Stunning Michigan Birds

Stunning Michigan Birds | Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

Did you know there are over 450 species of Michigan birds? 

Our four seasons and incredible migration patterns create a stunning array of birds that delight avid bird watchers across the state.

The yellow finch above is one of my favorites that frequent our backyard.  

Our backyard is filled with gorgeous cardinals all year around! They love to eat sunflower seeds from our feeders in the winter so we keep them stocked.  The males are red.

I believe this is called a House Finch.  Please let me know if I am wrong.

Seriously, this guy!  I just love their expressions and inquisitive nature.  

We feed our Michigan Birds nut, grain and fruit blends. Kind of expensive but we like to feed our birds quality food.  They also enjoy hulled sunflower seed chips.


Chickadees are incredibly inquisitive creatures.  They will follow us though the woods or watch intently as we fill the bird feeders.  We even have a couple of chickadees that will tap on our window whenever the feeder is empty. I'll fill the feeder and the tapping stops!!  

Michigan has several types of hummingbirds that we absolutely love seeing each summer. I always make them fresh batches of hummingbird food!

Michigan Birds-Woodpeckers!

We have several types of woodpeckers in our yard, including this Downy Woodpecker.  This is a female as the males have a small red patch on the back of their head.

This Pileated Woodpecker was the sighting of the year at our house! We were so excited we forgot to take a photo at first! What a magnificent bird!!!

Chris and I always have a contest to see who will spot the first robin each spring!  It's funny to watch them pull worms out of the ground and then run around with it dangling from their beaks! 

Birds Of Prey

This stunning juvenile (we believe) hawk was discovered near a bridge in Marquette, Michigan.  We noticed its foot was banded.  This beautiful hawk was happy to pose for me!  

I'll continue to add photos as I obtain them!

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