2023 Best Michigan Gift Baskets! Made in Detroit, Vernors & Traverse City Gifts, Beer Pants | Surprise Them with Cherry Republic, Wine, Better Made, Beer, Coffee Socking Stuffers

2022 Best Michigan Gift Baskets | By Sherry Trautman | Travel-Mi.com| Updated May 1, 2023

Do you know someone who loves made in Michigan gifts? Sometimes finding the perfect gift for Michigan lovers can be a difficult task. But don't worry, we've curated the best Michigan Gift Basket ideas for you and everyone on your list! 

No matter your budget, these Michigan gifts are guaranteed to make someone smile as they are made by Michigan artists, created in Michigan, or are high-quality products nostalgic to the Mitten State.

Chris and I have scoured our whole lives while living here to find the coolest Gift Baskets that represent Michigan's heart and soul.

We also understand the importance of supporting our Michigan businesses and we make sure to provide the best economic return for the businesses of Michigan represented on our site. 

Best Michigan Gift Baskets 2023

Wondering where to find Michigan Gift Baskets?  We've got 'em!

By the way, this page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through our links below, we may receive a small commission at zero cost to you.

Table of Contents:

If gift baskets are not your thing, we love these thoughtful, Michigan themed gifts as an alternative!

Best Made in Michigan Gift Baskets

So guys, we spent DAYYYYSSS scouring the planet for the best made in Michigan Gift Baskets and we are super excited to share them with you!

These Michigan gift basket ideas are full of gourmet offerings that are high quality and perfect gifts for moms, sisters, dads, friends and coworkers!

Luxurious Bee Gift Set

Michigan Gift Baskets - Luxurious Bee Gift SetMichigan Gift Baskets - Luxurious Bee Gift Set
Buy Now On Etsy!

So guys, Sister Bees, an adorable company in Ludington, MI, makes creamy soaps, candles, honey, shower oils, shirts, lip balms and wonderful things...all Made in Michigan!  Perfect Michigan Gift Baskets for friends, moms, coworkers and teachers!

Lots of baskets to choose from!

Lilac & Gooseberry Deluxe Gift Box | Perfume, Lotion, Body Wash, Scrub, Candle, Cream, Soap, Lip Balm

Michigan Gift Baskets: Deluxe Gift Box with Perfume, Lotion, Body Wash, Scrub, Candle, Cream, Soap, Lip BalmMichigan Gift Baskets: Deluxe Gift Box with Perfume, Lotion, Body Wash, Scrub, Candle, Cream, Soap, Lip Balm

Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Bella Des delivers fantastic full size lotions, body washes, sugar scrubs, lip balms, soaps, candles and so much more for fantastic Michigan gift baskets.  It delivers fast on Amazon!

Classy Bee Gift Set-Made in Michigan Gift Baskets

Michigan Gift Baskets - Classy Bee Gift SetMichigan Gift Baskets - Classy Bee Gift Set
Buy Now On Etsy!

We love Sister Bees (Make in Ludington, Michigan) lavender soaps made with goat milk, shea butter and honey.  Their lip balms are magical too! They make such cute Michigan Gift Baskets!

Mel's Toffee is Super Delicious and Made in Rochester, Michigan!

Mel's Toffee has so many to choose from including:

  • Gingerbread Crunch-It's a flavor bomb! 
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter-mmm salty Virginia peanuts!
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate 
  • Ballpark Crunch (seriously, who doesn't love popcorn, peanuts and prezels-my brother brother and I fought over this one)
  • Sea Salt Pretzel-crunchy and sweet  
  • Maple Bourbon Pecan-reminds us of yummy pecan pie! 
  • Coffee Stout-Made with coffee stout and Oreos! 
  • Plain Jane 

So yummy, trust us, we tried them all!  Mel's even has craft beer infused coffee!

Ready to pick out your favorites? Visit the Mel's Toffee website!

Lilac & Gooseberry Gift Set | Perfume with Soy Candle Tin and Lip Balm

Perfume with Soy Candle Tin and Lip BalmPerfume with Soy Candle Tin and Lip Balm

We love this Michigan maker, Bella Des, located in Ann Arbor.  Her soy candles, perfume oil and lip balm gift bags are just divine!

Michigan Pantry Gift Sets

Made in Michigan Gift BasketsMade in Michigan Gift Baskets
Buy Now On Etsy!

Have you heard of Michigan Pantry?  They create great affordable made in Michigan gift basketsLots of choices!

Many baskets have Dave's toffee (Harrison Township, MI) and Reid's delicious honey (Holland Michigan)! YUMMY!

Perfect gift for dads, brothers and families!

Michigan Homesick Scented Candle

Michigan Gift Baskets - Michigan Homesick Scented CandleMichigan Gift Baskets - Michigan Homesick Scented Candle

Add this thoughtful Michigan Homesick scented candle to any of your Michigan Gift Baskets or add as a stocking stuffer!  

  • 60-80 hour burn time
  • All natural soy wax blend

Cute Distressed Michigan Display Box

Cute Michigan Heart Home DecorCute Michigan Heart Home Decor

How stinkin' cute are these Michigan boxes

  • Measures 6. 75 x 8-inches; black distressed style frame with Michigan hand lettered on side of frame

Traverse City Gifts

Traverse City Michigan is one of our favorite places to explore throughout the year.  The Cherry Festival is the highlight of the summer, have you been?!

Simply order the items below, place them in a pretty gift basket or bag and you are all set!

Traverse Bay Fruit Dried Cherries

Michigan Gift Baskets - Traverse Bay Fruit Dried CherriesMichigan Gift Baskets - Traverse Bay Fruit Dried Cherries

We HIGHLY recommend these lovely Traverse Bay cherries as we personally use these. I make lots of granola in which these Traverse City Cherries are perfect!

Dried and packed in Traverse City, Michigan!

Paramount Roasters Ground Coffee (Traverse City Cherry)

Michigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Cherry CoffeeMichigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Michigan Cherry Coffee

This medium ground roast Traverse City Cherry coffee is simply ahhmazing as the scent of sweet cherries wafts across your kitchen. 

Dried and packed in Traverse City, Michigan!

Floral, Spicy and Lavender Gift Boxes = A Great Self Care Gift

Michigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Soap CompanyMichigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Soap Company
Buy Now On Etsy!

Traverse City Soap Company makes wonderful Michigan made gift baskets of spicy, lavender, floral, patchouli, ginger and so much more!  There's even Michigan gift baskets for gardeners! 

Handmade Soap by Traverse City Soap Company!

Michigan Gift Baskets - Handmade Soap by Traverse City Soap CompanyMichigan Gift Baskets - Handmade Soap by Traverse City Soap Company
Buy Now On Etsy!

Who doesn't love gorgeous handmade soap kits?  I mean, pop this in a pretty gift basket with a bottle of Traverse City Wine and you are good to go!

Traverse City Whiskey Co. Cocktail Cherries Add That Wow Factor

Michigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Whiskey Company Cocktail CherriesMichigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Whiskey Company Cocktail Cherries

These amazing cocktail cherries from Traverse City Whiskey Company are outstanding on fancy desserts, in cocktails or just keeping it simple by topping a creamy ice cream sundae.

Michigan Cherry Coffee and Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Calling all Coffee Lovers!  (And Michigan Lovers!) If you wondered where to buy Michigan Coffee, we've got you covered.  Traverse City, Leelanau coffee is fantastic! 

Paramount Roasters Ground Coffee (Traverse City Cherry)

Michigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Michigan Cherry CoffeeMichigan Gift Baskets - Traverse City Michigan Cherry Coffee

If you are looking for a delicious Traverse City cherry coffee, you will love Paramount Roasters' Traverse City Cherry.  So smooth, aromatic and delicious!

Traverse City Whiskey Company Barrel Aged Coffee - Stillhouse Blend Roasted Beans 

So guys, this coffee, made by Traverse City Whiskey Company is a match made in heaven by whiskey and coffee lovers.  Bold and smooth taste. 

I mean seriously...

It's aged in 10 year old, used bourbon barrels...You gotta love this coffee just for the reuse, recycle idea. Right? ;)

Eight O'Clock's Michigan Cherry Pie Coffee

Michigan Gift Baskets - Eight O'Clock Michigan Cherry Pie CoffeeMichigan Gift Baskets - Eight O'Clock Michigan Cherry Pie Coffee

Eight O'Clock Michigan Cherry Pie Coffee is so delicious! Just one sip and you will feel like you are biting into a pie made with Traverse City cherries!

  • Medium-roast ground coffee inspired by Michigan
  • Crafted with 100% premium Arabica beans

Michigan Beer Gifts-Perfect Gifts for Him

Sometimes it's hard to find meaningful, fun AND practical gifts for the guys in our lives!  Here are a few gift ideas for the Michigan beer lovers!

Bell's Oberon Glasses -Set of 2 

Bell's Oberon GlassesBell's Oberon Glasses
Buy Safely On Amazon!

We lived in Kalamazoo for around 20 years so we love Bell's Brewery!  What an awesome gift for beer lovers or Bells Brewery lovers on your list!

Michigan Beer Lounge Pajama Pants!  How Cool Is This?!

Buy Now On Amazon! Get Quickly!

So, these super fun beer lounging pants lists Perrin Brewing Company, Bell's Brewery, M-43 of Old Nation Brewing Co., Short's Brewing Company, and few other great Michigan breweries! 

Gift these fun beer lounge pajama pants to any beer lover on your list!

Customizable Beer Glasses/Mugs!

Michigan Gift Baskets - Customizable Beer GlassesMichigan Gift Baskets - Customizable Beer Glasses
Buy Now On Etsy!

First off, I am giddy about customizing anything.  Chris is like, "why does our bottle openers need to be customized?  Does our front door knob have our initials and a heart?"  yes, yes it does.

Moving on...

How about these customizable beer glasses? Freakin' cool, no? Not only will it look like you put some thought into his present, but you get to use them too (unlike that shop light I bought last year.) 

These 25oz beer mug steins are professionally & permanently laser-etched with your choice of graphics and/or text.

Michigan Wine Gift Basket

We love giving wine gifts!  So thoughtful, useful and happy!

Simply grab a cute basket or bag, add your favorite Michigan wine and a few of the fun items below to make the perfect Michigan Wine Gift Basket!

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings T-Shirt for Women

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings T-Shirt for WomenI Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings T-Shirt for Women

This "I have mixed drinks about feelings" shirt totally cracks me up! Perfect for the fun gals in your life! Made by the Ann Arbor T Shirt Company! Support local!!

Michigan Wine Tumbler-How Cute Are They?

Buy Now On Amazon!

These colorful Michigan wine tumblers are such a perfect gift!  Cool thing is that this tumbler can be used for any kind of drinks too!

Perfect for the beach!

Cool wine gift for lovers of Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior!  These Michigan wine tumblers will keep your wine cool or your coffee hot for hours!  

Upper Peninsula Gifts: What Happens UP NORTH Stays Der Eh!

Buy Now On Amazon! Fast, Safe and Easy To Return If Necessary!

Who doesn't want a little Yooper home décor to spice up there bedrooms, dorm rooms or living room?! Heck, I want one!  Chris is a Yooper so he will love it!

Michigan Wine or Travel Mug

Michigan Home Mug, Wine TumblerMichigan Home Mug, Wine Tumbler
Buy Now On Etsy!

How super cute is this versatile floral Michigan "Home" mug or wine tumbler? Know what else I love? These are made in Sault Sainte Marie, MI! I so love shopping and buying local!

Michigan Gift Baskets with Vernors

Get creative with Vernors! The flagship bottling plant serving Michigan is the Keurig Dr Pepper bottling plant in Holland, Michigan. 

Where is Vernors made today? 

Today, the Vernors brand is property of Keurig Dr Pepper of Burlington, VT, and Plano, TX but is still bottled in Holland, Michigan (and other locals)

Vernors Ginger Soda, 12oz Can 

Michigan Gift Basket with VernorsMichigan Gift Basket with Vernors

First...Grab an 18 pack of Vernors soda for your Vernors Michigan Gift Basket. Very important. ;)

Vernors 16" "Deliciously Different" Ginger Ale Sign Green Neon Clock

Vernors 16" "Deliciously Different" Ginger Ale Sign Green Neon ClockVernors 16" "Deliciously Different" Ginger Ale Sign Green Neon Clock

This awesome neon Vernors clock would be a fantastic addition to a garage or movie room - Heck, I'm considering it for a gift this year. Very cool.

Super Cool Vernors Ginger Ale Shirt - Woody Gnome Mascot T-Shirt

Vernors Ginger Ale Shirt - Woody Gnome Mascot T-ShirtVernors Ginger Ale Shirt - Woody Gnome Mascot T-Shirt
Buy Now On Amazon!

Cute Vernors shirt for both guys and girls!  So colorful and a conversation starter! Perfect for your Michigan gift baskets with Vernors!

Detroit Gift Box Ideas - Made in Detroit Gift Baskets

Detroit's The Posh Shop

Made in Detroit Gift Box Ideas - The Posh ShopMade in Detroit Gift Box Ideas - The Posh Shop
Buy Now On Etsy!

The Posh Shop is all about girl power!  Pencils, mugs, key chains and great stuff from this fun shop from Warren, Michigan.

Detroit Coasters (Better Made, Vernor's, Stroh's and Faygo)

Detroit Coasters (Better Made, Vernor's, Stroh's and Faygo)Detroit Coasters (Better Made, Vernor's, Stroh's and Faygo)
Buy Now On Etsy!

These 4 Detroit coasters of Better Made Chips, Vernors, Strohs Beer and Faygo would make a great gift for any family member, friend or coworker.

They would look super sweet in your living room, office, or movie room.

Detroit Map Etched Whiskey Glasses 

Made in Detroit Gift Box IdeasMade in Detroit Gift Box Ideas
Buy Easily on Amazon!

Detroit Map Etched Whiskey Glasses (heck, I'd drink orange juice or lemonade in them) are a super cool gift for families, boyfriends, dads and well, anyone!

(I seriously dig 'em!)

Detroit Muscle T Shirt

Buy Now On Etsy!

Detroit Muscle T Shirt is a perfect gift for the Detroiters and fans in your life! Plus, they are made in Madison Heights, MI!  We love shopping local!

Detroit City Coasters

Detroit City CoastersDetroit City Coasters

We love these incredible coasters of iconic spots in Detroit. They are made of quality masonite hardboard. 

Better Made Gift Baskets

Better Made Chips on the Assembly LineBetter Made Chips on the Assembly Line

Better Made Snack Foods are a taste of Detroit since 1930!  

Where are Better Made Chips Made?  Made in Detroit!

What a fantastic gift for all the snack fiends on your list!  Awesome gift for college students and teens!

Better Made Party Pack (Perfect for Super Bowl Parties!)

This Better Made PARTY PACK has everything you need for a party in one box! Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, Corn Pops, Tortilla Chips and Salsa!

Better Made potato chips have been made in Detroit for over 90 years! 

They use Michigan potatoes for ten months of the year and then they use potatoes from Florida, Missouri, Indiana, North Dakota and Minnesota for the remainder of the year.

Better Made Special Variety Pack Potato Chips - Case of 50 

Holy Moly!  There are 50!!!! of these 1oz Bags of Better Made Chips – Original, BBQ, Sweet BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, Red HOT BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Honey BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion!  

Perfect for dorm room party nights, movie nights at home with friends, lunches at work and snacks for kids!

Better Made Special RED HOT BBQ Potato Chips - Case of 50 - 1oz Bags - Hot Barbecue

What a fantastic gift for the spicy lovers in your life!  These Better Made Special Red Hot Barbeque chips are such an awesome gift for dorm room party nights, movie nights at home with friends, lunches at work and snacks for kids (those that love spicy chips!)

Not sure what they will love?  Give an Etsy Gift Card!  They start at only $25!

Buy Now On Etsy!

Cherry Republic Gift Basket Ideas

Super easy gift baskets!

Just click the links below, add them all to your Amazon cart, check the "this order contains a gift" box and ship! 

If you are gifting a local person:

Easy peasy!  

Cherry Republic Cherry Nut Mix

Cherry Republic Cherry Nut Mix. I can personally vouch this mix is excellent as I have some in my pantry. Great as a snack and I recently put it in granola.

Cherry Republic Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix

This Cherry Republic Dark Chocolate Cherry Nut Mix is the bomb.com! I'm always getting a bag when in Glen Arbor or Traverse City as it's awesome as a travel snack or at the office.  

I mean seriously...Dark Chocolate Coated Tart Dried Cherries, Roasted Pecans, Cashews & Almonds

Cherry Republic - Cherry Pepper Jelly

Ok. Let's talk about this Cherry Republic Cherry Pepper JellyHere's what you do. Get some cream cheese, slather it on a plate. Grab a spoon and scoop out this cherry pepper jelly and smear it over the cream cheese.

Cherry Republic - Mild Cherry Salsa

This Cherry Republic cherry salsa is sweet with low heat.  Perfect for snacking while watching the Mandalorian.  

We Hope We Inspired You!!

We hope our ideas inspired you!  This page contains affiliate links...so when you purchase one of our ideas, we receive a small commission at no cost to you. 

It helps support our mission of continuing to share good things about our state! We appreciate you!


Sherry and Chris

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