2023 Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk (What Every Walker Needs to Know: Where to Park, What Time, How Long, Shepler's Ferry, Rules, Tips)

Mackinac Bridge Walk | By: Sherry Trautman | Travel-Mi.com | Updated: August 31, 2023

2023 Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk

(What Every Walker Needs to Know!) PLUS Time Saving Tips, Rules and Things to Know Before You Go!

The much anticipated 2023 Labor Day Walk in Mackinac City is September 4, 2023.  Are you doing your stretches in preparation? ;)  We sure are!

Did You Know?

  • The Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk is the only day of the year that you can walk across the gorgeous Mackinac Bridge?
  • This highly anticipated annual event was first held in 1958 and only had 68 walkers!

The Mackinac Bridge is five miles long and crosses the Straits of Mackinac, connecting the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. It is the longest suspension bridge in North America!

How far is the Mackinac Bridge walk?

  • How long is the bridge? 5 miles across one way!

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Michigan Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk Information: How does the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge walk work?

The Mackinac Bridge will be closed to traffic from 6:30 a.m. to noon on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023, for the 2023 Annual Bridge Walk.

You may walk from either end of the bridge and go as far as you like! 

1. The easiest plan in terms of ease and cost is to park in Mackinac City (or at your hotel) and walk to the mid-point of the bridge.  Hang out a bit to relish the view (and your hard work!), snap some bridge selfies and then head back to your starting point.  Just know there will be a long line to start the walk!

2. The Mackinac Bridge Walk is FREE and no registration is required to walk the Mackinac Bridge.

3. The walk begins at 7 a.m.  You MUST start walking prior to 11:30 a.m. so get there early to allow for time to find parking and walk to the starting point.

4. No one will be permitted to start after 11:30 a.m. so get started early!

5. Just know that if you wish to walk the entire way across the bridge, you must reach the midway point by 10:00 a.m. or you will be turned around as the bridge will be reopened to traffic promptly at noon. 

6. You can walk from either side of the bridge (St. Ignace or Mackinaw City) and continue across to the other side. Just know that bus transportation across the bridge will not be provided so if you decide to walk all the way across you will need to arrange your own transportation back across after the bridge reopens at noon.

7. There are no restrooms on the bridge (so avoid a 64 oz Slurpee right before you start)

8. It takes approximately two hours to walk across the bridge, so if you start early, you can walk both directions (and use the bathroom on the other side before you start back!).

9. Portable toilets will be available in St. Ignace and Mackinaw City.

10.  Mackinac Bridge toll is $4.00 to drive across one way so be prepared with cash if you need to be picked up and driven back across after the event.

11. Bring sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, water and maybe toilet paper (you never know if they will run out with such large crowds-I like to be prepared).

12. NO PETS, except trained service dogs.

Mackinac Bridge Walk Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have to register to walk the Mackinac Bridge? No
  • What time does the Mackinac Bridge walk start on Labor Day? 7 am
  • Can I bring my dog?  No, unless it is a service dog.
  • Is there a fee to walk the bridge?  No fee to walk the bridge.
  • No smoking on the bridge
  • Not allowed: signs, banners, umbrellas, bicycles, roller skates, skateboards, wagons
  • You may bring strollers and wheelchairs.  
  • How long is the bridge? 5 miles
  • How long does it take to walk across the Mackinac Bridge?  Plan 90 minutes to two hours to walk one way across or to the mid point and back. 
  • Are there bathrooms on the bridge?  No, just porta-johns at each end. 
  • Can I run or jog?  Nope! Walking only!

Shepler's Ferry Info for Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk


  • If you plan to park near the Mackinac Bridge and walk from Mackinaw City, you can arrive early and park in Shepler's Lot 3 located at 115 W Central Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49770
  • $20 CASH ONLY per vehicle.

What If I'm Going to Mackinac Island on Labor Day and Also Plan to Participate in the Mackinac Bridge Walk?

If you are going to Mackinac Island with Shepler’s on Labor Day (must show valid ticket) you can park for free in Lot 1 at 311 S. Nicolet St. Mackinaw City or pay $20 to park in Lot 3 close to the Mackinac Bridge start.

Parking is limited and there is no advanced reservations for parking so get there early. 

Miles to/from Shepler’s Dock to the Mackinac Bridge
2.5 miles from their St. Ignace dock to the north start
.5 miles from their Mackinaw City dock to the south start
.3 miles from their Mackinaw City $20 parking to the south start 

There is no ground transportation to the start of the bridge in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace.  You must organize your own transportation from Shepler’s dock to the Mackinac Bridge (or walk-no bikes allowed on the bridge).

If you purchase one roundtrip ticket, you can boat-hop between Mackinaw City and St. Ignace while stopping at Mackinac Island. Boats begin at 7:30 am out of Mackinaw City and 6:30 am out of St. Ignace.

Shepler’s roundtrip tickets are not assigned to a port at the time of purchase. You can depart from either mainland port, go to Mackinac Island, and return to the other mainland port on one roundtrip ticket.

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