Longest Canopy Walk in the United States

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! Michigan has just beat the record for the Longest Canopy Walk in the United States!!  This unbelievable canopy walk stretches 1,400 feet long and soars 40 feet above the lush forest floor!  

As months passed, Chris and I would slowly drive by, hoping to sneak a few peeks of the progress.  We watched heavy machinery enter the wooded forest and disappear, long steel beams erected and lots of construction noises.  The anticipation was killing me!! I would go for walks at Dow Gardens nearby, hoping for a bit of the mystery to be revealed. 

After eagerly waiting approximately two years, the Longest Canopy Walk in America is FINALLY completed! Located at Whiting Forest in Midland, Michigan, this marvelous walk is even better than we anticipated. 

This longest canopy walk in the US is accessible to everyone as a gradual ramp ascends all the way to the top of the walkway. This outstanding walkway took 2,720 tons of steel to create the supports and structure!

Whiting Forest and Dow gardens are open year round and you can purchase a year pass to come here any time.  It's a fantastic place to walk for exercise as the forest has many paved paths.

I love to come here during all four seasons to see what plants are blooming and to spot the occasional fox or playful chipmunks.  It is considerably peaceful during the week!

Your entrance fee includes both Dow Gardens AND Whiting Forest!!

Plan to spend about 3 hours there so you have time to walk the 1.5 miles of paved pathways at the forest in addition to the longest canopy walk.  There is also seating near the two lakes so you can relax and enjoy the serenity of nature.  I love to cross the boarded walkways over the wet areas to listen for the bullfrogs in the spring. They have such great deep choruses.  

If you are visiting after a heavy snowfall, be sure to call first to make sure Whiting Forest or Dow Gardens are open.  Sometimes it takes quite a while to clear all of the paths prior to opening. 

Bring your camera and lens for an extraordinary photographic adventure.  The ponds, trees and critters are very photogenic!

Hungry?  Whiting Forest has a cafe to fill hungry belly's!

Restrooms are located at the welcome center and also at the learning center located near the canopy walk.

Whiting Forest's Longest Canopy Walk is Great for Kids!

This massive newly completed playground is a fantastic way to burn off some energy while getting some healthy fresh air! 

There are also several play areas with netting and ropes along the canopy walk. Kids enjoy exploring the canopy walk as they can climb down into a hidden lower level in one of the pods. 

So be sure to leave some extra time to play after exploring the forest and the walk!

The Forest is Stunning

Whiting Forest is one of my favorite destinations to get away from the sounds of traffic and the daily hectic schedule.  I hope you visit the longest canopy walk in the United States soon!  It's fantastic!  

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