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Are you ACHING for mind-blowing adventure travel in Michigan?!  We are too!!  Our souls THRIVE on discovering all the crazy, adrenaline pumping activities available in Michigan!  If you have awesome things to add, please let us know!

Isle Royale National Park

Closed November 1 to Mid April to all visitors. Love to travel without hoards of people? Need time to clear your head, put away the phone and relax in a rustic atmosphere? Well, Isle Royale National Park is an Adventure Travel dream destination.

Isle Royale National Park is a remote island cluster in Lake Superior, near Michigan’s border with Canada. It is a peaceful island with dense forests and sparkling lakes and waterways, where moose and wolves roam free.  Enjoy the rugged, isolated island free of the sights and sounds of civilization.  Kayak, hike, bike, fish and relax in peace.


Drummond Island Rugged ATV Adventure

ORV fanatics herald Drummond Island as the off road vehicle (ORV) paradise of Michigan.  WHY?

  • There are miles of routes and trails suitable for experts and novices alike. 
  • Exquisite scenic views and lots of wildlife.
  • Availability of food, lodging, entertainment, service, or emergency aid.
  • Ample clear signage indicating location, destination, and points of interest. 

​The ORV trails on Drummond are some of the most scenic and rugged in Michigan. Drummond’s DNR sponsored trail system is the largest closed  loop ORV system in the state. With over 60 miles of ATV trails and 40 miles of ORV routes there is so much to explore!

Drummond island isn't just for ORV's.  The trails are amazing for hiking into the Island's interior to explore or take photographs. 

​Drummond Island’s ORV system contains a wide variety of terrain.  Ride through photo worthy hardwood forests, wide open meadows and occasional short rock climbs. Explore loops that take you near the shore of Lake Huron for some outstanding views.

Click here to learn more about requirements, the trails and the ferry schedule.

  • Pack food, water, first aid and extra tools.  You'll need clean clothing including extra shoes.  
  • Pack some tow hooks!

Kayaking Michigan!

Looking for a great day on the river? We've got an awesome list of tried and true kayaking adventures here!  Tubing, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding options are also there!

Silver Lake

Aching to get out on the sand dunes at Silver Lake?  Rent an Jeep, buggy or quad and experience first hand the heart pounding power of the sand dunes! 

If you would rather relax, take photos and experience the dunes with a professional driver, Silver Lake area has you covered.  

Water sports and camping more your thing?  Silver lake has that too.  

Green Planet Extreme Adventures

If you are searching for one heck of a gnarly adventure, check out Green Planet Extreme Adventures! Guaranteed to find a tour package that is perfect for your group.

They have biking, kayaking, white water adventure, rowing, paddling shipwrecks, eco tours and so much more!  Their combo tours such as Bike-Row-Brew is fantastic!  

Ice Caves-A Perfect Adventure Travel Destination!

Frey Rd, Deerton, MI 49822

Let me just say I am GIDDY, no, that's an understatement....I'm absolutely VIBRATING with excitement about these Ice Caves located in Eben Junction.  It's a perfect definition of adventure travel!

Rock River Canyon Ice Caves, commonly known as the Eben Ice Caves, is an unbelievably cool place to visit in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the winter. Located in Eben Junction (see our map below), the cave trail head is about 30 minutes west of Munising.  Caves form when melting snow runs over the edge of the small cliff and freezes. 

Upon arriving at the trail head, you will cross through an open field toward a wooded path.  Plan on lots of snow so dress accordingly.  Be sure to bring water, a hat, gloves and you might want to wear nylon lined pants to stay dry.  The trail is less than a mile and winds through tall trees and over bubbling creeks (if they aren't frozen).

How to Get There From Munising:  After traveling 15 miles on M-94 westbound, turn right on Rock River Road.  In one mile, turn left onto Munising Ave.  In two miles, you will arrive in Eben Junction.  Turn right onto Eben Road.  In 1.5 miles, turn right onto Frey Road.  The trail head is on the right in a half mile.

  • Consider wearing ice cleats as the ice is slippery in and around the caves.
  • Be sure to bring your camera as you will want to photograph the stunning beauty of the caves!  A wide angle is helpful too.

Winter Rafting Excursions

Dan & Melanie Bennett, 311 North Lake Street, East Jordan, MI 49727 (near Charlevoix)

Love rafting?  Thought rafting was reserved only for hot summers?  BAHH!  Jordan Valley Outfitters will change your mind!  They leads small groups of winter rafting enthusiasts down the beautiful Jordan River December though March.  What an amazing way to view wildlife while expanding your adventure travel boundaries.

Be sure to dress accordingly and cover your fingers and toes! It's best to dress in layers so you can control your warmth.  Contact Jordan Valley Outfitters at  

Do You Luge?

462 N Scenic Dr, Muskegon, MI 49445

How about this for something cool!?  At Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, you can sign up for a 2 1/2 hour "Learn to Luge" session with an instructor to learn the art of the luge.  These unbelievably quick sleds race down icy tracks for a wild thrill.  Muskegon's track is one of four in the United States and Michigan is cool enough to offer you this rare opportunity!  Click here for more information!

Fat Tire Snow Biking

This is sooo cool!  I LOVE riding my bike spring through fall, so I would love to try this!!

Marquette County is the mecca for Fat Tire Snow Biking.  In fact, they have a 906 Polar Roll in mid February with fat-tire races and a big after party.  There are 60 miles of groomed trails for you to ride! 

If you are dying to try this but don't have a fat bike, there are numerous outfitters that rent bikes. 

Lakeshore Bike
505 North Lakeshore Boulevard
Marquette, MI 49855

Flying Moose
351 W Washington St
Marquette, MI 49855
(906) 273-2246

Downwind Sport
514 N. Third Street
Marquette, MI 49855

Quick Stop Bike Shop
1100 North 3rd Street
Marquette, MI 49855

Sports Rack LTD
315 W. Washington Street
Marquette, MI 49855

Fat Bike Trails

  • Marquette's Noquemanon Trail Network
  • Ishpeming's Snow Bike Trail
  • Iron Ore Heritage Trail-47 miles 
  • Keweenaw Peninsula offers the Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails-northwest of Hancock offer 10 miles of groomed routs
  • Houghton-Michigan Tech Trail system has 20 miles of challenging routes, some are lighted to help you see your path!

Floating Bed and Breakfast

Traverse Tall Ship Company, 13258 S.W. Bay Shore Drive, Traverse City, MI 49684

Anyone can go on a two hour evening sail, but the real adventure begins when the crew leaves the ship and leaves you to spend the night ALL ALONE. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

It's your chance for adventure during the National Cherry Festival! Enjoy a relaxing sunset sail aboard the Sailing Yacht Scout. Upon returning to the dock, the crew will depart, leaving you to enjoy Scout in complete privacy. Grab a blanket and a drink and get cozy on deck to watch the fireworks display, right from the marina. What a view and experience! In the morning the captain will deliver a full breakfast for you to enjoy.  Seriously, how cool is that?

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We are Chris and Sherry, your travel guides!  As Michigan born travel junkies, we fully embrace getting dirty, falling into a creek to capture that great photograph or eating somewhere slightly questionable in pursuit of unearthing the very best experiences our stunningly diverse state has to offer.  Read More About Us!

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