Somewhere in Time in MacKinac Island

by jet

Im afar away coming all the way from the Philippines. I was vacationing in Toronto with my high school best friend, my host, and planned a trip to Michigan. Since I've never been to your place I was excited to make the trip.

We drove all the way to Michigan and got this cozy small hotel for 3 days. The first place to visit in our itinerary was Mackinac Island. The ferry boat was exciting with the high waves splashing on the side of the boat as it went under the Mackinac Bridge. But it was more than that feeling when I first stepped on the island. I was completely awed how the island looked perfectly well. And the Grand Hotel, its famous landmark, really looked nothing but Grand! It was so inviting and imposing, especially from a far distance. Oh, yes, that big hole thru the rock was something else. The walk around the island and the horse cart ride were very interesting. The giant sandwich and famous fudge after was quite filling replenishing the energy and strength lost. The quaint houses, the fascinating boutiques, the souvenir shops and even the stories about the cemetery caught my fancy. The cute chapel, the service of only one doctor for the whole community were among those that made the island even more attractive. There was nothing that bored me on that island. and saying goodbye was quite sad..............because it was love at first sight!!!

We went back to Toronto bringing with me the wonderful memories of the island...........and as I came back home to my country I vowed to borrow the famous phrase of Douglas McArthur to the Filipino people........I SHALL RETURN!

True enough to my promise and dream of setting foot once more on the enchanting island.....I plan this time to visit Michigan. This time not to the Island as I learned thaton winter it is closed to tourist. But this time I wish to witness the spectacular display of colors of Aurora Borealis.

So Michigan ....see you in November!!!!


Hi Jet! I love your story so much, it made me smile!! So glad you had such a great time in Michigan!! You should check out Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you would love it!

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