and Rall E. Camel, the Great Lakes Loons Baseball Mascots!

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Did you know Lou E. Loon gets his famous name from Louis Entertainment Loon, presented by MyMichigan Health?

What are the Great Lakes Loons mascots? Lou E. Loon and Rall E. Camel.

Per his birth certificate, Lou E. Loon was born in his mother's nest on the shorelines of Lake Huron near Tawas Point. (Cue the awwws!)  He is considered  'The Ambassador of Fun' as the Loons mascot and can be seen dancing, performing silly antics and shaking hands with fans throughout the Loons stadium. 

I just love the breaks in the games where everyone gets up sing, dance or try to catch t-shirts shot out of the cannons! 

Lou E. also enjoys participating in community events for charitable organizations and non-profit groups. You can book his presence at your event or birthday party at the Loons stadium!

Great Lakes Loons Baseball: A Family Friendly Summer Activity at Dow Diamond in Michigan!

OMG! My nephew and I having a blast at the Great Lakes Loons baseball game at the Dow Diamond!  I'm also sporting my Loons shirt to show my support! 

The Great Lakes Loons: A Brief History

The team was first known as the Battle Creek Golden Kazoos but since the name was so disliked (can you blame them?) it was changed to the Michigan Battle Cats in 1995. The team was affiliated with the Boston Red Sox from 1995–1998 and then with the Houston Astros from 1999 until 2002. 

After a few moves and name changes later, the Great Lakes Loons found their home in Midland, Michigan.  They were founded in 2007 and continue to play in the Midwest League.  Their new baseball stadium was named the "Dow Diamond" by Dow Chemical, which is headquartered in Midland, Michigan. Construction of the diamond took 367 days but it's worth it as the diamond is incredible!

  • The Loons are named after the loon, a bird with a haunting call that is native to the Great Lakes region. 

What Team is the Loons Affiliated With?

The Great Lakes Loons are the High-A Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

What is the Great Lakes Loons Season?

There are several weekend and week day baseball games held at home and away. 

Great Lakes Loons Tickets

To catch a Great Lakes Loons game, purchase your tickets online through the team's website or at the Dow Diamond box office.  We love that you have several seating options:

  1. Buy Lawn Seating: Bring your own blanket or folding chair and sit on the lawn. Benefits: Your kids can plan at the nearby playground and aren't confined to seats. Lawn seating is the most affordable, you can stretch out and move around easily.
  2. Buy Reserved Box Seating: Chris and I prefer this option over lawn seating as the seats have backs and are relatively comfortable.  Benefits: You can pick where to sit (you can see the seating map with sections) and it's generally in the shade which is super important to us. There is close access to bathrooms, food and drink options, and the store.  Oh, and you can interact and see Lou E. Loon up close as he performs his crazy antics!
  3. Buy Nightly Suites: Chris and I enjoy this option too.  The suites feature indoor air conditioned seating with comfortable high top tables and chairs. It's a great place to be on a hot evening!  In addition to indoor viewing, there is also private outdoor viewing with traditional stadium seating.  You have access to close bathrooms and the upstairs bar...all with a great view of the game so you don't miss a moment of the fun!  Oh, and food, drinks and desert can be delivered to your suite. 

Accessible seats are available.

Since You Are Visiting Midland...

Visit nearby Dow Gardens!  It's an exquisite botanical gardens in Midland with iconic red bridges and breathtaking florals!

Ya gotta eat!!  Here are our favorite Midland Michigan restaurant picks...and yes, we have eaten at all of them, repeatedly!

Grab our Midland Michigan visitors guide for lots of things to do, see and eat!

Who Owns Great Lakes Loons?

The Michigan Baseball Foundation owns the Great Lakes Loons.

What Class are the Great Lakes Loons in MiLB?

Class High-A

What are the Colors of the Great Lakes Loons?

Desert Red, Green Bay Green, Metallic Black and Cool Gray are the colors of the Great Lakes Loons.  However, shirts and gift items in their gift store come in a multitude of colors and styles.

Dow Diamond Concessions: The Best Stadium Food in the Minors!

Seriously, Dow Diamond has great concession facilities for beer, snacks, meals and drinks.  Chris always gets a burger and fries and I like the Michigan chicken cherry wraps.  Yummy! 

Shop for Great Lakes Loons Gear!

Of course, no trip to a baseball game is complete without fun team gear to show your support! The Great Lakes Loons shop has a great selection of hats, t-shirts, jerseys, jackets and lots of gear with the Great Lakes Loons logo. 

We hope you love the game! GO LOONS!

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