Flint Airport: Know Before You Go-Parking, Restaurants & Safety Tips

By: Sherry Trautman | Flint Airport | Traveling Michigan

Everything you need to know about Flint Airport parking, short term and long term parking rates, address, restaurants, amenities, safety and tips.

Plus photos of the Bishop International Airport, FNT so you can travel with confidence!

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Flint Airport Parking

Bishop International Airport Address: 3425 W Bristol Rd, Flint, MI 48507

When we fly, especially if I am flying solo, I always park at the long term parking lot that is very close to the airport terminal. 

To me, it is worth it for safety, ease and convenience to almost see my car when I depart the terminal.  Especially if I am only going to be gone 4 or 5 days it worth the $8 not to hassle with a shuttle.

Just follow the easy signs for short/long term parking.  Short and long term parking splits off at the lot across from the terminal.   

There is no need for a shuttle in this close lot so you don't need to factor in time for that.

There is also an economy lot located across the street from the airport that is not walk-able.  The address is 3262 W Bristol Rd, Flint, MI 48507

Bishop International Airport Parking Rates

The Short-term parking lot is very close across from the passenger terminal.
Fees: each 30 mins $2, up to daily max $22; weekly $154 (based on 6 days).

The Long-term parking lot is next to the short-term lot. 
Fees:  each hr $2, up to daily max $8; weekly $56 (based on 6 days)

The Economy lot is across from Bristol Road, with free shuttle service every 5 minutes.
Fees:  each hr $2, up to daily max $6; weekly $36 (based on 7 days).

Parking Ticket: You will need to take a parking ticket upon entering the lots.  I recommend leaving the ticket in a cup holder or on the dash so you can easily find it upon returning to your vehicle.  You will pay on the way out of the lot.

Payment is accepted via cash, all major credit cards, and travelers' checks.

For more parking information call Standard Parking at 810-234-8284.

Navigating the Flint Airport

After departing your vehicle, follow the outside signs for your carrier (Delta, etc).  Go inside and take note of the escalator across from the entry doors. 

This is where you will go after checking your bags and obtaining your flight pass.  

After you are checked in at your carrier, walk to the escalator shown above and ascend to the second floor.  Restrooms are at the top of the escalator.

After you pass the restrooms, you will see a sign indicating the security checkpoint and gates are to your right.  

Take out your laptop, Ipad, etc and place in the bin.  Remove shoes, jackets, liquids in a quart bag and anything from your pockets.

Proceed through the scanner and gather your belongings. Head to your close-by gate.

Is the Flint Airport Parking Safe?

I feel safe when walking to and from the close-by long term terminal (not the economy) by myself.  This is a small secure airport with very close parking.

But as always, be very aware of your surroundings. I tend to park on the end of the row straight out from the doors if I can. I like to see my vehicle as I approach it.

Don't be on your phone as you walk to your vehicle and lock your vehicle doors as soon as you get in. 

Flint Airport Tips

  • Bring an empty water bottle so you can fill it at the filling stations after the security checkpoint.  No need to spend almost $4 on water when you can fill it yourself for free with filtered water.
  • You may bring food as long as it's not liquid. I bring buckwheat with peaches and honey as I like to eat healthy and light on my flights.
  • Take note where you parked in relation to the building and the entrance doors.

Flint Airport Restaurants

There is a restaurant before the checkpoint called Rochester Mills Beer Co.  There is also a Michigan Marketplace to buy books, snacks, drinks and souvenirs-they indicated they were closed at 7:00 p.m. so plan accordingly.

There is a bar with food after the security check point plus a bookstore with drinks and snacks.

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