Best Adventures in Michigan for Heart Pumping FUN!

Best Adventures in MichiganBest Adventures in Michigan

Adventures in Michigan | By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

Aren't we always looking for the next great adventure?  One that will delight our minds and brains as we discover, learn and grow?  For me, I'm always up for an adventure. I think I drive Chris nuts as sometimes he says, "how about we just relax in the sun for a bit," and I'm like, "let's go bike riding or explore the woods!" lol

I hope to inspire your next big adventure!  Let's get out there and explore!

Zip Lining is Always an Adrenalin Rush!

The zipline course, Adrenaline Falls, located in Mackinac City is always a great way to get your heart pumping!!  It's located near Shepler's ferry and the downtown area. If you have never gone ziplining before, this is a great chance to try it!

We also had a great time (Chris and I are on the left!) zip lining at Boyne Mountain.  You should definitely check it out as it's shaded in the summer so you won't get too hot.  A few of the lines are move advanced so everyone, even the daredevil in the group, will have a blast!  You will be guided every step of the way so we felt very safe.  

Are You Up for a Winter Adventure?

Winter RaftingWinter Rafting

Jordan Valley Outfitters, located in Charlevoix in Michigan, is THE spot for winter rafting!  I took on this new sport (which is swiftly becoming an obsession of mine) this past winter and had an absolute blast! 

It's affordable, safe, and guided so you won't be alone in the raft. The trip was about 2 hours and we stopped about 40 minutes from the end to have a snack and stretch our legs.  Fantastic adventures to be had with winter rafting!

Be sure to dress warm; I wore ski pants, warm hat and gloves.  

Be Wowed by Sunken Shipwrecks!

Visit Alpena Michigan for an unbelievable glass bottom tour of Michigan sunken ships!  The glass bottom boat will slowly pass over 2-3 sunken ships, depending on the time of year and weather. I've never seen such incredible ships!!   

Read more about this incredible sunken ship experience here 

Discover a Quarry and Ride Your Bike In an "Alien" World

We thought Rockport State Park, located in Alpena Michigan, was one of our favorite adventures this year as it felt other-worldly. 

 Find Michigan fossils, discover the extremely deep quarry and look for a bat hibernaculum while exploring on your bike! 

Visit Dairy Discovery to Learn More About Michigan Farms!

Address: 12877 84th St SE, Alto, MI 49302

We had an absolute blast at Dairy Discovery with my nephew, shown above. He was able to feed adult cattle and also bottle feed a calf!  We rode in a tractor pulled wagon and saw how cows were milked.  It is an incredible experience for both adults and kids! 

This wonderful tour gives you a better appreciation for the hard work of our farmers.

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