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The Unique and Exclusive Advertising Value Of Traveling Michigan Sponsorship offers unique, well-priced, custom-designed and targeted Michigan advertising options that reach your customer during the pivotal trip-planning stage. This passionate, Michigan-loving site is a popular visited e-destination by prospective Michigan visitors.  It offers Michigan business advertisers, through the format of exclusive sponsorship's, the opportunity to increase your business in your sector of Michigan tourism industry.

Reach Visitors Before They Visit...
Often A Full Year Before

There are many offline ways to advertise your hotel, cottage, restaurant, adventure business and all other tourist-related services. The common route is still to place ads in the numerous free, glossy magazines and brochures that visitors all pick up after arriving. By the time your ad is seen, they have already made their decision regarding accommodations, rental car, and "must-eat-at" restaurants.

Businesses tend to buy ads or publicity placement in the major and local newspapers of more influential markets around Michigan. It's expensive and it misses the reality of how people plan trips nowadays...

They use the Web. Compare targeted online Michigan advertising with this offline ad example...

Real estate developments have been known to pay $20,000+ to reach high net worth individuals in such media as the Robb Report for a one-time exposure to a semi-targeted audience ("the affluent," who may be more interested in the latest Bentley, or in real estate in Bora Bora and not necessarily Michigan).

When it comes to reaching travelers who are thinking of coming to Michigan, newspapers and magazines are transient, semi-targeted, limited geographically and in circulation. A PR piece may give a short-term boost. After that? Here today, filling packing boxes tomorrow.

The largest disadvantage, though, of offline "pre-visit" print media, is that it’s intrusive. It reaches your audience at a time when most are likely not considering a vacation.

On the Web, your Michigan business advertising reaches a highly targeted audience specifically when they are searching for Michigan related information about your sector, whether that be economical hotels, ultra-high-end cottages, mid-priced restaurants, adventures and so forth.

The right website has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers, and more of them, 24x7x52. It takes persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure by a trusted authority who shares the passion to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought.

Why Advertise With
Nearly Everyone Researches Their Michigan Vacation Online

The Traveling Michigan ( visitor is typically well-heeled, Web-savvy and is equally from the all regions of the US. attracts mid-to-high-end travelers who are either new to Michigan or who are long-term Michigan lovers. Our reach is more global, extending your market penetration into Canada and the major European countries. reach extends to the moment of inception and guides them through the actual travel experiences in Michigan.  

Given the paucity of offline books specifically about Michigan, nearly every prospective Michigan visitor uses the Web and finds (many first discover Michigan through this site since it is found for many Michigan-related searches and through our social media reach (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit accounts)).

The site "patiently" waits, ready to reach your future customer when s/he does pre-visit Web research, whether it's in December or in August (many research during the entire year for different Michigan getaways).

The following graph by Google Insights shows that prospective visitors research Michigan year-round...

Click here to see an updated graph from Google Insights.

Click here to see a detailed graph for the year-round pattern of searches for "Michigan hotels".

Try it for any term related to your particular business and you will see a similar year-round pattern. No matter when they are planning their trip... Reaches Your Customer Before They Travel connects with readers before they book a flight, hotel, rental car, etc. They find at the start of researching their next vacation, hunting for tips and recommendations.

Content categorization and search intent studies show that a high percentage of visitors to are in the process of planning their trip to Michigan, a higher percentage than many other sites.

These are exactly the visitors that you want. And you may reach them exclusively, giving you a strong edge over your direct competition.

The Unique Flavor of Will Remain a Product of Passion was started in 2018, but we have been living in Michigan for over 40 years.  We have lived in many regions of Michigan and experienced all our great state has to offer.  Living in Michigan and sharing our experiences is a labor of love, a product of our passions.

Our website reviews favorite restaurants, cottages, hotels, day trips, shops, and other adventures in Michigan. Through our eyes, cameras and drones the site recounts our explorations, adventures and discoveries from Michigan from the Mitten to the U.P. is a story of love!

Over the years, will continue to grow in popularity and size.

·        Some first discover Michigan through our travel blog.

·        A growing percentage discover it through our social media.

·        Others discover us from our fabulous videos and photos via social media.

Visitors enjoy the unique flavor of the site, often cherry-picking and printing out what to do on their Michigan vacation.

We provide self-guided tours for purchase and many are long-time followers of the site, even contributing their own fascinating stories. They are intelligent, engaged, well-to-do and intend to visit Michigan, either imminently or in a year or more. They are the audience you want to reach.

There are few high quality sponsorship opportunities available. seeks a small number of quality partners, on a category-exclusive basis, who want to create win-win-win ( promotional partnerships.

Why is limiting the opportunities? The philosophy is simple...

"Never lose what is all about... One Michigan family's love for the people, places and adventures of Michigan."

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates is accepting a limited number of sponsorship's on an exclusive basis in each category (ex., mid-priced villas, luxury hotels, 5-star restaurants, entertainment and family owned businesses). You must truly have an excellent product or service. will not work with any company that would result in visitors having a sub-par experience during their vacation.

Ad rates are based on...

·        traffic (site-wide or specific pages)

·        value to the sponsor

·        ad format/size/prominence.

Together, we can build a program that...

·        brands your business


·        direct-response markets your product straight to your prospective clientele.

Contact us today to get started!

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    In 2018, Sherry, alongside her husband Chris, embarked on a passionate endeavor with the inception of This venture was not just a business but a full-time commitment to exploring and celebrating the diverse landscapes and communities of Michigan. Together, they tirelessly traverse the state, curating unique experiences, capturing stunning visuals, and weaving engaging narratives that showcase Michigan's rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty. From her early experiences in different Michigander locales to her extensive professional background, Sherry's life and work epitomize a deep-rooted expertise in Michigan travel, making her an authoritative voice in this niche.

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