2023 ArtPrize Maps and Tips UPDATED | Interactive Venues Walking Map of Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan, Where to Park and Helpful Tips

2023 ArtPrize Maps and Tips UPDATED | Interactive Venues Walking Map of Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan, Where to Park and Helpful Tips

Updated: September 14, 2023 | Travel-Mi.com

Headed to Art Prize 2023? Utilize our ArtPrize Maps and Parking Tips to maximize your visit to Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan!

Our Grand Rapids ArtPrize map includes all the ArtPrize venues so you can easily walk the show and see the most art within your allotted time frame. 

 Art Prize Map of Venues and Walking Tour: ArtPrize Maps and Tips

Be sure to click on this LIVE GOOGLE MAP of ART PRIZE 2023 so you can walk and find your locations at ArtPrize.

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Art Prize Tips From a Local


Tip #1. 

Parking is not free! I like to visit the biggest venues first to maximize my time, money and energy. (But definitely stop at any smaller places along the way that look interesting.) 

Our favorite parking spot is Fulton & Ottawa Parking Ramp, located at 32 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids (North of Fulton)  Electric car charge point is available. 

Generally bigger venues house the Top 20 or so art pieces so you will see the most "wow" artwork in the shortest period of time.  It usually takes around four to five hours to see the art listed in the major venues below.

  1. The Bob
  2. DeVos Place
  3. The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
  4. Amway Grand Plaza
  5. Grand Rapids Art Museum
  6. Kendall College of Art and Design

Tip #2.

Take the free city shuttle bus called DASH, this can get closer to the farther out exhibits.  FYI, this is the general city bus and does not have special routes for the event.

Tip #3.

Water/drink bottles:  Just an FYI, you will not be allowed to carry water bottles into the majority of the museums.  Be prepared to leave your water outside.  I don't bring a cute container just in case it gets tossed or taken.

Tip #4.

Walk down Monroe Avenue NW as it houses a majority of businesses with art.  You will be able to stop into many businesses as you walk between Fulton and Michigan streets. If you have limited time you can park once and see a majority of venues.  If you wish to see more we recommend moving and parking at the extremes of Fulton and Michigan streets.

Tip #5.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring a hat, wear sunscreen and make sure your phone is fully charged as you will need it for navigation and tons of photos.

Tip #6.

Visit during the during business hours during the week if you wish for less traffic and people.  It's also easier to get a seat in restaurants during the week too.

Tip #7.


Art Prize can be overwhelming so start with the ones listed above in the interactive map as they are sure to please.  Then branch out from there.  You can't and won't see it all in one or even two days, so relax. 


Where to Park During Art Prize?

Every year for our ArtPrize Maps and Tips page, I tend to park near The B.O.B. as it houses two floors of art and is pretty centrally located.  Hence, parking at the "2" above is great.

It is at the corner of Ottawa and Fulton. It's a covered, paved parking, well lit structure that has never caused me any concern...and I park there by myself. 

Pay by credit card upon exiting. 

**TIP: I always photograph the street signs, note a visual landmark or drop a pin when I leave my parking space.  Sometimes parking garages have several entrances which can be confusing so note where you came out.  Photograph the level you are parked on. 

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