Where did the name Kalamazoo come from?

by Cal
(South Haven, Michigan)

Do you know the meaning of "Kalamazoo?" I know it's a weird question but we were just talking about it at dinner and no one had any idea!


Hi Cal!

So, as with history, there are a few different ideas of how the name came to be. We researched this and came up with a few ideas.

At one point, Kalamazoo was called Bronson but the name was changed to Kalamazoo in 1836. Kalamazoo's name comes from a Potawatomi word.

Idea 1:

Previously, the Kalamazoo River was known by Canadians and French as La rivière Kikanamaso.

Idea 2:

The word, "Ki-ka-ma-sung", meaning "boiling water", referred to a race held by local Native Americans, in which challengers raced to the river and back before a pot of hot water came to a boil.

Idea 3:

The word negikanamazo, having something to do with otters, has also been cited as a possible origin of the name.

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