2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Guides: MI Tulip Time Schedule, Where to See 6 Million Tulips, Farms, Window on the Waterfront, Parade (+Best Hotels, Restaurants, Fun Things to Do)

Article: 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Guide

The 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival, known as "Tulip Time," set to celebrate its 95th anniversary from May 4-12, 2024, in Holland, MI, is a vibrant highlight in our comprehensive guide crafted by us, Sherry and Chris, your Michigan travel experts.

Guide to events, tours and live performances with interactive maps and turn by turn directions from your phone.

In our guides to the tulip time festival 2024, we invite you to delve into the variety of events, including live performances by artists like Scotty McCreery. We've personally explored and highly recommend the historic walking tours showcasing local landmarks and vibrant tulip garden beds, the VIP motorcoach tour, and the ABBA tribute show, integral to the tulip time festival Holland Michigan experience.

Parade, dances, fairs, and concerts.

Additionally, our guides detail the 2024 tulip time parade, Dutch dance performances, art and craft fairs, and a myriad of concerts and stage performances, forming part of the tulip time schedule 2024.

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We're particularly excited about the tulip time fireworks 2024 and the tulip time parade schedule 2024, both extensively covered in our #2 Shows and Events guide. We encourage you to explore the festival's tours, which reveal Holland's historic districts and stunning tulip fields, for a truly enriching experience.

Go for a run.....

Our festival guide caters to visitors of all ages, featuring activities like the Tulip Time Run and Kinderplaats. As highlighted in the tulip time 2024 dates in our guide, these events promise a memorable experience for every visitor.

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We urge you to keep reading our guides to discover more hidden gems and insider tips for planning your visit. Our goal is to help you create an unforgettable journey to the Tulip Time Festival. So, continue exploring, planning, and getting excited for what awaits you in Holland, Michigan, this 2024. Your adventure, guided by us, Sherry and Chris, is just a few pages away!

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Guide #1. Festival Planner
2024 Tulip Time Festival

Click for the Ultimate Interactive Tulip Time Planner!

  • Where to see the most tulips in Holland 
  • Holland MI Tulip Time parade route
  • Tulip Time Festival event locations
  • Live tulip tracker
  • Top-notch Holland Michigan restaurants
  • Convenient quality Holland hotels
  • Accessibility - Transit and Mobility Scooters

Guide #2. Shows and Events
2024 Tulip Time Festival

Grab the 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Show & Events Schedule with Maps! Don't miss a single Holland Tulip Festival event!

  • Tulip Time event schedule
  • Event schedule Map
  • Parking Map
  • Parade Route Maps
  • Fireworks Map
  • Best Viewing Spots Map
  • Best Hotel Locations Map
  • Event ticket links
  • Parade route and schedule
  • Where to sit for the parade with the best views

Guide #3. 2024 Things to Do in Holland Michigan

While you are visiting Holland Michigan during the Tulip Festival, be sure to stay a couple more days to enjoy the city!  Take a boat ride, hike, explore and shop!

Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Dates | May 4-12, 2024

Where: Tulip Time Address: (Go Now>> 42 W. 8th Street, Holland, MI, 49423 

The Holland Michigan Tulip Festival, "Tulip Time", is a super popular festival held the first and second weekends in May.  See over 6 million Holland MI tulips during the Holland Tulip Festival!

Plan your Holland Tulip Time 2024 visit with our Ultimate Guide with maps, an event schedule, insider tips, things to do in Holland, and the ever popular tulip tracker! 

  • Tulip Time in Holland MI 2024 has been heralded as the nation’s Best Flower Festival and America’s Best Small Town Festival!

When Is the 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Time Festival? 

May 4 - May 12, 2024

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Plan Your Trip With Our Three Tulip Time Guides

Frequently Ask Questions about the 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival

Question: Where is the Tulip Time Festival?

Answer: The Largest Tulip Time Festival in the United States takes place in Holland, Michigan. Unlike festivals confined to a single location, this event uniquely unfolds throughout downtown Holland. Over an exhilarating eight-day period, the town is transformed by a myriad of events, activities, parades, and concerts. A standout feature of this festival is the expansive display of tulips, which are freely visible across miles of the city, creating a vibrant, floral spectacle. While the stunning tulip views are available at no cost, there are nominal fees for participating in various events, activities, and attending concerts, adding to the festival's allure and accessibility.

Question: Are pets allowed at tulip time?

Answer: No dogs are allowed at ticketed events and venues.  But, most public spaces dogs are allowed. 

Question: How long does Tulip Time last?

Answer: Tulip Time in Holland Michigan typically lasts 8 days.

Question: Where is the biggest Tulip Festival in the US?

Answer: Holland Michigan a town in Southwest Michigan hosts the USA's largest Tulip Festival every May.  The festival has been running for over 95 years.  The festival show cases an ever growing number of Tulips every year of over 6 million bulbs with 600,000 visitors!  Holland Michigan is not just Tulips, the entire town channels the Netherlands with Dutch heritage. 

Question: Are tickets needed to visit Tulip Time?

Answer: It is free to see the tulips, most tulips are planted at city of Holland public parks and can be viewed on foot.  Free parking is also in the area.  Most activities and events will have a charge for admission.  We suggest getting tickets early as much of the events are limited seating.  

Question: What time does the tulip time parade start?

Answer: The Kinder parade is May 9th at 2pm. The Volksparade is May 11th 2-4pm. See our 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Festival Parade page for more info. 

Question: What is the best time to see tulips in Holland Michigan?

Answer: April and May mark the peak blooming season for tulips. The vibrancy of each flower's color and the prevailing weather conditions significantly influence the timing of their full bloom. Should you plan a visit outside the official dates of the Tulip Festival, you may encounter the tulips in various stages of blooming. This variability offers a unique experience, as the flowers' appearance continually evolves, reflecting the dynamic interplay between nature's palette and the changing temperatures.   

Question: When to take photos of Tulips?

Answer: Early spring in Michigan presents an ideal opportunity for photography enthusiasts during Tulip Time, with the periods around sunrise and sunset being particularly favorable. These times, known as the "golden hours," offer soft, warm lighting that enhances the natural beauty of the tulips, casting a magical glow and creating perfect conditions for capturing stunning photographs. The interplay of light and shadow during these hours accentuates the vivid colors and delicate textures of the tulips, making for exceptionally picturesque and memorable images. You can track the tulips on the Web Cam here.

Question: What is the temperature at Tulip Time Holland Michigan.

Answer: Holland Michigan average temperature during Tulip Time is 50-68° F.

Question:  When is tulip time in Holland Michigan?

Answer: For 2024, Tulip Time Festival in Holland Michigan is May 4th, 2024 to May 12th, 2024.  Tulips are planted in April and full bloom is timed to peak around these dates.  Weather and sunshine can affect the full bloom timing.  If you are in the area in the preceding and post Festival you should still be able to see the Tulips. We suggest viewing the Tulip Webcam to see a live view.

Question: Where are the most tulips in Holland Michigan?

Answer: Hands down Veldheer's Tulip Farm, its our favorite place to see tulips

Question: How much is the Tulip Time Festival cost?

Answer: Events and activities range from Free, to low priced at $15, $45 for the concerts and $150 for the VIP bus tour.  Make sure and check out the 2024 Holland Michigan Tulip Time Festival box office for exact prices and dates. 

Question: Accessibility, does Tulip Time offer mobility scooters?

Answer: Yes, during the Tulip Time Festival, you can rent mobility units by the day. These units are convenient to pick up and drop off at the Tulip Time Festival office. Each device is easy to use and can travel up to 35 miles per day on a single battery charge. The cost for the rental is $100 per day, and making a reservation guarantees availability. For more details and to reserve a mobility unit, you can visit the Tulip Time Festival's accessibility page.

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