What food is Kalamazoo known for?

by Julie Stern
(Boston, MA)

I wondered if there is a certain type of food or restaurant we NEEEEED to try when visiting Kalamazoo!?


Hi Julie!

We absolutely love Epic Bistro (great wood fired pizzas and drinks in downtown Kalamazoo-plus you can eat outside!), Rustica (outstanding farm to table meals in downtown Kalamazoo), Zazios in the Radisson (be sure to sit outside on their porch if the weather allows!) and Taco Bob's for super casual great grub.

Of course, there are several fantastic breweries too that you may enjoy.

We have photos, reviews and more of our favorite restaurants and breweries listed here:

Top 10 Kalamazoo Restaurants (Fresh Farm to Table, Downtown Kzoo Dining, Hot Breweries, Outdoor Seating For Your Date Tonight)

Since you are visiting Kalamazoo, here are some fun things to do and see!

Kalamazoo Michigan: Top 11 Things To Do in Kzoo MI! (See the Air Zoo, Gilmore Car Museum, K-Wings Hockey Game +Free Ideas!)

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